Saturday, August 1, 2009

Remember my post about the biennial of Iranian cartoonist?

This year, 95 Iranian cartoonist have issued a statement that in protest to unlawful practices of the IRI, they shall not participate in the event!


Utah Savage said...

o my darling, I have not forgotten you. I know that you have been passionately involved in educating and reporting on Iran. I have three friends in health crisis, and now I seem to be having stress reactions to the... Well, stress.

I'm also doing another edit on the novel and reposting it. I think the last long chapter needs to be a novella, and I need to write an abbreviated version for the last chapter of the novel. I'd sworn that I would publish something this year, and I've made no effort in that direction, so I feel pressed with a deadline approaching. I don't want to die unpublished.

I think of you all the time. I know whatever you're doing, you're doing it with passion and that makes me feel better about the universe. I've been so angry with the stupidity of this populous, that I say things like, "I'm going to sell my house and move to Canada." But I have such a perfect situation, considering my tiny income.

Maybe we need to email each other, maybe we need to write long letters to one another.

farid said...

thank you for comment in my blog.
i want freedom for you.