Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ahmadinejad's giving the West more advantages that the reformist ever would!


In these days, the hardworking government [of Ahmadinejad], that considers itself first ranking in all matters, has been giving unprecedented advantages to the West:

Re America, Ahmadinejad has congratulates Obama and has shown inclination to restart relations and negotiations.

Re United Kingdom, they released the British soldiers, gave them gifts and the president had warm and amicable meetings with them.
Re France, they released the French woman who was arrested on the charge of participating in [post-election] unrests.

All the while, many of the political figures of the government are still in detention, without any legal grounds.

Also, Re Israel, Mr Mashayee (Ahmadinejad's chief of staff) has expressed enough friendship and solidarity.

Now I want to ask the honorable readers and officials, if any of these events h ad taken place in the Reform government, would the right-wing press have remained silent? Would we not have had hundreds or protest rallies by the ready-to-die [hardliners]? Wont they have charged the [reform] government with hundreds of accusations?

But now, there is no news! Absolute silence! What a luck!


foruhar said...

as far as I know hayate no is [or at least used to be] a reformist paper run by Hadi Khamenei.

Naj said...


I didn't know the Hadi Khamenei part. As these days being conservative is an insult, i changed the title to not offend anyone, unintentionally :)