Thursday, August 20, 2009

New York's Jewish community gives Ahmadinejad a gift!!


Kevin said...

Please -- these rabbis do not represent New York's Jewish community! They represent Neturei Karta, a small, ultra-Orthodox (charedi) group which denies the legitimacy of the state of Israel because God has not yet sent the Messiah. They are a tiny minority, and just because they wear the traditional beards, sidelocks (peyos) and clothing of charedi Jews, they are representative only of themselves. Even Jews who agree with them religiously are ashamed that they would meet with Ahmedinejad like this. Considering the cruelty and tyranny of the Iranian regime, this is a chillul ha-Shem (a desecration of God's name)!

Naj said...

Thanks Kevin.

Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out that this group of New York's Jewish community reject Zionism, based on pre-Zionist religious grounds.

It should further be pointed out that Zionism was invented purely as a means of political expediency, at the heavy cost of moral and religious virtuosity.

The interaction between Ahmadinejad and this particular aspect of New York's Jewish community illustrates Ahmadinejad's warm relations with Jewish people that do not accept a Zionist regime that promotes racism, war, inequality and apartheid rule in the Middle East.

Shahid said...




Naj said...

Sorry Shahid to disappoint you but that article is a piece of shit ;)

Unfortunately, Pulse has sorely disappointed me with its bias and uninformed views regarding situation in Iran! It's sad because Ann and Muhammad are friends; who choose to not listen because they are hanging to the naive notion that Ahmadinejad is anti-zionist and champion of anti-imperialism and socialism!

Load of crap!