Thursday, September 17, 2009

Natarseed! Natarseed! Ma Hameh Ba Ham Hasteem!

UPDATE: They did it; flooded the streets; overwhelmed the Arabic sounds played from governmental loud speakers with chants of: "Na Ghazeh; na Lobnaan ; Janam fadaye Iran" (Ni Gaza, Ni Liban; Ma vie, just pour Iran). Responded to "Down with Israel" with "Down with Russia". Saved President Khatami from Keyhanist thugs who attacked him and injured him. And followed Karoubi, from 7 Tir, through Karimkhan, to Vali-Asr square in waves of green--while Ahmadinejad made history by being the first president to NOT RALLY in Quds day! The so called champion of palestinian cause had to be transported to Tehran U--which is sealed off by black tents to mainstream the media coverage--in heavily armored car; wearing his over sized coat hiding his bullet vest; and circled with hordes of body guards ...

Ahmadinejad had said: "Liars are cowards; is this government a coward?"

I think he has answered his question himself!

Coward! Especially after Russia has made a little detour on him--hinting that well maybe sanctions can be useful! Some speculate that Russia's little detour has scared the government into backing off from "threatening" protesters today! In fact, it was the riot police who helped deterr the Basijis who had attacked Khatami! Today, is full of events!

Don't fear!
Don't fear!
We are all,


Anonymous said...

great blog. should change name to full resistance though! there's nothing neo about it...

Anonymous said...

ISNA has posted pics of Ahmadinejad at today's Quds event. He does not appear to be wearing a bulletproof vest:

I will say this of his pics at ISNA: he certainly does not have his old look of confidence.


Naj said...

Hi Pirouz;

yes he is wearing his ugly coat again! i hadn't seen his outfit yet when made this post--but all ISNa and FARS news posts show the giants who are "bodyguarding" him!

The coward, can only go on stage and lash out at Israel and repeat the same idiotic line:

:If holocaust is real, then why don't they let people investigate it?"

Some one should have asked him immediately: if your election victory is real, then why don't you let people investigate it?

I recommend you see later pictures I have posted!