Friday, September 18, 2009

They DID it!

Here (note this picture was old; I keep it to piss off some British spy who keeps chastising me about it ;) The new picture of attack was on NYT's front page), President Khatami was attacked by Ahmadinejadist thugs-but saved by greens and the riot police dispersed the thugs (also called Lebas-shakhsi; or (unfortunately) Basiji) [someone is claiming the above picture of khatami under attack is old; but the one below published by the parliament's news agency is new and fresh out of the oven!)


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Your latest post mocks efforts of Iranian Official Agencies to present altered images, which I too find ludicrous.

I also find ludicrous the last pic on this post, which is a cropped and reversed image first posted on 14th June, 2009.

I too was foolishly gullible and beieved the source, good to have the error of my ways pointed out in twitter.

Naj said...

I don't understand what you mean! Khatami WAS attacked by admission of IRI agencies and the green ones!

Naj said...

I don't know what is this crap about Khatami being "arrested" Of course he was NOT arrested; nor was any attempt made to arrest him!

But he WAS assaulted today!

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

You disappoint me by continuing to carry an incorrect image, but as somebody on twitter wrote to me:
"u r an ignorant bastard.."
for questioning the same picture!

Peculiar how so many have now acknowledged I was correct in my assertion, yet you choose to ignore!

Naj said...


Also, keep in mind that my goal in life is not to "please you"!

Don't Want to Say (DWTS) said...


Having been reading the Daily Mail for the last several weeks, I understand England is disappearing off the face of the planet. Is this so?

Also, can one get hold of the old DM in the neo British colonies of UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. too bad it didn't quite work out for the Brits in Basra - it could've done with being cut off from the rest of Iraq.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Neither a British Spy or pissed off with you, just a chap expecting, foolishly, as I have discovered, verified facts to be posted within news style blogs.

Eid mubarak to you and your family.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

@Don't Want to Say (DWTS)0715pm

I have not read, in depth, The Daily Mail since my boarding school days, so not too sure, but it seems to carry many easy reading stories.

If you are writing metaphorically, then England may be disappearing; if written factually, I think you will find Wales and Scotland also disappearing! ;-)

I actually read the Middle East edition of Financial Times, which, I believe, endeavours to give a global perspective, without wallowing in the past.

I do think it is time to move on to the future and not looking for scapegoats from the past, or is that an unreasonable point of view?