Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hashemi kicked out of Friday Prayer!

The assholes are too scared! They kicked Hashemi out of his traditional Quds-day Friday Prayer agenda! Instead Ahmadinejad and a clown called Ahmad-Khatami will be conducting the Quds-day ceremonies!

As my brilliant friend says: " They directly tell everyone 'we know who you hate the most, so we'll use them on Quds Day to keep you away!!!"


President Khatami has made a public call to reformists to participate in Quds Day rally--which marks resistance to tyranny exercised against Palestinians!

so has Khomeini's grandson

So has Mir Hossein Mousavi

So has Ayatoolah Sane'i

So has Mahdi Karoubi
We will not let them take away our country!

Fascism has no place in Iran!

And by signing up to give a speech, Ahmadinejad the fascist has given Iran a GREAT gift:
people can now flood the streets!



Pedestrian said...

Naj, I've never been to the demonstrations, but knowing the area, they could easily seal it off so that only those who go to prayer can be in the rally after.

With Khatami leading, a lot of people may choose not to attend the prayer ... EVEN on religious reasons. If I was religious, I would think it "haram" to pray behind someone like Khatami.

It's quite funny actually! They directly tell everyone "we know who you hate the most, so we'll use them on Quds Day to keep you away"!!!

Naj said...

this was SUCH a brilliant comment that made it to the front page :)

Pedestrian said...

NBC will be interviewing Ahmadinejad today. They are going to Iran!


Bloody f*&^ing fascists! You don't run to the country of a fascist president a week after he stole/silenced an election and "interview" him ... that just gives him more visions of grandeur!

David G said...

Naj, it seems you have a lot on your plate what with the Israeli threat externally and the political scene internally.

Keep speaking out, telling the truth. You have many supporters!

nunya said...

Act V of Tehran judicial travesty


I am so sorry.

To hell with ABC, according to Pew research poll

"Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate."

We are tired of the rich telling us what they want us to believe, rather than the truth.

Naj said...

David, on top of internal and external Iran affairs, I have a job that has nothing what so ever to do with any of this shit! So yes I feel swamped!

Dominique said...

Is it a rally for Freedom or for support Islamc Regime ?

Naj said...



It's a rally to denounce tyranny and human right abuse!