Friday, September 18, 2009

History Made! (will be updated during the day)

In a live Radio interview with Ahmadinejad; chants of Ahmadi; Ahmadi Este'faa Este'fa (resign resign) are heard!.

The state media's spin: "People became angry with Khatami and Karoubi's presence and forced them away from the rally!!!

By the way, did you catch Ahmadinejad's interview with NBC when he said we have no problem with freedom of speech?!!


Pedestrian said...


Everyone seems to have new life breathed into their hopes. It's like people need to get in the streets every now and then to feel each others' pulse ... so they remain certain that no one else has forgotten.


I just hope everyone is safe.

Naj said...

Yup and I could even call my brother now! He was at the rally and said things were "GOOD". But they left when Ahmadienjad started to talk!

Yes there is a new breath of courage everywhere! He said I should look for him in videos!! And it shows that people don't really care anymore. Less and less people were wearing masks!

I couldn't reach his phone when he was at the city center; but phone/cell lines elsewhere are working well!

I am so freaking proud of people in Iran! Incredible!

Naj said...

they are arresting "big shots" though; chidren of Ayatollah rabbani and other family memeber so f ayatollah montazeri are arrested!

grannie4peace said...

hi- naj, glad to see you have sme good news to report. gotta love the patience of the people. overwhelming!