Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures of Ahmadinejad's Oath Ceremony (Tahlif) in Iran's parliament

See incoming news updates, further below ( here. )

Count the empty seats!

Nope, he Ain't givin' up his lover, mashayee (the dude in blue shirt!)

Everyone is wondering who the tall man with beard and glasses is. He accompanied Khamenei in his Kurdistan trip. He is the one who handed in the order of presidency to Khamenei (will find pictures later). He is appearing in many pictures but no one seem to know him and people are wondering.

Good night and good luck ...


Anonymous said...

Hi naj,

1) The tall man's name is Mr. Vahid. He's one of the most powerful in Mr. Khamenei's office and very close to his son (Mojtaba).

2) Not only there are empty seats in the parliament but also some seats are taken by non parliamentarians.


Naj said...

thanks >>>

in fact, the parlenman news confirms taht people have been moved from the balcony to the floor to fill seats. Please see the other post which I am continuously updating.

Nu'man said...

I really like the design of your parliament. It really looks serious, friendly, expansive and consultative. There's a lot of space in the building which will not make you feel claustrophobic.

Is it a recent design?

Naj said...

hi Numan, yes it's a new building.

goatman said...

I guess that wearing a tie would be too "western" but it looks very uncivilized for a formal event, without one!

Naj said...


IRI abolished the "tie" protocol 30 years ago; but the officials used to wear a nicely buttoned shirt for such occasions!

I think we are lucky he didn't show up in his rain over coat and wore and actual suit!!!!

Nu'man said...


I think abolishing the tie may be small positive In Iran's favour. At my last place of work, they copied the IRI as well by not wearing ties when meeting clients.

Nu'man said...

Looking at the bottom picture and reading Ahmedinjad's posture, it seems that Khomeini is revered and deferred to like the British Queen.

Ahmedinja seems so toadish in front of the spiritual leader.

The only difference is that this chap has actual political power.

lida said...

What you have stated about blogging for Iran and your oppossion to further sanctions is a PARADOX
when compared to your demand to contact white house to stop recognising a gov.

why you don't try to liberate(stop) USA war machine when it has consequences both for USA as for mideast and your beloved country-Iran?
I mean please say what do you realy want in Iran? Washington is busy with its own problems and fiascoes

Naj said...


In fact I am trying to stop the US war machine too! You may read older posts on my blog.

Anonymous said...


You might find this documentary interesting.

Khomeini was chastising the Shah for opening fire on non violent protesters, it is eerily similar to what is happening now.

Naj said...

Anonymous, THANK you this is really great.

lida said...

until now I have not such conclusion , but using an enemy to fight himself as you stated is realy obscure.
If you're fighting NATO -and in the top of it US - (military)expantion then you can not call on people to post demands to washington !!!
Just my opinion , no offence!

lida said...

actually tie is considered to be used by ancient Iranians(Persians,Gr) first . Howeevr they wore probably a biger and taller one.
However that opinion makes me feel you are a man considering himself enlighted while you can't understand the primary facts about people folklore and diffrencies.
Infact such misunderstandings paved the path to wars and occupation in mideast

Naj said...

Lida, Iran is NOT fighting Nato, nor is it fighting America. Iran is defending its borders. Although, thanks ot Mr Ahmadinejad, we have not been keeping our borders very tightly either as the IRaqi army made an excursion into Iran just a few weeks ago; which was brushed off as "misunderstanding"; and Russia's been pushing our borders in the caspian see, but we have been silent as they are charging us through nose to be silent in the security council.

You may consider America as an enemy; but Iran does not! Even Mr Ahmadinejad doesn't consider America nor Israel to be enemies. They have interests against ours; and what Iran should be doing is to safeguard its interests. This is why Mr Ahmadinejad and Khamenei would like to negotiate with the US.

Yesterday, Clinton said that she will accept the reality of power in Iran, but will not congratulate AN. This is okey; this is a reality; Iran cannot operate in a power vacuum. But, it is also important for Ahmadinejad and his bunch to realize that if they want their place in the league of powerful nations, they have to clean house.

You see, BECAUSE these people are calling Iran an ISLAMIC republic, then it is their DUTY to not paint a VIOLENT picture of Islam! The issues in Iran can indeed be solved in a very sensible manner: Hashemi suggested it (please see my archives, I have translated his Friday Prayer sermon). How can a government put almost all ministers of a previous administration in jail and not call for trouble for itself?!

It's absurd what Khamenei and AHN have been doing! It's manic! And I have been calling to Arabs and palestinian-supporters to make the same kind of condemnation of IRI's recent behavior!

In fact, if the muslims raised their voice, it would have been more effective! But, it seems they are fooled by Ahmadinejad's EMPTY HOLLOW and HYPOCRITICAL slogans!

lida said...


"You see, BECAUSE these people are calling Iran an ISLAMIC republic, then it is their DUTY to not paint a VIOLENT picture of Islam!"

Yes that is their duty , however you believe you know enough about islam because you are possibly much older than me or from a pure Iranian descendants but I want to say you before making any judgment pealse read Quran whenever you have time and just try to understand it yoursef .also try Bible.

But to your surprise I was on that friday prayer and I was on the next week which Ahmad Khatami spoke- and not his eslahtalab brother -.
Rafsanjani said this significant Ayeh :
[8:63] He has reconciled the hearts (of the believers). Had you spent all the money on earth, you could not reconcile their hearts. But GOD did reconcile them. He is Almighty, Most Wise.

myself I never wish so an innocent person will remain in prison. But as you know as a citizen of a western country by now(I assumed) people who vandalize public property or private property if not consider as hooligans or sociopaths , definitely they are at least driven out of their mind to even uderstand what they are doing at the moment. This people need to be tried in court. They are always responsible for their doings .However many people from both sides want to have more mercy for them , I want to press the word both sides

If you think Iran wants to have any relation with occupiers(israel) you have got the wrong clue ,sincerely.

Do you think NATO is in mideast for the sake of God?
or may you have any faith in one of those cold smiles of its leaders.

killing people in milions claiming to have any good desires recalls me of VAMPIRES

Naj said...

Lida; correction:

Ahmad Khatami IS NOT Mohammad khatami's brother :)

So the rumors are true that Ahmadinejad has hired non-persians to beat the Iranians!

Yes, Abtahi, the deputy president during Khatami is SUCH a hooligan. I am so happy he is behind the bars!

Go get a life kid, I read Koran when you were in diapers! And you know what? it's a book of violence!

I am beginning to sympathize with Israelis for having to put up with you creatures ... really!

Rådgivende ingeniørfirma said...

Beautiful article and you have the right to express what you felt. although your a woman but you are not afraid of expressing what you are felt. I believe that all and every woman should be and must be respect.

Naj said...

Thanks Radgive

In Iran, women are always allowed to express whatever they wish. Some of our best writers (I dare say most of the new ones) and filmmakers are women :)