Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mousavi's 12th statement: Resist Ahmadinejad's provocative manipulations!

Warns that the Coup d'etat forces are in full swing to take the events into a higher and more dangerous gear and CAUTIONS:

آرامش و هوشياري خود را حفظ كنيد. سلسله حوادث جديدي كه آغاز شده است به مانند ديگر تحركات كور اين ايام براي مخالفان شما جز خسارت باقي نخواهد گذاشت. مراقب باشيد كه آنها شما را تحريك نكنند و به هنگام نابود كردن خود به كاشانه و كشورتان لطمه نزنند."

Keep your calm! This new chain of events [arresting two very high profile individuals], like previous senseless provocations will bear nothing but loss for your opponents. BE CAREFUL to not be provoked, and to not harm you and your country when they self-destroy


Pedestrian said...

I was so terrified when I read that sentence. What more could possibly go wrong? :'(

Naj said...

it is indeed very terrifying!

But, these arrests are as usual red herring! They are to distract from the REALLY REALLY bleak economic problems.

Spme of Iran's industries are going broke BECAUSE of Ahmadinejad's policies of privtization and also easy cheap indian/chinese imports!

The parliament is getting behind his ass for his illegal deals with Hugo Chavez (e.g. giving loan without parliament approval, contract to import benzin, and contract to do constructions in venezuela).

The new wave of arrests is NOT about freedom, democracy, conservatism or anything, it is because he is trying to prevent the REST of IRan, the poor workers and farmers who he claims have voted for him to REVOLT when they start going HUNGRY!

He is trying to "gorbe ro dame hejle bekoshe" but this is too late; the cat's out of the hat!