Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ahmadinejad's fascist striptease continues

Coup d'etat is entering new phase:
  • The offices of fact-finding committees (the committee of defending the prisoner's right; and the office of Karoubi's party where evidence of prison rapes were being gathered) have been raided and plumbed; all evidence and documents gathered over the past few months removed and the heads of these committees were arrested today or yesterday. The two most high profile arrests are of Morteza Alviri and Alireza Beheshti.
  • Individuals associated with reformist movement are prevented from leaving the country.
  • Journalists who had signed a statement condemning recent crackdowns are summoned to courts.
  • The last of the reformist news papers are given warning to "stop spreading facts".
  • Members of parliament have sent Ahmadinejad a written warning to "stop wasting country's assets and breaking the law--i.e. ignoring parliamentary vote--regarding importing gas from Venezuela!"
  • Rumors are circulating that Mousavi and Karoubi are on the list of next arrests, to nip the wings of "chaos" as Mr Ahmaghinejad calls the MESS he has made of the country!


ibadah said...

I am sure, ahmedinejad would be fasting in this month of Ramadan. But you ? going on vacation, as you said. You represent west, not Iran

Anonymous said...

What Ahmadinejad and his gang of thugs are doing is far more harmful to Islam than not fasting. Through their lies and brazen disregard for human rights and have managed to to portray Islam as a vile, barbaric and inhumane religion.

Get off your high sanctimonious alter.

Naj said...

Anonymous, this ibadah made me think of how in America, it was the most disenfranchised group of americans, the poor, the uneducated, the vulnerable who kept voting for Bush, BECAUSE they assumed bush was religious!!!

Judging from his name, Ibadah, I am assuming he is one of those poor arabs who lives on handouts from Iran in exchange for their foolish loyalty! I pity him and his mentality!