Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stupid Katie Couric! Doesn't the world have SMARTER media persons throwing at this liar?

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Ahmadinejad has now a new picture to lure his gullible Arab audience: Picture of Marwa AlShirbini, the woman who was savagely murdered in Germany.

What Ahmadinejad cleverly does is "CAPILTALIZING on the ignorance" of the mainstream US and world media!

In this interview, he catches Couric in the same ice cold that Couric had caught Palin almost a year ago! Holding up a picture of Marwa: do you know this woman? "Couric: "No". And then he rightly asks: how come the western media knows about Neda and not about Marwa? Of course if I were there I would answer:
Because the world has not seen million-large protests defying a military curfew by Germany trying to hide the crime, or flooding Berlin streets in green, and running global new-media campaigns by Muslims and Arab lobbyists in America, to symbolize Marwa; as Iranians have! Or Because Marwa was killed because of religious hatred and xenophobia; not because of presidential orders for fear mongering. Or because world has heard about Neda being killed in HER OWN MUSLIM COUNTRY and not in the world of "already dismissed" infidels who already have Al-Quaeda and like of you on "revenge" track!!

But then this farce got worse! At the end of this video Couric holds up Holocaust pictures at Ahmadinejad; shaking her dumb head in dismay trying to make him confess that Holocaust happened or didn't happen to PROVE that based on Holocaust denial he has legitimacy or not!

I am bewildered by this level of STUPIDITY! CBS has definitely smarter better prepared and more educated people than this lady!

Here are some of the questions I would have asked Mr Ahmadinejad:
  1. What kind of security, you as a president, are capable of guaranteeing your citizens when a peaceful rally in questioning election result can turn into a blood bath?
  2. How can you chant the peace and justice for the world mantra when you have been incapable to deliver peace and justice in your own country after 100 days of "in your words tragic loss of life of > 30 Iranians"?
  3. You claim the independence of the judiciary system; however many of the arrests and the killings were not carried out by judiciary process. How do you account for that?
  4. How do you explain the paramilitary presence in Judiciary, Universities, Armed forces, and Medicine--as recently revealed?
  5. Why did you not agree to a re-count of the vote?
  6. When you dismiss Holocaust as a myth and claim that western powers do NOT ALLOW RESEARCH on this topic; and claim that you are not interested in layman's approach to history but are interested in scientific approach:
  • What is scientific in setting up a country's agenda on the aim of "return of Imam Mahdi"?
  • What PROOF do you have that research about Holocaust is not "allowed"?
  • If you are interested in Academic freedom, then why are you jailing intellectuals and professors on charges of focusing on "western" humanity sciences?
  • If you are interested in scientific integrity, why have you chosen a "scientifically proven plagiarist" as minister of science?
  • Speaking of academic approach, why have so many of your ministers been caught red-handed faking PhD degrees from universities they never attended?
  • Speaking of history manipulations, why have you ordered a removal of "History of Persian Kingdoms" from the elementary and secondary curricula?
  • Speaking of scientific accountability, why have you never explained the discrepancy in numbers reported (again) by Iran's central bank and Oil ministry: what have you done with the 25 billion dollars oil-revenue?
    7. Speaking of "myth", how do you explain "your myth" that Iranians have freedom (of press and dress) when you jail journalists who criticize you but leave free those who spread slander against your opponents? Or when you issue "dress code" warnings to cloths stores to not carry certain items?
These are only a few of questions that CAN be asked of this liar! He is building his bases on the IGNORANCE of the masses who hate him or love him over Holocaust ...

Can't wait for this Couric to start running a Home & Garden or Gossip show, and rid CBS of her disgrace!

By the way, his UN speech was so hollow that deserves no mention--and with an injured shoulder I could only muster passion to write about the topic I have long started this blog for: countering the media ignorance re Iran! Juan Cole, however, has provided a great rebuttal to many of his empty words.

P.S. a good comment of my best-blog-friend, Pedestrian reminded me I forgot something:
Couric was "reading" her questions--a testimony to her unpreparedness? Or sign that Ahmadinejad specifies what questions he CAN be asked (because recent interviews all seem VERY SIMILAR). If that is the case, the integrity of the media and these kind of reporters like Couric still come to question: why would a network AGREE to be limited to such narrow questioning line? Because Ahmadinejad hikes up their ratings?!!! Or because they have narrowed interests themselves (since they has prepared Holocaust pictures after all) If so, then tyrants can always win the media game!

P.S. Well I am sure those who read this post have also seen his interview with Larry King. But did you know Ahmadinejad declined to be interviewed by Fareed Zakaria and by Christian Amanpour??


Pedestrian said...

Naj, I agree with everything you say, but I don't think it's Couric's stupidity that makes her ask such dumb questions.

I mean, she could very well be stupid, and I think she is ... but freedom in the mainstream media is about as scarce as IRIB. The questions she asked were checked a million times over, and CBS knowingly CHOSE not to ask such direct, good questions.

Couric's brain or lack of isn't the problem. The mainstream media's hyporciy is.

Naj said...


I Post scripted my post after your comment.

In this particular case, "MSM" was clearly focusing on "catch AN on Holocaust", BUT even in doing that they were not prepared!

I was listening to his pre-NY interview with a french canal;where he said something about releasing Clotide Reiss in exchange for the man who assassinated (by beheading) Shapoor BAkhtiyar!

And teh French journalist was not prepared to say: "you want a PROVEN murderer in exchange for a French teacher with a couple of phone photos of a "free" demonstration in your "free" country?!!

grannie4peace said...

americans have not lived with 30 yrs of oppression, only the 8 of gwb. she is not used to an evil person like an. she's used to dumb people like palin. it is a quality that the iranians cannot afford to lose, critical thinking. most american don't need to think hard about the thing iranians do. that is what katie is lacking. i'm sure when she watches herself she will learn alot :)not that that is much help to repair the damage the interview has done. on the bright side- wasn't it great to see an booed so freely?- it did my heart good :)

Naj said...


you are absolutely correct--that we have to boo our so called president in America (because we canot boo him and hold him accountable in Iran) is really painful to us. Without saying, Americans can also boo their own presidents freely--and this is why America is a dreamland for the world--a bit less so after GWB though.

Couric; and main stream media caters to facile minds; but in this interview, with a man who is predictable like Ahmadinejad (because he sounds like a broken tape recorder repeating himself) it is EASY to be prepared; it is easy to get together with some Iranians and discuss with them: "so what do you think we shoudl ask him, press him on"

Anyways, we are FORCED to be critical thinkers; we are forced to see things in convoluted way, because we live complex lives--not only because of our geography but also geopolitics.

an average patriot said...

Couric is pretty stupid and I can not believe she is still around. She is right up there with Sarah Palin. What did you think about Ahmadinejad's rant at the UN?

nunya said...

CBS did have someone smarter. They canned him.

CBS bosses hiding truth - Dan Rather

I knew when they hired her.

This scared me.

Fatigue clad goons snatch protester at G-20 in Pittsburgh.

Alex Bronson said...

Ahmadinejad played Couric's game (not that I like/agree with his stances, i don't) but the interviews were not meant to be informative, just posturing / media jockeying

Naj said...