Monday, September 14, 2009

Important update: Karoubi strikes back and Hashemi neutralizes efforts to marginalize his presence in Quds-day Friday Prayer!

Ahmadinejadist dogs have been trying to push Hashemi off the agenda of this coming Friday's Quds Rally. Traditionally, the last Friday of Ramadan is marked by a rally in support of Palestine cause. This year, the Iranians have been promising to have the Iranian regime's apartheid receive as much coverage as does the Israeli one. This has made the coup d'etat operators so nervous that

1) they pushed Khamenei to "threaten" people to bloodshed should they "divert" attention from Palestine to internal mess Iran is burning in.

2) they (especially Raja News, which is Ahmadinejad's news agency) started spreading rumor that Hashemi was NOT giving the Friday Prayer sermon because the atmosphere was inflamed and that that high commission of national security had decided Hashemi's presence was NOT in the interest of the nation!

Well, Hashemi JUST issued a statement INVITING people to the Quds rally; emphasizing the palestinian cause but also subtly telling the coup forces to back off!

"سی سال است که آزاداندیشان و عدالتخواهان درست کردار در سراسر جهان به ابتکار اعجازآمیز امام راحل جمعه آخر ماه مبارک رمضان در محکومیت اشغالگری قدس شریف که نمادی از مظلومیت و اسارت در دست یک دولت سراسر نامشروع، جعلی و غاصب می باشد به خیابان‌ها می‌آیند و برائت خویش را از جنایات و تمامیت خواهی‌های بین‌المللی یک اقلیت محدود، فریاد می‌زنند و شاهدیم که این حضور معنادار هر ساله چون زلزله‌ای پایدار، پایه‌های عنکبوتی استبداد و استعمار را می لرزاند و روح مقاومت را بر تن مجروح این بقعه شریف اسلامی می‌دمد.

مردم مسلمان ایران اسلامی و اقصی نقاط جهان اسلام! امسال در حالی به استقبال این روز شریف می‌رویم که سردمداران جهانی با سوء استفاده از غفلت و تفرقه مسلمانان و به خصوص اختلافات در داخل مجاهدان خود فلسطینی دندان طمع را برای تعمیق جنایات خویش، تیز کرده‌اند و با القای تفرقه و دامن زدن به اختلافات مذهبی و پرهیز از بیان اشتراکات، مطامع استکباری و استعماری خویش را در آستانه تحقق، نامشروع می بینند.

نکند خدایی نکرده، تدبیر پیر فرزانه این انقلاب را که روز قدس را روز بیداری اسلام نامیده در اثر این اختلافات به فراموشی سپرده شود. و آب در آسیاب دشمن بریزد که سال‌های سال در آرزوی حذف هویت اصیل اسلامی بیت‌المقدس به عنوان قبله اول مسلمین است.

انشاءالله حضور غیورانه شما در راهپیمایی روز قدس در سراسر کشورهای اسلامی و غیراسلامی و در روستاها و شهرهای ایران عزیز، بیدار باشی جاودانه به غفلت زدگان باشد که فکر می‌کنند گذشت زمان، غبار فراموشی بر آرمان فلسطین نشانده است و شما نیز مطمئن باشید که فجر صادق همیشه بعد از تیره‌ترین زمان شب طلوع می‌نماید.

" For 30 years, the honest, freeminded and justice seekers of the world rally the streets (on Imam's ingenuous initiation on the last Friday of Ramadan) to condemn the illegal occupation of Palestine under an illegitimate, fake and intrusive regime; and shout their dissent from the international totalitarianism of a small minority. We have witnessed how this meaningful presence trembles the spider webs of tyranny and colonialism and resurrects the spirit of resistance in the bruised body of this holy Islamic site.

Muslims of Iran and the world: This year we mark this important day amidst the world-power's conspiracy to take advantage of divisions and negligences amongst Muslims, especially the internal conflicts within Palestinians themselves. With divisive plans, fueling the sectarian differences, diverting from commonalities, these (world powers) are finding themselves on the brink of realization of their illegitimate imperialist and colonial goals.

God forbid if we help our enemy's desire to obliviate the first icon of Islam, Quds, by forgetting our revolution's guru (i.e. Imam Khomeini) who called this Quds day the day of the awakening of Islam.

God willing, your courageous presence in the Quds day rallies in Iran and across the globe, in villages and in the cities of dear Iran would be an eternal awakening call to the disillusioned ones who think that the passage of time has dust coated the cause of Palestine; and you too be sure that the brightest day arrives after the darkest night."
This is GREAT; because it neutralizes Khamenei's threats and Ahmadinejad's plots to push Hashemi into a corner! It is, as usual a double edged sword, with very subtle but also unmistakable hints to Ahmadinejad that "he has had enough of this childish game!". (I have just noticed that Hashemi's web site has published two of his articles entitled: Islamic Liberalism and Intellectualism and Historical critic: an analytical examination of dangerous interactions of civilization and Islamic rule in shiite history. [please help me if you have a better translation for this title.]. Clearly, Hashemi is not to be sidelined!

Karoubi ALSO is standing his ground. Yesterday, the representatives of judiciary published a statement, calling Karoubi a liar and claiming that his evidence were not sufficient to prove rape and torture had taken place in the Iranian prisons. Subsequently, they had asked for legal prosecution of Karoubi!

Today Karoubi has written an ANGRY and graphic letter to Sadegh Larijani and the Iranian people; calling his representatives liars; and asking: "did you expect me to present the 'organ' that was used to rape; or did you want me to pass a thread to prove the rape had taken place?" [in shiite rule, you cannot accuse people of sexual infidelity unless you pass a rope between individuals to prove intercourse is taking place! It's one of those things that give shiism its charm!!!]

Opponents of Karoubi seem to be backing off as well, since Ali Larijani has just held a secret meeting with Karoubi in presence of a reformist member of the parliament. Rumor has it that they are asking for Karoubi's silence!


Parvati said...

Thanks for updates! A fine move by Rafsanjani, and Karoubi's courage determination and nobility of spirit are truly awesome! Another great voice raised is that of exiled philosopher Abdolkarim Soroush (here and here). Yes indeed - "the brightest day arrives after the darkest night" - so keep strong, keep safe dear Naj!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece; very insightful. Thank you!

David said...

I enjoyed reading this post Naj. I am glad to hear that Rafsanjani and Karoubi are still very much alive and kicking against the illegitimate leadership of Ahmadinejad and the hypocritical behavior of Khamenei.

From the translation, it sounds like Rafsanjani is calling for the people to rally in large numbers on Quds day. I hope they will!

I never heard about the rope test! It would be hilarious if it wasn't a real law in Iran.