Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Would the world walk into Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denial trap to forget about his atrocities at home?

Iranian-Americans warn that the UN walk-out on Ahmadinejad should be on his human rights abuse; as he has previously used the holocaust-denial smoke screen to distract attention from his unpopularity in Iran, buy himself sympathy from Anti-Zionists and shame his Iranian opposition into joining the Jewish lines of protest?!--thus by getting himself more proof that his opposition is also zionist!!!!!

The Daily Beast (Reza Aslan)

I will soon provide an update on new economic "revelations" about Ahmadinejad's economic "opacity", and under-the-table deal makings especially with Venezuela, to strengthen his support outside while faced with popular AND parliamentary opposition inside!

Also, the Assembly of Experts seems intent to clip Ahmadinejad's wings, while sparing the supreme leader. More will come when the dust settles. Right now, I am tuned to NY!

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