Saturday, September 26, 2009

Behind the scenes; news lost in the sensationalism of Green New York, Holocaust Denial & Nuclear "secrecy" of Ahmadinejad

I insist, that this "new nuclear site", a fact of which IAEA was made aware last week, but the flag was waved only AFTER Ahmadinejad's UN speech is a smoke screen.

What is happening behind the scenes?

Last week, The Assembly of Experts had its first meeting, and issued a statement in ABSOLUTE support of and subordination to the supreme leader--raising eyebrows, since this body is responsible for overlooking the conduct of the supreme leader and equipped with a vote to impeach him, should he stray from the path of justice and faith that are, constitutionally, the strict requirements of Vali-e Fagih.

The other sensational "controversy" was that this statement was read in the absence of Hashemi Rafsanjani, the HEAD of the Assembly of Experts; raising speculations that he was further sidelined, and that he disagreed with the blanketing support the Assembly was giving to the Leader, Khamenei. This is of course not true. Because Hashemi's web site has published pictures of an amicable meeting between the Assembly members and Khamenei; with Hashemi sitting at the right hand of Khamenei; and also speaking to the assembly. He later issued a statement that it is not the Assembly of Expert, but the expediency council that will be looking into an exit strategy from the current crisis.

There was a little "rumor" yesterday, on Deutsche Welle that a "special committee of expert is examining the option of getting rid of Ahmadinejad and replacing him with a Right wing conservative, Ghalibaf". Ghalibaf was a contender of presidential election in 2005, is an ardent supporter of Khamenei, hates Ahmadinejad's guts--as tape recorded in a private meeting--and is a relatively liked mayor of Tehran, thus likely to calm down the inflamed capitol. Someone (I cannot now recall who) speculated three possibilities that will get rid of Ahmadinejad, while saving the regime's face:

His voluntary resignation
His death or illness
His parliamentary impeachment

In fact, there may be some truth to this rumor, and Mohsen Rezayee, the secretary of the Expediency Council--headed by Hashemi Rafsanjani--seems to be spearheading this commission-or is at least buzzing about it publicly. I believe the last option, impeachment, is the most realistic; and the most likely one. I have a feeling the clergy has come to the conclusion that to save their own skin, they have to scape goat this man--who has been but a pain in their neck; undermining them at all cost and at any chance. The anti-clerical project of Ahmadinejad has become more clear to the establishment.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, after the ban on media to publish anything (good) about Khatami, Mousavi, Karoubi; or any criticism about the election results (a rule that excludes the slander machinery of the government including Keyhan News Paper and False News and IRIB--who have been continuously spreading lies) the media's criticism of the government has shifted to numbers. Different reports are exposing Ahmadinejad's unconstitutional economic policies (, or over 25 billion dollars discrepancy between oil-revenue figures reported by Ahmadinejad's Central bank and Ahmadinejad's Ministry of Oil (, falsification of economic statistics caught by the parliament's audit unit (abrar news), reducing unemployment rates by statistical manipulation (, or government's role in rice crisis--the government crushing local rice production while facilitating importation of cheap and toxic rice.

But what is strengthening the theory of impeachment is a report that "The City of Tehran will audit the accounts of Tehran Mayor between years 2003-2005". These are the years that Ahmadinejad was Tehran mayor. The controversial case of over 300 million dollars (300 billion toman, in IR currency) missing from Ahmadinejad's account books is now reopened for investigation.(

Others seem to smell a pact between Hahsemi and Khamenei as well.

With all economic and political troubles that await him at home, he needs the limelight of Holocaust Denial circus; or the macabre of the new nuclear site.


Pedestrian said...

I was speechless and a bit more optimistic when I read the report on Rezaie (I saw it on Tabnak and Mehr) ... What are they doing behind the scenes? Surely, the must be more scared of Ahmadinejad than we are, b/c they have so much more to lose!

Naj said...

Well, no one likes his "nuclear adventurism" and if he has managed to buy Iran more sanctions; I am sure he is not getting himself very welcomed back today!

Isn't it funny how IRNA is sheepish in rushing to say: Iran's opening its new site to IAEA inspections.

This is the most cooperative thing I have ever heard come out of their freaking mouths/pens!

Pedestrian said...

Naj, I am still unsure of where K. stands in all of this. What goes through his mind? What's he thinking??!!! Why does he seem so close to Ahmadinejad? Shouldn't he be worried about the consequences of this for his own kingdom? Am I underestimating Rafsanjani?

ARGH! So many questions!

Naj said...


from personal accounts I have heard about Khamenei, he is a megalomaniac.

When you are isolated; like he is, and given ABSOLUTE POWER, you become DELUSIONAL.

Ahmadinejad mirrors HIS grandiosity complex-executes it for him. He feels he will leave Iran with a great legacy. He wants to create such a huge controversy to equate himself in the history with Khomeini. He HAS to be as controversial and as mischievous to secure himself a place in history.

Anonymous said...


Fars should be Farce :).

I don't know what is going on behind all these distractions: they are probably saving themselves and planning to stick it to the people again. Whenever ever there is this much distractions something fishy is always going on.

I hope at least they consider some of the concerns of the people about the regime.

Anonymous said...

Naj, Could you please give us the gist of the supposed pact between Raf and K. Thanks.

German said...

your text / findings:


thanks a lot

Ludger Gesigora

Naj said...

Anonymous, re "pact" the link is focusing on Khamenei's shift in Fitr's prayer, "invalidating" confessions incriminating third persons who were not on trial.

You may know that in the forced televised confressions, a few had accused Hashemi's children of meddling in the election or other financial misconduct. (Something Ahmadinejad had done during the debates as well.)

Just as the IRGC was gearing to put the screw on Hashemis, khamenei made this statement in the Fitr prayer, with Hashemi present.

Also, the web site of hashemi has now made "statements of the great leader' its frontpage; and parliament news is reporting Hashemi's rebuttal of state media, like Farce News spin, that Hahsemi's pushed off the scene.

Keep an eye on khordad88 site; they may translate it. It's full of empty words, not worth my time to translate. But the gist, is what I offered :)

هزاردستان چمن said...

Great post. I am only not sure if they impeach Ahmadi, do they have to hold another election? or can they just announce the replaced president?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Naj. These people have to go. I don't think the people want different faces running the same show.

Naj said...


It's such a big MESS; if any form of rationality was at work we may have guessed, but who knows.

I used to think when these mullahs die then we'll be free of them--now I see a new brand of non-religious fascists are popping up!
The non clerical fascists FRIGHTEN me more--because they cannot even be kept within the boundaries of religion

Mark Pyruz said...

Thanks for the link on the comment over at Uskowi on Iran...

But I'm already a regular reader of your fine blog!

Keep up the good work, sister.

Anonymous said...

That is the most logical and plausible scenario if Khamenie and the rest of the clergies are to save their skin.

However, Is Ahmadinejad going to take this lying down? I don't think so. He probably has something elese up his sleeve.