Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ahmadinejad dismisses 40 Iranian ambassadors on charges of sympathizing with Greens!

According to Fars News (agency linked to Revolutionary Guards; and referred to as False News, by Iranians) reports simultaneous dismissal for 40 IRI ambassadors, as the first step in what Ahmadinejad calls: "Fundamental corrections in Foreign Ministry". Ahmadinejad's team accuses these ambassadors of supporting the dissidents, claiming that some of them have openly sided with protesters abroad. Fars News emphasizes that these individuals will be replaced with "Specialists devoted to the bases of revolution"! Ahmadinejad's team has plans to dismiss 80 ambassadors, but the other 40 will be retired from service (and not fired) in the course of next months. (source)


Anonymous said...

"Specialists devoted to the bases of revolution"

This just implies they would be replaced by Ahmadinejad cronies.

Pedestrian said...

I guess "supporting the dissidents" = "not willing to call an 80% Mousavi vote in their embassies for Ahmadinejad"