Friday, September 4, 2009

Ahmadinejad Versus Khomeini

For the first time, since Imam Khomeini's passing, special Ramadan ceremonies in his mausoleum are CANCELLED! This ceremony was hosted by Khomeni's grandchildren, who have not spoken publicly against Ahmadinejad, but have shunned him in every possible other way: including not attending his inauguration, not receiving him in his first presidential visit to mausoleum, not congratulating him and etc.

On other note, today the names and details of the killing of 72 individuals killed in the post-election aftermath was released by NoRooz! This is a strike back at discrepancies propagated by various Revolutionary Guard commanders!

I feel totally numb! This is a nightmare that we feared, but didn't imagine would ever realize. This nightmare, I used to dismiss as paranoia ... it is now happening ... it is a frightening landscape ... I am numb, I am confused, and I cannot see any light at any foreseeable future. I don't even know what I should do anymore! I feel like a dear chased down by a pack of hyenas. I wish someone told me things are not as bleak as I feel them now. I wish someone told me there is hope. I wish to kick myself out of this depression. The truth is, the revolutionary guard holds all the arteries of Iran now: financial, military, political ... even clergy cannot stand up to them any more ... people are not as faithful as they were when Khomeni led them ... people don't give a damn about religion any more ... we are traversing through FASCISM, getting farther from religious rule, areligious fascism is much harder to get rid of than religious one ... I am beginning to realize the pain of those who went on exile 30 years ago. I am beginning to realize what it means to never be able to go back "home". And Obama's letter to Khamenei is just salt on all this injury. Obama makes me puke!



goatman said...

I guess that you can either get above it or leave it. This will be a long fight with little help from us outside save for missives such as this which try to impart hope where hope is possible?

I long for the poetry of Tehran, could Rumi help put perspective on the situation?

I am with you my friend

Pedestrian said...

Naj, I remember reading somewhere (somewhere credible) that the reason Hassan Khomeini never spoke publicly against the election was that the Khatami/Mousavi camp were hoping he'd have a seat on the neutral body they were hoping would investigate their claims in the election.

I wish I could give you some encouragement, but I'm a pessimist even in the brightest of situations ... so you can imagine how I'm feeling now :'(

Naj said...

Yes, we shall dig up beauty from all the crap Ahmadinejad's blanketing Iran with! Thanks for reminder!

Blogging sis,

I know that if they see you and I flattened so miserably they will break a champagne in celebration!

Yo! Sepahi Ass, or puppet conductor; Ped and I are not going to relent until we kick your sorry ass out of Iran! Watch us!

Pfew! There! :) I feel like I have already kicked the dancing shoes! (now only if I could kick this pain in the neck out of my neck and TYPE something! I need a trip!)

Anonymous said...


It might look like the "other" group is winning now, but don't give up hope. Once you give up hope, you also give up the desire to fight, and once you give up the desire to fight your tormentors win.

If you think Iran is worth fighting for (which is apparent from reading your blog), you can't give up hope. The other team wins if you don't even show up. Don't give them that satisfaction.

nunya said...


you are understandably upset about your country of origin, but I'm sure that Obama has quite enough on his plate without meddling in the internal affairs of Iran. Like preventing armed (oh and Americans ARE armed) revolution here if he doesn't get off the dime and do something about our broken health care system (something you don't have to worry about, eh?) two wars that a majority of Americans want out of, and a broken media system that misinforms Americans and the world.

Naj said...

Nunya; I didn't sau Obamam interfered in internal affairs of Iran. He makes me puke for sending a second letter to Khamenei.

Jan said...

Puking is a bad thing to do therefore I recommend that you wait with it until you know what Obama has actually written. A love-letter to Khamenei is quite unlikely, I guess. Somewhere I read: If you don't talk to each other you can not influence each other.
You wrote that you are unhappy with the current situation and that you are going to lose all hope. It is understandable because there aren't many good news. It looks like Ahmadinejad will survive the crisis and that the green path will lead to nowhere. But in fact that's not true.
There is a revolution going on in Iran a true revolution. The turmoils after the election were just the first outbreak the awakening of the vulcano. Now pressure is building up for the final outbreak. With his winner smile Ahmadinjad is only deceiving himself. When he lies in bed and everything is quiet except for the Allah-o akbar chants he knows that there is something going on something he is no longer able to control. For thirty years Iran tried to become comfortable with an Islamic Republic but it didn't work out (mostly because there was not a single day in the history of the Islamic Republic where it acted Islamic). The people are awake again, they regained their political consciousness and that is what the government is afraid of. That's why Ahmadinejad's inauguration was at a secret place because they fear the people. That's why they cancelled Rafsanjani's friday prayer because they fear the people, that's why they forbid etemade melli newspaper and why they cancelled Khatami's speech at the Imam Khomeini shrine because they are afraid of the people.
The peole are not afraid of getting shot, getting beaten up, tortured, fined, or getting arrested but the government is afraid to face it's own people. How do you think is more afraid and how is going to win in the end?
The people of Iran are facing a long and dangerous journey but also a successful one.

David said...

Naj, once again, I am confused about Iran. It was my impression that the Revolutionary Guards were some of the most fanatically religious people in Iran. However, you are saying that Iran is now moving away from religious rule. Ahmadinejad has the backing of hard core clerics that think their most revered cleric from the distant past is about to come back to life. It seems to me that the Iranian government is taking a hard turn away from more moderate religious belief to more fundamentalist religious belief.

You mention a letter from Obama to Khamenei. Was this recently sent? I have not heard of it.

On another subject, I told the web administrator of the Highlander board what you said about the hacked picture. He responded this to me:

"I managed to trace the IP down to a German address after tracking it from a Russian proxy. It never left Europe or bounced to an American IP so disgruntled banned members weren't on the radar."

Could there be something strange going on in Germany related to the Iranian government?

nunya said...

* News
* World news
* Obama administration

Obama sent letter to Khamenei before the election, report says

* Buzz up!
* Digg it

* Ewen MacAskill in Washington
*, Wednesday 24 June 2009 16.49 BST
* Article history

Barack Obama sent a letter to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, before this month's disputed election calling for an improvement in relations, it was reported today.

According to the Washington Times, the US president sent the private letter in May setting out the prospect of "co-operation in regional and bilateral relations" and a resolution of the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme. The message was passed to the Iranian foreign ministry by the Swiss embassy, which represents US interests in Iran.

"according to the Washington Times"
also known as "The Moonie Times" a right-wing lying sack of dog excrement /wiki/The_Washington_Times

thepoetryman said...

My dear friend. Please do not give up hope. Please. I know you are distraught and I certainly understand. As goatman said, sink into poetry for a while and you will have, perhaps, a light may shine upon you.


(Let me know if there is anything I can do from here.)

Naj said...


You are right! But, I don't think Ahmadinejad has any illusions that people actually like him. These people have not even tried to hide their tracks! They have acted like bullies; and continue to do so, without any shame or repentance for any of their deeds.

"the Revolutionary Guards were some of the most fanatically religious people in Iran. "

That is incorrect!

In fact, revolutionary guards are not very religious! I remember that there was a guy from revolutonary guards who supplied some of my relative's monthly alcoholic beverages and forbidden videos! My relative would put up with this individual coming to her mansion and spending weeks there with his wife and four of his children! YEs his wife wore chador and all; and no he didn't drink in public but he was a total corrupt creature!

I have another example too; my own boyfriend of teenage years did his army service with the guards. This fellow too had used connections to do his army service in the guard BECAUSE of the extra advantages and access to excess! He told me years later that he used his position in the guard to spy on his wife who was interning as a medical doctor, and give her a hard time to make sure she wouldn't cheat!!

The revolutionary guard attracts men with too much steroids to be good for humanity! It was established as a para-military organization to "defend" revolution--because they have NEVER fully trusted the army!

The guard has been creeping into all sectors of government and economy over the past four years; a fact that the reformists have been trying to WARN Iran about!

As for the hack; this hack you mentioned is not something systematic that I am aware of. As I have said before, I think all this might be traced to Mossad. Ahmadinejad's the BEST thing that has happened for the zionist cause since Adolph!

I don't know what you are saying. The letter is NEW and is the second one sent AFTER election.

Yes I will. I am indeed doing that right now :)