Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angry Arab say: A survey done by world opinion shows 81% of Iranians consider Ahmadinejad President!

Angry Arab thinks he knows better!

WELL to all those idiots who think "Anonymous; Maryland-funded Telephone polls" in Iran mean anything:


Whatever gives you idiots the illusion that in a country, where arrested individuals are presented with a record of all their previous personal and private phone conversation (to a lover, a friend, a brother, a radio station) to be pressured into a corner, they will DARE to speak truthfully on the phone to "automated" phone surveys??!!!!

This study is flawed! And the journalism that sucks is that of the like of Angry Arabs; who are not very happy with the fact that Iranians are bringing to surface the UGLY reality of their Anti-Israeli clown!

You are afraid of Iranian funds stopping to flow into your Hamas and Hizbollah vaults, right?!


Pedestrian said...

Here is the poll:


(just in case you hadn't see the original, I know you most probably have!)

right on Naj ... I was thinking yesterday: "OK, EVEN if we could imagine that this poll actually took place, WTF! This is IRAN, who would speak over the phone about this stuff?! Just the fact that these IDIOTS CALL people up to get their results should make you think twice."

Naj said...

Thanks Ped!

Yes, some troll had dropped this link my way yesterday; claiming "victory" that Ahmadinejad IS indeed a "beloved" president!

And today; some Arab dude again dropped off this link; and I noticed Angry Arab has been bragging about it; and chastising NYT for its journalism; praising his-I presume!

Also, have you seen Pulse Media's recent production?! Their STUPIDITY makes me laugh; thei naivite is disgusting!

If these people report on Palestine and on Lebanon with the SAME kind of idiocy; then we may want to take a deep look!
I remember there was a lebanese architect; who was working as a general contractor, renovating my house... he used to say; every time we build Lebanon back up; the Iranians/Hizbollah do something to get Israel attack us and ruin again ...

I am no longer willing to dismiss these anecdotes ...

And now, he is going to go blabber more anti-semetic nonesense at the UN; only to build his support around those dumb-ass Angry Arabs; who feel like eternal victims of the British and the Zionism ...

Do Not Want To Say (DNWTS) said...


This is a very unfair blog. I have read on Angry Arab blog very critical comments of Ahmedinjad and his supposed support of Palestine.

Angry Arab was one of the few Arabs to support the Iranian demonstrators in June. And he has also mentioned the fact that Iranian lefties are dismayed at Arab lefties for their support of your President.

As for NYT, Angry Arab always chastises it but this does not mean that he supports your dictator.

"I remember there was a lebanese architect; who was working as a general contractor, renovating my house... he used to say; every time we build Lebanon back up; the Iranians/Hizbollah do something to get Israel attack us and ruin again..."

Israel has been bombing Lebanon will before the involvement of the current Iranian regime. They use to bomb it during your Shah's regime as well.

I have to say there are quite virulent undertones to this blog.

Sorry to say this but I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that most Iranians do not have this luxary:

""I remember there was a lebanese architect; who was working as a general contractor, renovating my house..."

You shouldn't expose yourself like this.

Naj said...


Thank you for your clarifications! I used to follow angry arab at some point too; and I am happy you are pointing out to his fair support of Iranians who are standing to blatant lies of Ahmadinejad and tyranny!

In fact you are right; Israel has been bombing the middle east for as long as I remember! I also think Israel didn't like Iran's shah; because he too didn't really abandon Arabs, angry or otherwise! And now, Israel is just looking for a new target to Bomb: Iran! And I DO NOT WAHT THAT!

I bet a lot of Iranians have the luxury of renovating their houses! What, is it a crime to renovate a house? And what is luxurious about buying a cheap dungeon and then hiring some cheap foreign worker to renovate it?

Of course, if I had luxuries in life, I would be proud of it! I don't think people who can afford luxury are EVIL!

Hard Work and DISCIPLINE pays! Trust me!

Michael T said...

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the great blog you keep up! Real Iranian bloggers are the saving face of the internet with its funded cyber terrorism and fantastic lies that are told about Iran daily.
Secondly, i completely agree with DNWTS, you've been very unfair to As'ad Abukhalil!
First thing's first, he's an Anarchist with a capital A and he condems the 79 revolution, and is antagonistic to anyone who had the patronage of the Islamic Republic's founding supreme leader Khomeini.
He spends alot of his time exposing the crimes of the tyrants of Saudia Arabia and often compares Iran's Islamic fundamentalism to Saudia's.
He also writes alot about Lebanon and its many shortcommings.

I'm an avid follower of the AngryArab blog as you can tell but i don't agree with everything he says.
Infact i had quite a few criticisms.
For instance his pathological bemoaning of anything Lebanon as the worst coutry in the world (well, second to Israel, that doesnt help much), He's obsessed with "exposing" the Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi for being a sort of a bloody ruthless mass murderer, he accuses him of the terrorist bombing of the PanAm-103 airplane despite evidence that's all over the place that Libya had nothing to do with that.
Lately he began to take the Iranian green opposition to task, he had left a number of bizaar posts quoting Hilliary R Clinton to strongly hint that the US was involved in the time of the protests. He sees Rafsanjani, whome he calls "King of Pistachios" as the worst man in Iran and Mousavi as "the loyal student of Khumayni".
By the language he uses it seems to me that he gradually came to a belief that the opposition is involved in some kind of conspiracy with washington or other western agent. This is a terrible shame, because he was indeed one of the first bloggers to take the Arab left to task for supporting of Ahmdinejad against the green protestors.
Now the only criticism you'de hear from him about your president is Antisemitism and.. well.. that's about it, while the opposition folks get the razor sharp side of the stick from him.

You can email him, his email is posted on the angryarab blog, he may find your response worthy of reposting on his site (with your permission ofcourse).

kellie said...

The PDF gives an interview refusal rate of 52%. When I Google the phrase "interview refusal rate" to compare with other surveys then 52% seems very high.

ibadah said...

//... And the journalism that sucks is that of the like of Angry Arabs; who are not very happy with the fact that Iranians are bringing to surface the UGLY reality of their ANTI-ISRAELI clown! You are afraid of Iranian funds stopping to flow into your Hamas and Hizbollah vaults, right?!//

wow. Sorry i mistook all along. Until few seconds back, I was n't 100% sure that you talk for Israel.

A bit of advice. You blog in this trend for few years. Then, this blog will serve as testimony if you would like to apply to Woodrow Wilson or American Enterprise Institute.


ibadah said...

..and you can become the widely cited 'iran expert', lol

Naj said...


you are right. This "survey" is just methodologically flawed. But of course when people are shown numbers, they are not often well educated to pick up and even report facts as you did!

Take this Ibadah dude for example! Do you see any substance in his/her comment?

typical victimism and xenophobia ... throwing a big "israeli" blanket on the world!

These kind of people are really beginnng to make me sympathize for Israelies having to put up with these lunatics (as well as lunatics of their own, like Netanhayu!)... just as we Iranians have to put up with lunatics like our coup d'etat president who fans Israeli flames only to buy himself support with gullible dudes like this Ibdah!


Naj said...

Michael T

I am happy when I am wrong in perceiving someone as inflexible ideologue. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of AA.

In fact, anarchism is what I recall from the time I followed his blog. Going back to this post, I also recognized he is thanking some (Navid); so I am presming the post was coming his way from an Iranian.

Iranian expats who are trying to find excuse and justification for ahmadinejad are indeed plenty. Their arguments, when you discuss the blatant lies and HR record of Ahmadinejad, his cultural and economic mess and etc, is that he is being demonized by Israel, so US can attack Iran!

In fact, we are all worried about war and sanctions; but we are also worried about Ahmadinejad's INTENT in bringing about all those conditions. He is , to his own admission, an irrational messianic who believes in bringing about the conditions of the return of messiah!

He is also a populist; so he LIES through his teeth, and for whatever reason the questions he is asked (by foreing journalists) are strikingly the SAME, and so are is answers!

Internationally, he is tuning himself to the dance of Arab streets; ratcheting up his anti-semetism. This is only because his bases INSIDE Iran are WEAK.

Nationally, he has been throwing a blanket of accusation and slander on almost every managerial body of the country; dismissiong 30 years of service to the revolution and war as corruption; and promising to bring about "justice"! All good; except that he is running one of the most opaque and unruly governments of IRan, a total military blanket thrown on everything; foundations of culture and politics hammered down and etc.

These acts, his acts mount to treason. No enemy, Israeli or Saddamis or American could have done teh damage Ahmadinejad is doing. We cannot DEFEND our country from external bacteria if we close eyes to this cancer cell.

kellie said...

Yes, Naj, a shortage of lunatics is one thing we don't have to worry about!

German said...

Hello Naj,

reading Kellie's well-founded comment I had to laugh heartily, because her laconic one-sentence-statement really hits the nail on the head - "Put up with the fools/clowns, the world is full of them".

The reason: Kellie's statement seems to be a universal truth - only gradually revealing itself to anyone beyond the age of 35 I think.

The, though tiny but momentous, difference appears to be "only",

that there are countries where the death penalty does not exist and where (some) basic civil, human and natural rights and independent institutions are respected (to a certain degree),

so that the prevalent human stupidity of inhumane simpletons and mentally inferior contemporaries (often in higher positions) cannot transform itself into governmentally caused violence, brutal deaths and state-sanctioned malicious killings of civilized, educated, humane and intellectually superior people
- as at present in Iran.