Monday, September 28, 2009

Translation of "Important" parts of Karoubi's Letter to Hashemi

I am leaving out the first two-third because it is mullah talk. Usually in Iran, people do a lot of smooth talking before they stick the knife! I leave others to translate the rhetorical beginning--which is nevertheless very critical of ineffectiveness of the Assembly and hints at Hashemi's "cowardice". But, I only translate tangible points that are the core of Green's demands. Here's the knife (the bullet form is mine):

Paragraph 11:

Mr Hashemi,

What is your response to the people who are questioning the accountability of the Assembly under your directorship? Had you and the Assembly of Experts taken a look at the trend in which the country's been suffering in the past 4 years, could you not have found a solution to what has culminated into what you are now calling "conspiracy"? [Karoubi is appalled with Hashemi's 'shift' from calling what he used to refer to as 'crisis' to calling it a 'conspiracy' now].
  • In your speeches before and after the election, you have warned that the economic crises was destroying country's long term prospects; but shouldn't these crises have been given attention by the Assembly of Experts?
  • Is it not your duty to oversee that what is promoted as "privitization" in accordance with the article 44 of the constitution, is sold to a organization taht are under supreme leader like IRGC or "The Committee of Imam's Orders" (which according to Imam's assignment to Ayatollah Sane'i and myself, was supposed to either release the seized assets, or if their illegitimacy established, to confiscate those assets and end its operation in less than two years; a committee whose name has raised several complaints from Imam's grandson who has requested that if the committee is not shut down, at least be renamed to not carry Imam's name) purchase the shares of a government Ministry [Telecommunication] in less than half an hour, adding to their post-election triumphs in the name of privitization! [He is referring to militalization of the ITC, that was purchased by IRGC yesterday].
  • Indeed, how much attention have you [in the Assembly of Experts] given the chaotic and unplanned foreign policy that has caused disrespect for our system in the international community?
  • Don't social problems and the security atmosphere in our universities and different organizations deserve any attention from the members?
  • Indeed, to what extent did you scrutinize the actions of some organizations that are under the supreme leader, which are under your general supervision?
  • Didn't you review what is happening in our national media and the drop in viewer's rate?
  • Did you talk about the three so called election loosers who are canned and whose friends are in solitary confinement; and that it is only through passage from solitary confinement that hey can have access to national media to confess, while the doors of media are wide open to the supporters of the so-called winner and the Prosecutor General who come and state their unilateral accusations against other candidates?
You didn't know about these points? You knew about them and if you have not talked about them, does it not mean that sense of justice and courage has vanished from our hearts? [He really wants to say from "your" heart.. this is Persian, subtle!] And today, what is your answer to those who think this Assembly has forgotten its duties and has become and ineffective and propagandist institution? Shouldn't this assembly have invited the three candidates who object to the election results, who have all been assets and servants of this system, to express their views before the Assembly issued its statement?

Mr Hashemi,
It's my duty to remind you of Imam's interpretation of the position of the Assembly of Experts when he said: "Now, you jurisprudens of the Assembly of Experts, you who are chosen by this people who has suffered the history of monarchist injustice, you have accepted a responsibility above all orders and have embarked on a task on which depends the destiny of Islam and this suffering people who has given martyrs. History and future generations will judge you and God's great men will witness you and your deeds: والله من ورائهم مُحيط و رقيب. Your slightest negligence, your slightest error or selfish influence and temptations that can stray you from the path will cause a great catastrophe in History".

Indeed, what is the relation of current operation of this Assembly with what Imam stated and with what authority it is given by the constitution which is based on people's vote to this Assembly? Why deny that in this dangerous juncture, this assembly has turned into an ineffective organization. And I, Mahdi Karoubi, am writing this letter today to have warned you and have put my conscience at ease with respect to my devotion to Imam, the revolution, the respected people of Iran; and to have expressed that what is happening in this assembly is nether benefitting the people, nor guarantees the republicanism s the system to which over 98% of Iranians voted in March 1979.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation Naj

Naj said...

MP, Sarv.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Naj. I think Karroubi has become a nightmare for the regime, and I think he is at a point where arresting him will cause far much problems, and not arresting him will also cause problems for the regime.

I hope the people eventually come up on top. Any good muslim will side with the people that are facing such injustice from their leaders.

arighter2 said...

Poor Rafs. As I'm sure he well knows, the problem with trying to straddle the fence is you can get burned by either side. His best, and perhaps only chance to survive is to make the right leap at the right time. Let's hope he jumps to the people!