Saturday, September 12, 2009

This nightmare is just getting worse

Yesterday, Khamenei called for more blood! To dismay and disgust of many a shiite he likened himself to Imam Ali and came up with all sorts of solutions about how important it is for him and his croneys to "defend" themselves by killing the opposition.

A few hours ago; a rumor started in RAJA news (Ahmadinejad's news site) that Hashemi Rafsanjani will not be leading the Friday prayer sermon this Friday (Also Quds day, the last Friday of Ramadan. On this day, Iranians rally in support of Palestine.). This "news" however, was quickly rebutted by Hashemi's office.

Then, the three representatives of the head of Judiciary issued a statement that Karoubi's evidence are all false; that he has no proof of rape and torture and that he (Karoubi) shoudl be prosecuted.

Only a few minutes ago, a memo was issued by the High Commission of National Security banning all news channels from publishing ANY news about Mousavi, Karoubi and the election!

Notably, Imam Khomeini's research and publishing center has launched a public complaint about falsification of Khamenei's mouthpiece, Keyhan News paper for accusing "foreign enemies" having infiltrated the establishment of the founder of revolution!!

As Mousavi had predicted; and Karoubi had provisioned, the coup d'etat is entering a new phase; which promises to be EVEN more bloody!

Ladies and gentleman; you are witnessing fascism unfold and if you are a dweller of western hemisphere, your leaders are extending a hand to negotiate with these criminals! You may now sit back and ponder for the first time, perhaps, about YOUR righteous country's role in bringing about Hitler some 70 years ago.


Parvati said...

Naj, I come from Italy which is a most "unrighteous" portion of the so-called West however you look at it so no illusions here. And for the very reason that I come from the land that invented fascist coups, I immediately recognized what's been going on in your country for what it is. Nevertheless, I think you're wrong to think it would be in the best interest of Iranians themselves for America to refuse yet-again to negotiate face to face with the current regime. Don't forget your beloved country is facing not one peril but TWO: the constant pressures from both the US and the Israeli right for a military attack on Iran are all too real, still very strong: ongoing negotiations in which the US is directly involved help ward off that danger. And there is another positive aspect too - see this very recent article by Trita Parsi, who's highly respected as an expert on Iran in US democratic party circles:
" Between the theology lessons, endless references to justice, and efforts to broaden the negotiations to encompass virtually every global problem known to man, an opening can be found not only to address the nuclear problem, but also the dire human rights situation and the conspicuous absence of justice in Iran.
Western diplomats have expressed great frustration over Iran's attempt to expand the agenda. But even here a silver lining can be found since a broader agenda is a two-edged sword for Iran.

Indeed, if the Ahmadinejad government wants to broaden the agenda to talk about Security Council reform and the "roots of the global economic and financial crisis," the US and the EU3 should welcome that and broaden the agenda further to include the question of human rights and free elections in Iran.

This suggestion should not be made with the intention of ridiculing the Iranian demands, but rather to point out that if Iran wants a seat at the table and be treated as a major power, it cannot ignore the responsibilities that come with that position.

Iran is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as several other human rights conventions. Yet, in its prisons, the Iranian government tortures and kills its own citizens for having questioned Iran's June presidential elections.

Iran wants to discuss global justice. Yet, on the streets of Tehran, the Iranian government encourages knife wielding militias to terrorize the Iranian people.

Iran's proposal to the P5 plus 1 requests that people's right to free elections to be respected, yet its own record shows anything but respect for free elections.

Washington should not reject a conversation with Iran about Tehran's blatant hypocrisy, it should welcome it. After all, if the Obama administration's objective is to rehabilitate Iran into the global order as a responsible and constructive actor, then Iran's abysmal human rights record is no less pressing or important than its enrichment program.

In other words, sitting face to face around the same table gives the US (and the European countries too) a better opportunity to shame and pressure the regime about its crimes and to press for the safe release of all political prisoners. Plus it also helps to undercut the "logic" of the regime's claims that protesters and reformists in general are all being manipulated by the CIA/MI6=traitors. So I certainly can't see it adding to Iranians' problems. North Korea is totally-ostracized, so is Myanmar - what good does that do their people? I know you don't believe the regime's propaganda about anything else - so why believe its crowings about this?
Opening negotiations may-or-may-not end up being useful - who can say at this stage? But no real reason to see it as negative, I'd say?

With usual mixture of affection hope anguish and prayers - keep safe!


guthman said...

Interesting that you are now part of McCain's 'bomb bomb bomb... bomb Iran' chorus. You have come a long way in short time.

Rhiannon said...

Thank you so much for your blog. Reading it helps educate me in whats really happening in Iran.

The newly "so called elected" president has scared me for many years now. I often thought maybe he has denied there ever was a Hitler or holocaust because he wants to be the first one to make this happen...his denial is part of his ego...he is a very dangerous man.

I agree with you war or anything like that with Iran is not the answer for any country. But speaking up and not "hiding" the truth..and for the truth to get out as much as humanely possible..thanks to you and many other brave people. And for other countries to not put up with the inhumane treatment of the Iranian people.



Naj said...


Where did you read/detect "bomb-bomb-bomb Iran" ANYWHERE in my blog?!!!!!

How far I have come in being DISGUSTED by the current events only reflect HOW FAR Ahmadinejad's going in FUCKING UP Iran!

I don't need warning from anyone about what kind of threats Iran is facing; but THREAT FROM WITHIN is the one that is scaring me most!

And no I am not asking help from any western hypocrite; I KNOW they are pursuing their OWN FUCKING INTEREST which commands them now ti help installing this military regime--turning Iran into their favorite pakistan; or another zombie state like the ones they are very "friendly with" around the middle east!

Naj said...

Parvati, I consider Trita a friend; and I fully support his proposal.

Guthman said...

" ...your leaders are extending a hand to negotiate with these criminals! You may now sit back and ponder for the first time, perhaps, about YOUR righteous country's role in bringing about Hitler some 70 years ago."
Given the current Western-designed imbroglio over Iran's nuclear program and given that any Mid-East leader designated by the West as the "new Hitler" (Nasser, Arafat, Saddam...) soon had a war on their hands, I am not sure what it IS that you are thinking when you bandy about these catchphrases. As a matter of fact I have come to the conclusion that you have stopped thinking altogether, I just wonder why. Iran has had a supreme leader i.e. a "Hitler" all along since 1979. Are you seriously pretending that Iran had been democratic until June 2009? Are you seriously pretending that Hashemi Rafsanjani of all people is pro-democracy? Are you seriously pretending that Moussavi who during the election campaign kept bandying about his ultra-Khomeini-ist credentials is a "democrat"? Too silly for words Naj. Too silly for words.
As a general rule, leaving comment on a blog is a form of applause, even when it is critical. So one last time: WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO YOU NAJ? You used to have serious blog on Iran. Now all you have is a joke. You want to have serious blog on Iran? How about presenting some hard facts that the elections were really stolen, rather than just foaming at the mouth and babble grandly about Hitler and the "international commmunity"?
I am by no means claiming that the elections weren't stolen, I just haven't seen any convincing evidence. What I believe to have seen in Iran is a power-struggle between different factions of the regime, and a highly pissed-off, very vocal minority of the population. Clerical rule sucks, but not since June 2009. Moussavi as Ghandi... my ass.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I am glad you are sharing your knowledge. Of course, this isn't being focused on in the US media whatsoever. I am more familiar with the US policy in Nicaragua's supporting many a murder and unlawful land seizures. I am ashamed of the violence performed on behalf of our citizenry. It doesn't represent the will of "the people," but the will of "corporations" and a selfish elite.

Naj said...


To participate in violence is one thing; to hold a moral high about democracy and call oneself the champion of anti-fascism; and then shake hand with fascists is another. As far as Iran is concerned now, the US (or any other nation for that matter) is NOT responsible for the unfolding fascism in Iran. The blame FULLY rests on Iranians themselves. However, there is an opportunity for Obama's administration to push Iran for not nuclear-issue rather human rights! I understand that with evidence of torture in American prisons; the US is not in a position to lecture any other nation on morality! Nevertheless; this is game of politics and if there were enough PUBLIC pressure on Obama to press Iran for human rights; he could have used it as diplomatic leverage against Iran. Unfortunately the media is awfully silent on Iran!

This brings me to a comment left by Guthman! It's too ridiculous to dignify it with any response! He/it is an example of someone who is just "foaming at the mouth" without having been following the events of Iran in my blog over the past 3 months! Noty even one comment or opinion on loads of stuff I have translated, headlines I have shown from Iran press, no none! But has the nerves to call my blog a joke Just because I am pointing a finger at the oh-so-liberal Mr Obama's administration; he feels he should jump in, insult me, and blabber nonsense about whether election is stolen or not! He is trying to defend ahmadinejad, fool himself into believing that it is a "small" minority of people who oppose him--because that alleviates the "suffering" of having to explain western-complicity in helping dictators and crushing democratic movements in the middle east!

The problem with this kind of mindset is the willful ignorance of this individual and the likes of him; who see FASCISM and yet try to excuse it and themselves from responsibility through distraction and diversion! But idiots and fascists are everywhere--stoned in their blind prejudice!

Anyways, ignorant fools are everywhere!

Parvati said...

...if there were enough PUBLIC pressure on Obama to press Iran for human rights; he could have used it as diplomatic leverage against Iran. Unfortunately the media is awfully silent on Iran!

Naj, you are quite correct to say this, but it is not too late: my understanding is that beyond the strictly-nuclear context, Iran wants many things from the US and Europe, some practical some status-oriented including many that can involve gradual concessions - loosening of trade sanctions, removal of opposition to membership of various thingies, a certain role "officialized" re Afghanistan etc, certain pressures on non-Iran-friendly neighbours??? . Skilful diplomats (IF the US has such beings???) know how to use such opportunities: "we would have no strong objection in principle BUT xxx xxxx xxx and xxx are still in jail..." "... BUT women's rights..." "...BUT UN investigation committee on human rights/electoral abuses..." ...BUT this, BUT that.. ;-)

'Course it can't raise the dead, can't "undo" the crimes already committed - but I believe it could help to ward off further degenerations.

However, our governments will only follow this course seriously if under strong PUBLIC pressure, as you said, - so it's absolutely VITAL for everyone in the US and Europe who cares about what's been happening in Iran to be prepared to make a constant effort to pressurize our governments in every possible way - that's up to "us": we must all be prepared to keep on campaigning, keep on networking with Iranians inside and outside Iran "for the long haul", use every means of info-spreading, consciousness-raising, public-opinion pressuring and govt.-pressuring we can think of...!

* this is a promise, OK? *

Naj said...


I totally agree!

You see, the problem is that things are entering a NEW and more dangerous phase! Ahmadinejad is launching an assault on all levels of status quo!

Yesterday, he launche legal action against a "Marja'" (i.e. high priest, with considerable followers--an insider by ALL means, Ayatollah Sane'i who is no only an insider, but a conservative one at that!)

I can sit back and be happy that all this mullahcracy is being challenge in Iran! BUT, what is replacing it is militarism; and apocalypticism!

There was an ardent Ahmadinejad-loved visiting my blog, hi sname was pen -name! If you go back and read some of his comments, you will realize what a DANGEROUS breed this ilk is: they believe in blood-shed! Blood-shed is a "logical" cource of history for them! "VIOLENCE" is something that keeps the world go for them! He used to argue that "even having sex is an act of violence"!

I am not so much traumatized by stories of torture coming out of Iranian prisons--they are not new! Teenager girls were raped in Islamic Prisons of Khomeini before being excecuted--as virgins did not go to hell!!! BUT, what is happening now is talibanism and militarism.

What is disturbing now is that the revolutionary guard is running ALL sectors and intimidating the ones it has not clawed onto yet!

We cannot relent! Yet, there is NOTHING said about Iran in the west that is meaningful! We have a bunch of disillusioned lefties who think the charges of election fraud are brought about by a rich minority!! What a LOAD of crap!

German said...

Dear guthmann,

I actually didn’t want to comment here any more. But having read your comment I very much feel forced to do so.

People tend to change:
• In April 1974 it was the major part of the Portuguese officers and the ordinary privates, deeply involved in the crimes of the Portuguese colonial dictatorial regime that deposed the ruling dictatorship, in addition handing over Portugal’s last overseas provinces in Africa to the Africans.
• It was part of the German military caste, having agreed with and deeply involved in the ordinary and in the war crimes of their regime, that tried – though unfortunately without luck and success - to depose Adolf Hitler and his cannibalistic regime on the 20th June 1944.
• Fascism in Italy, i.e. Mussolini’s Italian fascist regime, was deposed for good by its own ruling fascist “Grand Council of Fascism”, which was the main body of Mussolini's Fascist government in Italy, in 1943.

Please bear with me if here and now I stop quoting further examples of political change.

Yours sincerely

Ludger Gesigora

Naj said...

Dear German,

Please feel free to comment here anytime you wish. I like your comments :) In fact, I think Europeans should "detect" the danger that is unfolding in Iran more readily than we Iranians can, since this is the FIRST time power in Iran is militarized.

As I keep saying, this is not even religious fascism anymore--it's the more scary kind: "secular" militarism! (the religious quoting is just a distraction--that neither the religious believe, nor the guards really intend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

thank you very much for your kindness!

It is difficult to come to grips with Iran knowing that there are these nice, bright, intelligent people with a wide range of abilities like you and pedestrian - I also remember when studying many years ago that my Iranian co-students I got to know in the hall(s) of residence where we lived/staye were excellent, fine, modest and exemplary people. I think I shouldn't complete this sentence. Excuse my outbreak

Wishing you all the best

Ludger Gesigora