Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mousavi's 13th Statement itself debunks Larijani's opportunistic comparison he drew between Mousavi and Rajavi!

The reason why I am making this post is because one of the opportunist Larijani brothers has recently come out, accusing Mousavi of having turned into Rajavi (the head of terrorist Mujahedin Organization who has not missed any chance to raise arms against their own people, and who promotes nothing but hatred and blood.) Luckily, Larijani’s opportunism oozes out of his letter. But I was compelled to translate parts of Mousavi’s statement that I think are an indirect answer to Larijani. You judge for yourselves! I highly recommend reading this (Mousavi’s 13th statement) to those who think the Greens are seeking an Iraq-Afghanistan kind of an outcome for Iran; especially those who compare Ahmadinejad to Mosaddegh!!!!!!!!
Violence is not the solution. ادخلوا فی السلم کافه “all, enter with compromise/peace”. Anger is a horse that drops his rider. People are justified to get angry at ugly behavior of the security forces and constant propagandist agitations; but this would not change the outcome of their anger [to violence]. We benefit from out efforts proportionally to our patience and wisdom; and if we slide towards unreasonable extremism, we might waste the efforts of a week and a month in a day. Our people consider themselves deserving of more respect from the rulers, because they consider themselves intelligent and wise. And wise is the one who, not only distinguishes between good and bad; but between good and better, bad and worse.

There are still outcomes better than what we achieved on the Quds day; and there are situations worse than what we are suffering and objecting to currently. In the prospect of our current historical context, there is no clear picture of what the outcomes of foundation-breaking actions would be. As stated in the letter sent to all Jurisprudens, Iraq and Afghanistan are two significant examples which we cannot ignore. These examples do not dissuade us from pursuing our rights because we have the patience and the foresight to improve our destiny without paying such hefty price.

What can bring about our grand objective is to insist on our golden motos. Any word that breaks the bond of friendship and brotherhood amongst our people would not help rebuild our identity and national unity. We consider the merciful Islam the solution to our pains, and consider an inverted cover, what the government promotes as Islam.

We demand unconditional execution of the Constitution and the return of the Ismalic Republic to its original moral principles. We want Islamic Republic, without a word more or less, and consider anarchist and destroyer those who find excuses to stray from the Islamic path, modifying the Constitution according to their selfish preferences.

Today’s political atmosphere is not what we wished for 30 years ago. People ask themselves: “what has impeded us from achieving our dreams?” This is a critical question that begs an answer even in relation to our present and future efforts. What must we do to not be confronted with this question 30 years later?

We will attain stability only when we transfer our political and social gains to our daily lives. In the past 100 years, our people have not had few of these [socio-political] achievements, but they have all leaned on activism. As long as the atmosphere of activism has been alive, these achievements have been safe but as soon as people have got tired and gone back home, all was lost. Activism is sacred but it is not permanent. What is permanent is (daily) life.

This is a lesson we learned from our fighters during 8 years of sacred defense. In those years, two groups were present in the frontlines. The first, fought during the war and after that decided it was time for living and making money over money and building tower over tower [literally, building towers has been trendy in post-war years]. The second group went to frontline for a deeper meaning. They did not go to sacrifice, but to benefit from the spirituality of that environment. This is perhaps hard to grasp for those who have not experienced this, but it is true. Not that they did not sacrifice, they did! They were our most famous heroes. But they didn’t think they were sacrificing in exchange for the gems they gained [this is not a materialistic metaphore, it is a spiritual one]. They lived during the war years and their fight began after the war, a quiet fight for the life, or the memory of the life, they had experienced. Without them, we will not have been able to resist for 8 years with empty hands.

During the election, when some of them honored me and turned the Committee of Isargaran [those who Sacrifice] into one of my most active camps; I was proud. Because they stated that they hoped a return to the spirituality of the days of Imam, I felt my responsibility more heavily. I doubt there is anyone in our country to not be proud of them. They are the core of the green center that links us together.

In honor of their resolve, we too must live on the green path of hope; may the same miracle they created [fighting empty handed for 8 years] arrive us. The significance of the Quds day was that is showed the new life that people have chosen is not transient and temporary.
P.S. This article is fully translated by http://khordaad88.com; but I preferred to translate this segment for my blog.

UPDATE: this is the treatment Mohamad-Javad Larijani received today (Oct 4, 2009) at Sharif University: Booed and greeted with: down with dictator, down with hypocrite ...


Renegade Eye said...

In Minneapolis where I'm from, the Iranian protesters support movement, is run by PMOI supporters. Talk about politically all over the place. They don't know who or what they are.

Our group declined supporting them asking for US to help protect them in Iraq.

Your post is interesting.

Naj said...

Hi Renegade, long time no see :)

PMOI people don't know who are what they are?? I am not sure I get you right.

But you see, Ashraf Camp in Iraq is one grand example of the kind of lunatic leadership the PMOI suffers.

They came out, when Iraq wanted to thrw them out, with a solution: "we want guarantees that our members in Ashraf camp can go back to Iran, and have total freedom, so they can join the rest of their brother and sisters in this movement sgainst the regime."

Can you imagine? Living a dandy life in Paris, Camping hundreds of people in Iraq, in the "enemyland" --give that in the past iraq was run by Iran's enemy; and now it is Iran by IRGC which is PMOI's enemy, and then thinking of nothing other than "the image" of a viable resistance by wanting to throw your members in the mouth of the wolf--with the OBJECTIVE that heh "freely" go to Iran and participate in political dissent!!!!!!!!

In these recent crackdowns, IRI has put under lens PMOI's who have been long freed from prison and have no affiliation. When I read their statements about "conditions" of return of Ashraf Camp residents to Iran, I cried for hordes of disillusioned kids who are imprisoned with the ideological lunacy of M&M Rajavi!

US should give them asylum! Simple!

Sabereh said...

Hi Naj

Just want to thank you for the informative posts. I really enjoy your blog and since my persian isnt 100% fluent I get alot of my infor from blogs like yours and khordad88. Keep up the good work.


Naj said...

Sabereh, my pleasure!