Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chess Game!

Here is an excellent article by Muhammad Sahimi; summarizing the dynamics of how things are moving in Iran.

[...] here is where the author believes the Islamic Republic is headed: A situation in which the fissures at the top become even deeper, as the hardliners’ circle of ‘insiders’ become increasingly smaller, while at the same time, the anger and frustration of the people rapidly grows.

Unless the hardliners somehow decide to retreat and undertake deep and lasting reforms, the nation is moving toward a confrontation between the unarmed, but determined majority of the people, and the highly armed small minority that the hardliners represent.

It is frightening to even imagine what the result of such a confrontation might be. At a minimum, it would mean incredible bloodshed. But the most frightening possibility would be the disintegration of the country, given the composition of Iran’s diverse population.

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Parvati said...

Just to let you know - Hana Makhmalbaf's "Green Days" - entire film - has been uploaded to youtube can be viewed here:

No English subtitles for us non-Persian speakers in this version, alas! but even without them I'm rivetted - it's a magnificent film!

All the best - with hope anguish and prayers.