Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Following riotous (un)welcome Tehran and Shiraz U students gave Ahmadinejad, Universities closed down for 7 days. Excuse; Swine Flu!

Pedestrian had a fun post on yesterday's opening ceremonies at Tehran U. In this picture, the celebration of school years held in Tehran U's auditorium were closed to students. Why? You might have already read about Karoubi and Mousavi's latest letters and statements--insisting on their position-- and seen many videos showing students chant in green, wishing the downfall of the dictator. (complete report in parlemannews)

Today, Parlemannews reports that the minister of health (the ugly woman in the picture) has ordered closure of the universities out of fear of Swine Flu!!! (The man holding the red file is Kamran Daneshjoo, who has plagiarized articles and faked his PhD degree!)

Unrelated, but important:

The sale of Iran's Telecomunication to the IRGC companies has become a scandal and rumors are circulating that the transaction is against the article 44 of the constitution and may be cancelled.

By the way, another controversy about shady sale of one of the largest Open Zinc Mines of the Middle East to a Basij consortium has surfaced in Sarmaye Newspaper; but the link is suddenly unavailable!! Here the headline:
"ر جریان خصوصی سازی معدن انگوران، بزرگ ترين معدن سرب و روي خاورميانه، شرکتهای وابسته به موسسه مالی و اعتباری بسیج (موسسه مهر اقتصاد ايرانيان)، با تبانی با یکدیگر این معدن را به مبلغ 186 ميليارد تومان خریدند. در حالی که کارشناسان این قیمت را غیر واقعی می دانند و ارزش این معدن را بیش از 1050 میلیارد تومان برآورد میکنند. در حالی که کل این معدن شامل ذخایر روباز و زمینی، ذخیره سنگ تراورتن، ابنیه و تاسیسات فراوان از جمله سوله ها و جاده های مواصلاتی به قیمت 186 ميليارد تومان فروخته شد، تنها سنگ تراورتن موجود در این معدن بیش از 280 میلیارد تومان ارزش دارد!"

There are also rumors that Shariatmadari (the editor in chief of the slander machine, Keyhan), who had bought himself time to provide evidence backing up the slew of accusations that made several individuals and organizations sue him, has run out of time and is summoned to the court.

Two important interview with children of Shahid Hemat and Shahid Bakeri (these are war heros) are published, that leave little doubt that Ahmadinejad's IRGC and Basij have been trying marginalize the most important figures of these organs and stray from their principles.

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Pedestrian said...

Naj, I have close friends and cousins at U of T I spoke to today, the university is not closed.

That ParlemanNews headline is very misleading (it was on Mehrnews too). These are a set of PROVISIONS to be taken IN CASE of a swine flu outbreak. They haven't declared one yet.

One of my cousins who is in the biology department told me that two of her classmates have actually gotten the flu, so this seems like a god sent gift I guess.