Friday, September 18, 2009

Where are the aerial photos of the "official news" agencies?

I am laughing my heart out looking at lens manipulation of Fars News' famous photo agency!! I think they are busy photoshopping green flags out of giant crowds:

here are some photos published by fars news until 7:39 Eastern time (Iran time ~ 4 Pm)

In protest to Western powers Ahmadinejad has said: "Western governments issue a UN Human Rights Resolution, even when a city-car goes over a cat's foot"!!!! (We used to be dust; now we are cats!)

And here are some pictures published by the "Greens" unofficial sites: (You can find a number of accumulating videos here)

Also, the "official" news agencies are saying that Khatami was confronted by angry protesters who didn't want his "hypocritical presence in this holy event!!!" Look at the smile on the Riot Police's face when he is greeting Khatami!

From a video of people greeting Karoubi when he arrives: people chant Karoubi Karoubi Hemayatat mikonim:

And a picture-proof of Mousavi, calm and certain, in the crowds! The man who is holding the baby seems to be protesting at something; but would someone be able to protest to Ahmadinejad like that, you think?

Compare the green crowds of this video to this pro-govenment ladies holding the palestinian flag (photo from AFP):


David said...

It is great to see such huge crowds of Green supporters! I am glad to see Khatami, Karroubi, and Mousavi out among the people, also. What did Hashemi do, since he was prevented from speaking?

The forces of dictatorship must be shaking in their jack boots! I wish they would choose to peacefully step aside from their positions of illegitimate power.

Naj said...

David; Hashemi too attended the rally; had a gracious interview and said he didn't care about not being the conductor of the ceremony; as he had already done it for the past 30 years; and since he had opportunities to get his message across in the last friday prayer--suggesting that his stance has not changed! Calling for unity.