Sunday, September 20, 2009

What does the internet think?

Time for some fun: try
Yup; Ahmadinejad is the most hated creature on the planet! Ahuh! Even worse than Bush!
And Khatami is as positive as Love!
The winner of internet's positive thoughts is SEX ;)


Pedestrian said...

This is awesome!

According to them, the internet is 74% positive about Khomeini!

Naj said...

according to them internet is very negative about Microsoft; and very positive about Linux! :))

Ibadah said...

Dear iranfactie,

I know you are the only one tell us about iran ;-)

Look at this:

I know they say a lie :-)

Naj said...


I made a post just for you and the rest of Angry Arabs ;)

You give me a sense that arabs deserve to stew in their Israeli soup!