Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the anniversary of Iran's Constitutional Revolution, Baharestan square awaits history as Ahmadinejad's Oath Ceremny gets under way.

I will update this post as news comes in

part 1
Apparently, the city is under HEAVY military control; helicopters flying over head; new security cameras installed.

The security forces had ordered the subway conductors to not stop the trains in two stations leading to Baharestan square.

Even in normal days you cannot photograph around the parliament; unless you have a special permit. And if you do, you will be arrested by huge ugly scary men who take your camera, then ask you to go to some obscure office to write a statement and guarantee: "I promise I will never make a mistake". Notice: "make A mistake"! So that will literally turn you into a saint! I have no photos of that area to put in my blog; but it is a beautiful part of old Tehran; with a statue of Modarres ... I don't know why Modaress is the only one to deserve a constitutional memorial; I guess because he is a mullah?!

But the good thing about Baharestan Square is that it is adjacent to Tehran's Bazar. Even on a normal day the place is jammed with people! This is what people have taken advantage of and seem to have blocked in large numbers, the avenues around the parliament (which we call Majlis)

According to Parliament news, a large number of the Imam Khomeini Fraction (minority) have not participated in the oath ceremony. And some of those present have left the floor as Ahmadinejad's started to speak.

part 2
Moreover, several authorized reporters have been denied access to the parliament to cover the Oath ceremony.

It seems that the security forces are beginning to arrest people who have been peacefully (but in mass) marching around the venue.

The FarsNews agency has reported that President Obama has accepted Ahmadinejad's presidency; but I heard from NIAC that White house has back peddled and Gibb has stated that he was talking about four years ago!

Green Iranians have shrugged White House's approval of Ahmadinejad: "We didn't start our movement on a nod from Obama to now stop pursuing our demands", wrote a green activist on Indeed, independence of this movement from ANY foreign influence is becoming more and more clear even to the most skeptic; and this is clear from comments and reactions of Iranians to rumors of Obama's acceptance of A.N.'s presidency.

Part 3
This is a delicate situation, for Iran and for America. I know that staying in diplomatic stand-still is NOT in the interest of Iran nor America. But Ahmadinejad's personality disorder is DANGEROUS. He is a megalomanic who has been cutting off his own arms. We are witnessing the birth of FASCISM in a country that is in so many ways the aorta of stability in that region. Ahmadinejad's seeking confrontation and destabilization and the people who may have reigned him in are heading to jails and soon to execution chambers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the White House know that unless the journalists and politicians of Ahmadinejad's opposition are release, and unless brutality against people's peaceful demands stop, he will NOT recognize Iran's government. Call White House and bombard them with emails and faxes;
White house phone 202-456-1111, 202-4561414
White house fax 202-456-2461

Part 4 (translating from Parlemannews:

Oath ceremony began with 15 mins delay

Ahmadinejad, Larijani (Parliament speaker), Shahroudi (Head of judiciary), Mohammad Golpaygani, Samareh Hashemi, General Jafari, Rahim Mashayee [the infamous! What the hell is his job now?!], Mohseni Ejei [the sacked head of Intelligence ministry] entered together.

Because most of the seats of the representatives were empty, some of guests from the second floor was invited to the floor of the parliament to fill in the seats! [Another lawless behavior!]

Most of the invited foreign dignitaries were absent, or had sent low-level diplomats.

Although LArijani thanked the national artist and sport celebrities, no celebrity was spotted in the audience [yesterday's angry reaction to some pop artists and athletes who attended certification must have worked]

Majority of Imam Khomeini's fraction, together with the executive committee of the fraction: Mrs Tabesh, Hashemiyan, Ghanbari, Nariman, Ansari, Sazdar were absent.

Only the following [of the 70 strong minority party] were present: Foroozesh, Shahriyari, Pashang, Alikhani, Kavakebiyan, Dastgheyb, Danayee, Olia, Pezeshkian, Sajadiyan, Moghimi, Amini, Khabbaz, Pourfatemi, Nasiri and Hosein Hashemi.

Importantly, Hashemi Rafsanjani was absent. (as head of the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency council, this is SIGNIFICANT]

From the executive committee of the Assembly of Experts, only Hashemi Shahroodi (as the head of the judiciary) was present. [wow!] Even some of supporters of Ahmadinejad, such as Yazdi, and Ahmad Khatami were not present. Only 5-6 of the Assembly of Experts were present! Importantly, Mohsen Rezayee, Omidvar Rezayee and Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf (all conservatives) were absent.

Although all Imams of Friday Prayer were invited, most of them did not participate.

The empty front seats of the parliament were willed with military figures and Supreme Leaders's chief of affairs! [I suspect the giant in the picture]

Saffar Harandi, [the sacked; and resigned in teh last 8 days of A.N.s presidency] sat farther part from the rest of the cabinet. However, Rouhollah Hoseinian and Sadegh Mahsooli and ALi Kordan were present and sat behind General Firoozabadi!

Despite clear presence of security forces, significant number of people gathered near BAharestan. These assemblies led to violence and some of the protesters were arrested by the Basiji and plain clothes.

Invisible tear gas (severly burning the eyes and the skin) was continuously fired around the building.

A highschool in the neighborhood was used as temporary detention center

All stores around Baharestan Square were forced to close.

Some plain-clothes security forces (with unclear affiliation) were videotaping the crowds.

New video: The person who is taping is pretending to be talking on his phone. He is walking around the event of someone being arrested. The woman's voice says: "But what has he done? Don't take him, sir? But what has he done?"

Part 5

AND even IRNA's front page doesn't have much fanfare about the Tahlif (Oath) ceremony! But this page made me laugh; so here's snapshot!

And Mr Ahmadinejad's the Morning After:


whizzbizz said...

Thank you for this site!

German said...

The following statement has just been posted on the website of "Press TV"- "One of Mousavi's top campaigners detained in workplace" (

7 questions and 1 conclusion
1. Why a voter turnout with over 100% in some constituencies?
2. Why the rejection of a second count of the votes?
3. Why the rejection of independent monitoring?
4. Why the deaths in prison after arrest?
5. Why gun shots of state organs at demonstrators?
6. Why torture of individuals challenging the election results?
7. Why no accountability of persons responsible for shots, torture or deaths?

Naj said...

Hi German,

Hasanzadeh was detained yesterday! PressTV's slumbering! (I have made a list of all people who have been dedtained after inauguration; look at older posts.)

German said...

My above-mentioned statement didn't stay much longer than 3 minutes on the website of "Press-TV"; so "all quiet on the Western front", as the saying goes and the avid reader of that website will not be unduly unsettled - (I saved a snapshot of that page including mentioned statement though)

lida said...

Ahmadinejad, Larijabi (Parliament speaker),

Oh ! I see ! what an excellent and nostalgic Iranian you are . your anger even takes over your ability to write down names properly!

but meanwhile
isn't ot better for you to come to Iran and fight here and not taking of such a cold blood enemies of Iranians ,just as White House!

around two months before Obama confessed US participation in cope de etat against Mosaddeq

By the way , I love Iran's army , and I love Sepah Pasdaran,
here is a link for anyone who wants to know some facts about pasdaran from a USA ex-agent
I seek protection in God from Satan

[33:23] Among the believers there are people who fulfill their pledges with GOD. Some of them died, while others stand ready, never wavering.

[33:24] GOD will surely recompense the truthful for their truthfulness, and will punish the hypocrites, if He so wills, or redeem them. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

good luck

Naj said...

Lida, thank you for pointing out my typos. I have plenty of those :)

Now, would you care to tell me about yourself! Like, how old you are, if you are Iranian, if you can read Persian, if you live in Iran and things like that.

If you CAN read persian, I will refer you to many a statement that has come out in condemnation of an "unknown" fraction of the "Sepaah" whose recent actions have been tarnishing in a very serious way the islamic image that the IRI wishes to represent.

If you CANNOT read Persian, and you are one of those gullible individuals who are fooled to believe Ahmadinejad is a real muslim, and a champion of fighting tyranny, then you can either continue to stew in ignorance or you can try to learn more about people's plights before barging in to comment after a few minutes of browsing :)
Again I invite you to go through my blog and educate yourself. I am providing translations of what Ahmadinejad's critics are saying. I hope it helps you understand. And I am giving links to others who are translating what is happening in Iran.

Good luck

German said...

I am asking you the following eleven questions:

I) Why has there been a high voter turnout with more than 100% in various constituencies ?
II) Why was a complete and thorough second count of the voting slips rejected ?
III) Why was the recommendation of an independent monitoring commission rejected ?
IV) What does the reproach of spying against all foreign journalists in general mean in a “free” society, as spies normally are operating in military and governmental institutions?
V) Why do members of state organs beat cruelly up and fire their guns at participants of peaceful demonstrations expressing their doubts about the correctness of the election results?
VI) Why are some people when expressing doubts about the number of electoral votes killed - by the gun shots of security organs - during these peaceful gatherings or demonstrations ?
VII) Why have individuals been tortured on the part of state-run institutions to make them confess that the state-approved election results are correct?
VIII) Why did numerous individuals have to die in state prisons after having taken part in a peaceful gathering or demonstration expressing their doubts about the counts of vote and conveying their skepticism about state procedures as to the election-procedures and as to the often lethal treatment visited on demonstrating advocates of civilized behaviour?
IX) Why haven’t proper legal proceedings been instituted against those responsible for the shootings, the torture and deaths during demonstrations and in prisons of people expressing doubts about and disagreement with voting statistics?
X) Who at the time being is damaging Iran’s reputation and the dignity and reputation of Islam, so that that great and venerable religion is becoming odious and loathsome to a slowly growing number of adherents of Islam and of adherents of other or no creeds ?
XI) In the light of honest, sensible answers to these questions is the suspicion of electoral fraud and of questionable and dysfunctional governance not rather well-founded – to say the least ?

Naj said...

German, I love your questions! If you have a blog, let me know to link to you and if not, I will bring them to the frontpage and give credit to your mysterious self :)


(now you are not by any chance one of my German friends, are you?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

as a native German I am only upset about young people having to die before they have had the chance to live, for the only reason that they are interested in discussing politics publicly and that they publicly are asking some skeptical questions.

Thanks a lot for your patience and - of course - for your website

lida said...

I am dual citizen , english is my third and arabic fourth languge

I am native in two languges one of them Farsi
I am woman as you can guess from my name
I am in Iran by now I lived one fifth of my life out of Iran (in sum). and love Iran , its culture and people so much.
I was between the people of both parties
My belief was, Ahmadinejad was realy better than Mousavi, Mousavi just tried to point out why Ahmadinejad was BAD , and he didn't provide concrete programs for what he is going to do after getting into office . However later at the end he showed a notebook in green cover in TV saying his programs and aims are found there , but it was not reachable and it was to near to the day of elections to even read it.
So I speak Farsi , maybe even in better accent than you ! I was on Vanaq Sq . Police was protecting people and not bitting them and actually people asked for that protection(Supporters of Mousavi) . myself I find a young man in green shirt with short-sleeves ,who attempted to beat supporters of the same color(You know exactly what I mean) and when I asked him to show me his Basij ID card he droped his truncheon!!
he was there to beat some mousavi supporters for he believed they broke his windows, according to his justifications

God bless , and my english is not good I know!

Naj said...

Only 1/5th of your life in Iran? hmm then you don't beat me to it; I have live 3 5th of my life in Iran!

Why do you assume you have a better accent than me? And I asked if you "Read" Persian?

Also, it is very courageous of you to "ask" for someone's Basiji card!! As far as I remember in Iran you don't get a chance to get close to mad men with batons and stop them to politely ask for their Basiji card!

It's good you were in Vanak; but since I have someone who works in Vanak every day, I prefer to believe his stories-especially since he is my brother ;)

lida said...

your eleven answers , following
XII) pls write easy english !
XIII) "complete and thorough second count ???" with my tax? pay for it or just surrender to simple rules if mathematic/statistics !
If statistical first count of 10% of all boxes would show any meaning ful bias then ...
but Mousavi knew there is not any meaningful fault so he never ratified even 10% of the boxes to be count and it was done without him and his representatives.
XIV)You can not define our laws from there , be here and do your best jobs and opinions to get what you mean.
XV)You are jocking! when Your CIA agents , went to European countries to execute people who were against policies of BUSH and influential, For further information go ask Seymour Hersh!
or you can read this
When spies are murderers then journalist can change to be spies!
XVI)I was myself into the population , police was unarmed , BAsij was unarmed . But there were aninomous figures who were paid to put fire eevn to mosques , better ask Mousavi!
XVII)Police was not armed with gun, and no firing on demonstrating people happend.
XVIII) " Why have individuals been tortured on the part of state-run institutions to make them confess that the state-approved election results are correct???? "
Ask yourself why they didn't tortured Mousavi to make that CONFESSION???!!!
XIX) There were some cases reportered and a comitee has lounched to find what happend, Don't you know?
XX) as I said bullet which were used don't belonged to Police force , ask Mousavi .
XXI)prove me how much Do you know about Islam , false accusations are forbidden in islam and you have not put a single link to even state you're expressions in a proper way , Who says Police has used Guns?
XXII)do an investigation to how Bush get twice to office with just a few votes, and no one has counted your votes again and again!

lida said...

1/5 of my life out of Iran, gyou have understood it wrong . MAy we speak in Farsi ?
or you just prefer english better?

Yes you can ask them for card , you are not as courageous as you need and it seems you do not know what are the manners of a muslim
You have got astray you can't eevn talk to people you believe you want defend them against USA ? realy?
he was there in time of protests?
are you sure Police fired at people there , Your sayings are meaningles to me , come here to Iran if you're so much devoted to us!
I grew in Iran ,
To talk in Farsi?
just ask me in farsi so I answer you!

Naj said...

Lida you have a NUMBER of NONSENSE in your responses that illustrate you don't know anything about Iran!

And take this as a warning: if you want to use this as a platform for disinformation, I will reject your posts. You are welcome to spread your nonsense at your own blog.

your eleven answers , following

XIII) "complete and thorough second count ???" with my tax? pay for it or just surrender to simple rules if mathematic/statistics !
If statistical first count of 10% of all boxes would show any meaning ful bias then ...
but Mousavi knew there is not any meaningful fault so he never ratified even 10% of the boxes to be count and it was done without him and his representatives.

1) you don't pay taxes in Iran the way you do in western countries. 2) if they could count the vote in less than 24 hours, they could have redone it. the COST of sending soldiers and basijis on street is MUCH higher than recounting in less than 24 hours.

XIV)You can not define our laws from there , be here and do your best jobs and opinions to get what you mean.

WHAT THE HELL??! A.N and KHA.R have been breaking consitutional laws!

XV)You are jocking! when Your CIA agents , went to European countries to execute people who were against policies of BUSH and influential, For further information go ask Seymour Hersh!
or you can read this
When spies are murderers then journalist can change to be spies!

NONSENSE; but this is SO stupid that I won't dignify it with a response

Okey, I have decided you are just a troll; I guess A.N. is now hiring his half-assed "foreign" zealots to counter those who are exposing his crimes!

Child, go get yourself educated! Your ignorance is repulsive!

Naj said...

Lida, you may write in Persian. I will read it.

And if you have spent 1/5th of your life outside Iran, and do not speak/write proper english, then you must have been either very young, or too old to learn. I either case, I think instead of spreading nonsense here, you will do yourself a better favor if you go study English!

If you want to get your truth out, go get yourself educated with means you need to communicate with the world. I am saying this to you as an older sister who cares for the well being of every one of my Iranian fellows. Even if they are Basijis like you ;)

Sweetheart, I am more Iranian that you are! Go play elsewhere! Good kid!

Naj said...


false accusations are forbidden in islam and you have not put a single link to even state you're expressions in a proper way

You should say this to your President mr A.N. who has been accusing people without providing a single evidence!

Also, you are "pretending" your not-knowing english in a cute way! You may write to me in Persian; I am actually curious how good your farsi is! ;)

Naj said...


I rejected your comment by mistake. If you like please repost.

German said...

Dear Lida,

1) The good news first: Thank you very much for the great pains you took and for all you efforts you made to answer my questions !!!

2) The bad news: Unfortunately I don’t understand your answer(s) from a purely linguistic point of view. Honestly! Do believe me! I have been trying very hard to make out what you intend to say ! In spite of all my mental and linguistic efforts at my disposal I was not able to decipher or decode the meaning of your words, sentences and arguments – linguistically!!!
I am very sorry for that.

3) A suggestion: Couldn’t you possibly ask one of your English-speaking friends or colleagues to revise your statements from the semantic and syntactic point of view, so that they become understandable to someone like me? I hope my suggestion might be of any help to you !

I wish you every success with possible future attempts to make yourself understood in English!

Good luck and all the best !

Yours sincerely


German said...

Dear Naj,

My impression is, that
You, “Naj”, and Your web-log friend “Pedestrian” are “The Two” Dumas-esque “Musketeers” – riding on your two horses “Inter” and “Net” fearlessly through the desert of narrowness, superstition, oppression, “-ism”-ideologies, destruction and stupidity
patiently on the quest for and standing up for beauty, humanity, culture, civilized behavior and cultured manners
every now and then drawing the attention of the occasional passers-by, your readers, to flowers like “doubts” and “question-marks” (both of which to be reckoned among the few most important inventions in the history of mankind so far).

One of my favourite authors, the Italian and Neapolitan writer Luciano DE CRESCENZO must definitely have had you two in mind when he wrote the following to statements which absolutely apply to both of you:

• “Siamo angeli con un'ala soltanto e possiamo volare solo restando abbracciati.”
[We are angels with only one wing and we can only fly when embracing one another.”]

From: “I pensieri di Bellavista” (2005) by Luciano De Crescenzo

• “Quando invece incontrate i Punti Esclamativi, i paladini delle Grande Certezze, i puri dalla Fede Incrollabile, allora mettetevi paura.”
[If and in case you meet the Exclamation Marks, the champions and paladins of the Great Certainties, the dead certain Unwavering in their imperturbable and unshakeable Belief and Persuasion, then you should be worried very much and quail with fear.”]

From: “Vita di Luciano De Crescenzo” (1989) by Luciano De Crescenzo

The final question, of course, remains: Who is “The Third Musketeer”?

I suspect “The Third Musketeer” might be your readership, your correspondents, your contributors, your friends.

In appreciation of your hard, courageous and patient work remains


Naj said...

That's charming!

Have you looked up

Homeyra is older than me. I think the three of us represent three generations of Iranian women who have been touched by three decades of IRI in very different ways, although we overlap in many experiences.

Naj said...

Lida, this is for you!

Pedestrian said...

LOL! This is even better than the last one! LOL :)))))))))))))

Have fun ;-)

I wonder what kind of kid they could produce if they set their minds to it ...

That's funny, I mentioned Homeyra too! I miss her!

Naj said...


let's not be unfair to my beloved PenName! He was probably better educated than you and I combined; but he was just trapped in his distorted philosophy (which is the basis of all crazy fundamentalist conservative philosophies). they insist on keeping humans animals; and thus worship war and see an apocalypse unavoidable!

I am convinced there is a physiological substrate, a genetic mutation that is making some species more aggressive and violent. It is the case in monkeys. It MUST be the case in humans too!

Or maybe they have had poor parental care,or prenatal deficiencies that have turned them dark. I don't know, that Pen Name I miss ;)

Pedestrian said...

I'm sorry! You're right!

This was an insult to Pen Name. At least he was intelligent! (ummmm, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad! But anyways, it made for much more interesting conversations!)

Naj said...

Oh intelligent and retrograde is unforgivable! It's that kind of human that becomes atrocious!

This Lida sounds like an ignorant troll. she is either really ignorant, or she thinks we don't know what we are talking about, being "westernized" xpats who never live/work/travel to Iran!! :)

(I wonder if she can produce some Persian for me. I suspect mr A.N. is hiring his proxy cyber-activists!! --Pen may have been one of them too!)

Pedestrian said...

Ask her to translate some lines for you. Why bother replying to her if she's flat out lying?

Have you seen this? It's only 11 seconds and hilarious.

Naj said...

LOL but I find this a charming gesture!

Sometimes, when I go to bed, I pray that I am WRONG and that he is NOT a psychpath, but a trojan horse to rid us of Velayat-e Vaghih!