Sunday, September 27, 2009

Change in Assembly of Experts: Super fanatic Mohammad Yazdi Resigns.

Mohammad Yazdi is a hard-line cleric who "ruined" the judiciary system between 1989 and 1999! His son states his resgnation due to health reasons! Hashemi, the head of the Assembly, has not yet accepted his resignation. But this is a good news-since it's not nice to wish people death, resignation serves just as well!

If you are caught in the hype of Iran's Nuclear Site and Today's war game (which is not unusual but related to Anniversary of Iraq's invasion and part of the week of sacred defense) take a look at my earlier posts:
Somethings's happening behind the scenes


IDHolm said...

G'day Naj,

I see you've 'changed;' you seem to be ready to junk 'Dinner-Jacket' for the tender mercies of the US-subverted green-sleeved iPhone tweeters.

Just a quiet word of caution: IF the anti-Ahmadinejad 'counter-revolution' were to prevail, THEN Iran will soon look like Iraq; Iran's patrimony forfeit & culture gone - the whole country 'trashed,' in detested Ameri-speak.

Good luck, and all my best.

Naj said...

IDHolm, do I know you?

Don't recall you have ever demonstrated any knowledge of Iran in the past. Please buzz my memory. Thanks.

Naj said...

ID, I also recommend you read through my latest post to recognize "WHY" Ahmadinejad is the greatest THREAT to "Iran's patrimony forfeit & culture".

Or al least establish why you speak with such certitude AGAINST the "counter-Ahmadinejadists"

IDHolm said...

G'day again Naj,

 .. please don't misinterpret me; I mean no disrespect for your obvious vast knowledge of Iran - but perhaps you have turned your eyes too far inward, and have failed to notice the enemy without?

It seems to me that Ahmadinejad is *intensely* aware of the problem, let me buzz your memory with these quotes of quotes (a bit long, but the subject is not simple):

More Lies, More Deception
“What does imperialism mean? It means the assertion of absolute force over others.” Robert Lowe 1878
By Paul Craig Roberts
September 27, 2009
  «The continuous efforts of the world’s two militarist-aggressor states--the United States and Israel--to demonize Iran was addressed by Ahmadinejad in his speech to the UN General Assembly (September 23). Ahmadinejad spoke of the assault on human dignity and spiritual values by the selfish material interests of the US and its puppet states. Seeking hegemony “under the mantle of freedom,” the US and its puppets use “the ugliest methods of intimidation and deceit” to disguise that they are “the first who violate” the fundamental principles that they espouse and apply to others.
Why, Ahmadinejad asked the UN General Assembly, do the countries of the world sit there while Israel murders and dispossesses the Palestinian people?
Why, asked Ahmadinejad, do the countries of the world sit there while the US, from thousands of miles away, sends troops to the Middle East, “spreading war, bloodshed, aggression, terror and intimidation in the whole region,” while blaming the countries that are suffering the West’s naked aggression?
Ahmadinejad told the General Assembly what most of the UN representatives already know, that “selfishness and insatiable greed have taken the place of such humanitarian concepts as love, sacrifice, dignity, and justice. ... Lies have taken the place of honesty; hypocrisy has replaced integrity, and selfishness has taken the place of sacrifice. Deception in foreign affairs is called foresight and statesmanship, looting the wealth of other nations is called development efforts; occupation is said to be a gift that promotes freedom and democracy; and defenseless nations are subjected to repression in the name of defending human rights.”»


Now, I'm presuming that you recall that the US(UK) violently deposed Mossadegh in '53? Of course you do, and you most certainly recall the brave '79 Iranian response.

And you may also have heard, that the evil empire that is the US never forgets an insult, will never allow such impudence to go unpunished - let alone give up their bloody quest to control all the oil in the ME - and help out their 'partner in crime' Z-rael at the same time?

And to top all that off, we know that the US has *publicly* declared that they've spent $US400mio on destabilisation efforts in Iran - how much of that 'assistance' went Mousavi's way, do you suppose?

Recall also, that it was the US-subverted green-sleeved iPhone tweeters who "threw the 1st stones" in the post-election violence - the whole scenario, from Mousavi prematurely claiming victory, to the confected outrage was straight out of the CIA playbook.


My recommendation to the foolish anti-dinejads would be to demonstrate a little less naïveté. Give the devil-US half a chance, it'll gobble Iran up, belching jet-fuel smoke and spitting DU. Nothing on earth is surer than that.

Naj said...


take it easy buddy!

We know we are caught between two pretty danegerous enemies; Ahmadinejad inside and Israel/Arabs outside; Al-quaeda to the east and west and Russia to the north!

But you better open your eyes a little and listen to people who know more about Iran than you do, and trust them when they tell you Ahmadinejad is the ENEMY within--peopel are suspecting he is an Israeli agent, you know ;)

Naj said...

ID, it seems you are one of those NAIVE and gullible individuals that Ahmadinejad's populist propaganda targets!

He is pleased to have you in his camp :)

German said...

Some quotations from "":

"Clerical dissatisfaction with Mossadeq's secular rule played a role in the coup, fomented by CIA propaganda."

"Mosaddeq tried to strengthen the democratically-elected political institutions … "

"Mossadegh is regarded as a great democrat who did everything he could to defend the people of Iran. "

"He was also a secular person: he did not let Mehdi Bazargan take the post of Minister of Culture because he considered him being too religious for this post, thinking he would ›put the veil on the head of all the girls in schools‹.".

" … by 1944 Mosaddeq was once again elected to parliament. This time he took the lead of Jebhe Melli (National Front of Iran), […] aiming to establish democracy […] "

Naj said...


Thank you! I hope IDHolm reads and learns something!

IDHolm said...

Dear Naj,

Russia could be Iran's friend - if Russia delivered the S-300 missiles, say; Q: Why haven't they? That would stop Z-rael's attack-plans dead in their tracks.

China could be Pakistan's friend - if China got access to the strategic port of Gwadar; Q: Why haven't they? That would get right up the US' nose.

AFAIK, the answer to both preceding questions is "US interference." Q: What happened to the idea of sovereign nations? A: US Empire.

All (well, most) Arabs could be Iran's friends - on the common basis of Islam, say; Q: Why aren't they? A: Is it to do with the fact that Muslims just can't agree? (Divide and rule strategy - thanks, but "No, thanks!" mainly to US meddling, with a serving of ME idiocy on the side?)


Z-rael will never be anyone's friend, murdering thieves seldom are.

Have you considered that the 'new' Qom enrichment facility, being built deep under a mountain as it is, is a signal that no matter how hard Z-rael and/or the US might attack, they will destroy neither Iran's programs nor Iran's will? That in fact, such a response by Iran is only made necessary by the US & Z-rael continuing to threaten "All options!!?"

Both the US and Z-rael will destroy Iran, just as soon as look at it. BETTER WATCH OUT!

Iran's internal squabbling is just what the US and Z-rael want.

How foolish those are, who fall into the US trap.


Sorry to disappoint, but I'm neither yours nor Ahmadinejad's buddy, I take it easy as a matter of SOP and the only camp I'm in is my own.

If I am at all naïve, that would only affect me. Naïveté amongst the anti-dinejads could cost Iran its existence.

In your better moments, you probably know all this.


The US-subverted green-sleeved iPhone tweeters want freedom and democracy - well, Q: Who doesn't? A: Look around, the so-called 'democracy' that the US 'enjoys' is a total sham; the sheople continuously are lied to and the voters have *NO* real choice; no matter who they vote for, they *always* get the war-party. In addition, the US has driven 50mio of their own people into dire poverty, poverty = no 'health' (actually sickness) insurance; if such people get ill they just suffer - and lots die. Z-rael 'owns' the US government - and Hollywood too. All this is number-one on the green-sleeved iPhone tweeters wish-list. Just who here is being naïve?

German said...


My personal idea of (a) paradise:

if language could make the ascent of the heights and peaks of American Swing Jazz, Argentine tango and milonga, Brazilian bossa nova and samba, Cape Verdean morna, French chansons, Italian canzoni and hits, Portuguese fados.

But it’s most likely the ascent itself which is the reward and goal.

Thank you very much for your precious work and your patience.

Take care and best wishes

Ludger Gesigora

German said...

• It is highly doubtful if without Nazi-Germany’s extermination of each and every human being of Jewish denomination and of each and every human being in the full possession and pursuance of his thinking and sensible capacities in the 40s any Israeli-Palestine problem would exist today.

• It is not to be doubted, that Great Britain, Canada, Australia and the USA stopped Nazi-German destruction of the world
• It is not to be doubted, that the USA is a hyperpower.
• It is not to be doubted, that the USA has its heavy share of Israel’s strange foreign policy and strange behavior towards its neighboring countries
• It is not to be doubted that the end of the cold war and the weakness and demise of the Soviet Union coming to light did not lead to a greater quantity of peace elsewhere.
• It is not to be doubted, that in the process of Yugoslavia breaking apart after the cold war and the ensuing attempt of the extermination of the muslim Bosniaks by the Croations and Serbs Europe played an extremely negative role, to say the least [partially due to differences between countries like France, Great Britain and Germany dating back to the First World War]
• It is not to be doubted, that the muslim population, the Bosniaks, of former Yugoslavia was defended, protected and saved – much, much too late – by the NATO on the initiative and instigation of US-President Clinton
• It is not to be doubted, that countries and associations of countries relying on their own competence, skills, qualities in an unexcited, matter-of-fact, laid-back manner, without any boasting and without playing the bigmouth, with a view to the force fields around them, are extremely successful
(e.g. Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Turkey, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, some new independent republics of the former Soviet Union, Brazil, South Corea, the European Union – let’s stop with our list here)

• It is highly doubtful, that it is of any possible help and of any possible use for any possible nation, if the main energies and chief efforts of the country concerned are spent on identifying and focusing on a (powerful and possibly culpable) scapegoat:
the question “why” usually leads to problems arising from the failures and flaws of the domestic politics of a government, which then is keen on obscuring the real and genuine causes of these problems, blaming these problems on some evil force, empire, devil – you name it

IDHolm said...

Naj & German,

thanks for the deeply meaningful responses, this 'debate' is obviously in safe hands.

German said...

Dear IDHolm,

experiences are different, often conflicting, dependent on the country which the debater hails from. It is intriguing to get to know these varying and conflicting views, which seem to be different part of an immense, not clear cut, not simplistic, but complex truth. That's what's the cause of many headaches. But that's what discussion is all about: to get to know the different opinions without necessarily having to agree with them, but to think about and tackle with these other well-founded arguments and views. So thanks a lot for your contribution, which gave much food for thought!

And - last but not the least !! - thanks of course to naj, the host of our discussion.

All the best


Naj said...

German; I really like this:

It is not to be doubted, that countries and associations of countries relying on their own competence, skills, qualities in an unexcited, matter-of-fact, laid-back manner, without any boasting and without playing the bigmouth, with a view to the force fields around them, are extremely successful
(e.g. Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Turkey, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, some new independent republics of the former Soviet Union, Brazil, South Corea, the European Union – let’s stop with our list here)

Iranians and much of the middle east have turned too lazy and fixated on the notion that all their miseries stem from "outside".

Even take the Saint Mosaddegh case. Sure America helped getting rid of him; just as they helped getting rid of the Shah, and I am sure they are now helping getting rid of Mousavi AND Ahmadinejad AND Karoubi all together ... they are after THEIR own interests. But does that have to make us into a victim nation? The responsibility is ULTIMATLY on us and on our leaders!

the US and Israel is not "plotting" to "make Ahmadinejad lie through his teeth and inflame the society" ... the responsibility of this inflamed society--that as early as 5 years ago was making calm progress in leaps and bound in economy, art and culture and science--rests SOLELY on Mr Ahmadinejad.

People like me havnaively accepted the monarchy of a "supreme leader", hoping that he would keep a cap on this DANGEROUS creature's rampages inside and abroad--and what did Khamenei do? Pour more fuel on the fire that burned under the ashes of people's 30-years long anger with the IRI.

Almost 30 years ago, were were stripped of the opportunity to end the war as victors--maniacs, megalomaniacs dragged up into 8 more years of bloodshed--only to fatten certain warlord's pockets, only to crystalize their grip on the society, only to be given the chance to suffocate any voice of dissent: Was it America or Israel that forced Khomeini to overthrow a democratically elected president (Bani Sadr) and reject the ceasefire wit the slogan of "Path to Quds is through Karbala."

Now we are reminded by those who consider themsleves as "pacifist/leftist/Islamists" that the real danger is Israel; and that the neocons are planning their attack ... I am sure they are! But what is the IRI doing? putting some of its best and brightest writers, executives, thinkers, who are from WITHIN the IRI itself in jail, on trials, breaks down teh legal system, breaks down public trust, confiscates industry and economy and medicine and science out of public hands and puts them under secretive military control ... in name of DEFENSE?!??!?!?!? Provoking enemy in the name of defense?!

Anti-Ahmadinejad "counter-revolution" ????
Ahmadinejad's auctioning off Iran's patrimony forfeit and culture! Those who are risking their lives and livelihoods in bands of green are fighting to make sure that does not happen.

How dare ANYONE call Karoubi and Mousavi "anti-revolution" when they are hated by the anti-revolutionaries as the "founding fathers" of the IRI?!?!!

I am blogging to rescue people of this naivite .. but it seems I am singing to deaf ears ...

German said...

Dear Naj,

I am absolutely, definitely sure, that your blog(s) - i.e. yours and Ped's - are not finding deaf ears !

Otherwise you are entitled to call me "Orang-Utan" for the rest of my life!

thanks so much for what you are doing!

Ludger Gesigora

IDHolm said...

A picture, so they say, is worth a 1000 words.

Sometimes, perhaps, many more.

Note especially, the text around «the dispute is fuelled by massive coverage in the western media, reminiscent not only of the "color revolutions" and coup attempts ...»

Yeah; Meinungsumtausch can be fun, but serious problem analysis is "where it's at."

Work that, it should be noted, is on-going.

Khoda hafaz(?) & tschüss.

Naj said...


Western coverage is of course a testimony to sensitivity of anything that happens in Iran!

But, you are missing the point: AHMADINEJAD is a disaster for Iran!

Everything else you say is right, but that doesn't diminish the danger of Ahmadinejad FOR IRAN.

Ahmadinejad serves the interests of the west far better than would a government that was ACCEPTED by people!

People like you are well intentioned but really over-generalizing and naive! You don't help us; but thanks for keeping an eye on other enemies. Appreciated!

German said...

Dear IDHolm,

Any (usually unorganized) movement committed to democratization will motivate some foreign forces to use it for their own intents and purposes. I remember, that in Germany the youth uprising of 1967-1970 was triggered off by the Iranian Shah’s visit to Berlin. The Iranians, studying in Berlin, and their German fellow students protested and demonstrated against the repressive Shah regime. One German student was shot and killed during these anti-Shah-demonstrations – his death sufficed to set a large part of the German students moving on to the streets for the next years, standing up against the gruesome crimes of their fathers and for democracy and for genuine socialism.

Of course the arguments of our father-generation was that we were motivated and paid by the deadly enemy of the West, by Pankow (meaning the German Democratic Republic, i.e. East Germany) and Moscow (meaning the Soviet Unions).

Of course these countries tried to jump onto that bandwagon and tried to get influence it in their clumsy, ridiculous manner. So what? We didn’t care – and rightly so! We had our own aims and wanted to put them into reality, with a certain percentage of success. –

Where are these powers today? Powers who were quoted by our ancestors to prevent any open and honest discussion of what had happened 25 to 30 years ago in the 40s?
A discussion that presupposed free speech and freedom of opinion !
A discussion open and free enough to stop these lies that it quasi was some little green dwarfs arriving in a spacecraft from planet Mars, the Nazis, who were responsible for this cannibalistic destruction of human lives and who punctually with the defeat of Germany by the Western Allied powers Great Britain, USA and Canada had left their scene of crime.
Only the open, democratic discussion, enforced by us young people, led to the – unintentional on the part of our father generation - insight and to society’s confession – and only over the (very, very) long term,
• that is was the Germans, our fathers, themselves, who had committed these crimes on an unimaginable and unfathomable scale.
• Crimes for which the name “Germany” and “German” will be damned – internationally and in eternity – and rightly so !

Whatever I think of all this in retrospect now:

Where are these “powers of Evil”, which our fathers quoted to dissuade and prevent us from our questions and to divert us from our course, today by the way? On the dustheap of history!

Where are the criminals and crimes of the Germans? Brought to the daylight of knowledge !

Iran is a country which has any right to be self-confident enough [with a view to its cultural and factual history (having supplied nothing less than the basis of “Western” thought), undefeated by any power be they Romans or whoever] to be in urgent need of undemocratically minded and bigmouthed politicians, who seem to enjoy
• being the epitome of primitive cruelty,
• laying themselves open to ridicule and
• being intellectually ostracized.

Is this what Iran deserves?
Has this country got the politicians that Iran and its grand history with its grand people deserve ?

All the best