Monday, September 14, 2009

In persian we say: water's fallen in ants' nest!

The news updates are popping like bubbles:
  1. Grand children of Ayatolah Montazeri are arrested!
  2. Karoubi and Ali Larijani (the speaker of parliament) had a meeting behind closed doors and agreed to not reveal the content of discussions.However, it seems Larijani met Karoubi on behalf of Khamenei asking for his silence--to which Karoubi has responded that he prefers death to remaining silent in the face of the atrocities of this group of new-comers intent on tarnishing Revolution's legacy.
  3. Remember I said the high commission for national security had issued a ban on publication of any NEWS about Karoubi and Mousavi? Well the picture below is a snapshot of Keyhan (the talibanist news paper of Iran) with a giant headline: Karoubi's claims are falsehoods!
Of course the press is officially FORBIDDEN to publish any news about Karoubi and Mousavi! But there are other disturbing facts that press can still write about. Here are some headlines:

  1. Unemployment, a major fire under the ashes: in 2005, Ahmadinejad's budget passed on the promise of creating between 700-800,000 new jobs. At the end of his term, Ahmadinejad had added 300,000 to the unemployed list. His legacy, 14% unemployment--and this is the official number, real numbers are always more grave! Ahmadinejad's idea was to create employment by giving loans for quick-return business setups! This did not lead to creation of any new entrepreneurs, but hiked the inflation to "official" rate of 25% as was announced by Iran's central bank)
  2. Uncontrolled importations pose a major threat to Iran's economy. This threat is facilitated by Ahmadinejad's government providing cheap dollar-Rial exchange rates to the import-mafia (under Revolutionary guard's control).
  3. Ahmadinejad's contract with Hugo Chavez costs Iranians 70c/Liter! This is 50% more than the price of gas available to Iran in other markets! (This is how Ahmadinejad keeps his "friends" happy, expensing from people's pocket!)
  4. Speaking of people's pocket, Ahmadinejad has removed yet another obstacle to his illegal withdrawal from oil income (i.e. spending oil income and national reserves without having listed the expenses in the budget that requires a parliament vote.) Additionally, the national reserve fund is shoved under the security (read military-defense) umbrella!

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