Friday, September 11, 2009

In a letter to the head of judiciary Karoubi exposes more of IRGC's atrocity: Ordering the hospitals to not document the torture evidence!

The coup d'etat forces have been trying to pressure Karoubi into silence. In a letter he just wrote to Sadegh Larijani; he is exposing again how the regime has been trying to extract and destroy all evidence he has gathered of rape and torture.

For the past two weeks, Karoubi was silent as he was cooperating with a "truth finding committee" that was appointed by the new head of judiciary, Sadegh Larijani. This committee was resided by Mohseni Ejei (the previous minister of intelligence, who was sacked by Ahmadinejad after the election mayhem), Raisi (first deputy of the head of judiciary) and Khalafi (consultant of judiciary). However, following Karoubi's Monday meeting with these individuals; after discussing the evidence, these individuals have tried to persuade Karoubi to destroy them "so they won't fall in enemy's hand!". In his letter he reports:

[Ramadan-related greetings]
As you are aware, in the painful and worrisome aftermath of the doubtful presidential election, I have written numerous letters to different officials to inform them of some of the issues, critics and complaints in order to have given them necessary warnings. The last of these letters is addressed to you, who have recently accepted this position to reside on the chair of the supreme judge. Here, I present details of my discussions with your appointed representatives, and some of the peripheral issues that have led to sealed closure of my personal and party offices, in order to have acted within my national and religious responsibilities. May the future generations not think that Mahdi Karoubi succumbed to pressure and intimidation and acted in complicity, hiding in his house, shutting up his justice-seeking voice. If you do not know, others know that in Karoubi's resume, not only pressure, intimidation, limitation and imprisonment have not distracted him from the path of his convictions, rather have strengthened his resolve.
Mr Lariijani,
I don't know how aware you are of the details of our meetings with your appointed committee. For your information and people's information I state that we had two productive meetings with respectable misters Khalafi, Mohseni-Ejehi, and Raisi where I presented to them a small part of the evidence that proved the harrowing and unforgivable actions of post-election events. In the first meeting, evidence pertinent to three individuals, together with a CD and necessary documents of rape and torture in unknown detention centers were presented. Besides these evidence, I also orally discussed the issue of "real" Taraneh Mousavi and Saideh PourAghai [two girls who were raped, and died and their bodies were burned to conceal the crime] . The second meeting was held on Monday, lasted about three hours and I presented a new evidence on the condition of guaranteed immunity and safety of the individual and the family from the troubles that officials created for my previous witness. Here I emphasizes that these evidence should be handled with due diligence and not suffer the fate that was marked by the previous Tehran prosecutor (Mortazavi), who had unleashed mediators that instead of seeking justice for that individual had engaged in humiliation and intimidation of that person and his family, discrediting the country's judiciary process. I have to mention that in these meetings that were aimed at "truth finding" I was asked whether I thought continuing to gather such evidence was a wise idea and whether I was afraid of them falling in enemy's hand. [!!! Karoubi's subtly hinting that the fact-finder committee is more interested in fact-concealment!] And I assured them that I am keeping the evidence in a safe location; and that I intend to destroy them after I have sought justice for the victims of such events. I emphasized that evidence of rape and torture is not a placard of honor for me to hang on the wall or keep in my vault. But that these are the documents of injustice done to individuals; that are better be destroyed after justice is done may the stench of injustice will also disappear. [and this is the crux of all problems with Iran, destroying history of the wrong-doings and slipping them under the rug!] [... I am cutting out some defensive ramblings here that border on edge of Mullahish prudence] Anyways, I proposed to the committee that we would stop this evidence exposure if they take over the task of finding the truth and prosecuting the evil that was apparent even from the fraction of already exposed evidence.

Mr Larijani,

After this proposal our meeting with the committee ended well. But tomorrow, the page turned! A group attacked my office with prosecutor's order. They searched the office, and did not stop at searching the office but also searched and took away all my personal belongings including notes, personal letters, checks and etc. At the end, they sealed my office, and did not even consider [letting me take] the food I had stocked up to feed the poor [this is a common thing in Ramadan, to give away food to the poor]. Then they arrested the editor of Etemad Meli's website. The sealing of my office had not ended that I heard the headquarters of the party were also searched; the documents and equipments of our registered party were confiscated against the country's law regarding political parties, and that office was sealed too. They didn't stop at that and also arrested Dr Alireza Beheshti, the son of Shahid Ayatollah Beheshti, and Mr Alviri despite his brilliant Revolutionary background, serving in the parliament, mayor of Tehran, ambassador to Europe. They didn't stop there either, and also sealed the office of Publication of the works of Ayatollah Beheshti's, who is one of the founders of the Islamic Republic. I wonder if all these bizarre events stem from my meeting with your appointed committee on Monday? I am surprised that they think Mahdi Karoubi is going to be intimidated with these tactics and back off. I now realize why my friends insisted that I digitize the evidence of the rapes and tortures and keep a copy of that in addition to the one I presented to the judiciary; as the fear mongering machinary seems to be still in action to coerce individuals to deny their own accounts; as it seems that even Karoubi's home is not safe anymore and the Islamic republic has reached a point where any hideous act seems possible.

Mr Larijani,
I insist on demands I presented in my first letter to the head of the expediency council. Why not tell you that after this campain of intimidation, I am now even more resolved. When I see the head of a military organization-for which I have necessary evidence-orders the ministry of health and medicine that giving a copy of the medical documents to victims of recent events are forbidden, and hospitals refuse to give these evidence to those who are injured and raped, then I become more and more persistent to find out what is the source of all these threats and fears? Doctors are under oath to cure patients, even if they are their father's enemy. You, in position of the supreme justice, judge how a physician can practice his duties under clouds of threat from such a powerful military organization [i.e. IRGC]. If an innocent victim is killed, how can you hear about it? If someone is raped, in this atmosphere of terror, how can the victim obtain the medical evidence to present to you? Before, we used to wonder why the military is meddling in politics and economy. Now we see that the military's hunger is not satisfied with economy and politics and now they are after medicine as well.

Mr Larijani,
I imagine you claim justice and I am sure you are aware of your duties regarding seeking justice for the victims. Therefor I ask you to order follow up on the evidence that is already presented to clarify the public opinion and to have accomplished your religious and legal duties. And in doing so,
prevent this atmosphere of intimidation and complicity, and do not allow the military and para-military forces that have dominated the economy, politics and medicine to also think of meddling in judiciary, adding another summit to their post-election conquer and mess things up further than they already have. I also recommend that, in this atmosphere that independent media is banned-- thanks to previous Tehran prosecutor, you do not allow certain media--that claim themselves defenders of Islam and in our opinion are offenders of Islam, to operate in a safe bubble, slandering prominent figures of the Revolution. Also, do not allow lying and forging evidence become so popular that the state media produce, broadcast and rerun false scenarios of the fake Taraneh Mousavi [Ahmadinejad claims Taraneh Mousavi has not been killed and has found some Taraneh Mousavi in Canada to prove she is alive!!! Taraneh and Mousavi are both popular names in Iran] to divert attention from truth, and create new illusions and problems that will not be easily fixed.

Mr Larijani,
You have formed a committee to address the unfortunate events that occurred after election and Mr Khalafi, as your representative quoted you that these complaints should be addressed to the end. My question is, do you think addressing these issues will be possible under this post-election atmosphere of assault and intimidation? This question begs and answer from you. But, be aware that Mahdi Karoubi insists on seeking justice for the victims, may he show that these intimidation tools do not work on him and that he is standing steady and strong, and is not allowing a few new-arrivals auction off the assets of this system, Imam [Khomeini] and a country that is the fruit of a people's revolution and many martyr's blood.

We are all suspecting that Ahmadinejad's sharpening his teeth to tear Karoubi apart; and that Karoubi's written this letter as he expects his arrest ... the filthy dog of the parliament, Bahonar, has asked for his head too ... Iran WILL revolt if ...


Evan said...

Interesting translation.
BUT you left an ellipses (...) and deleted something your readers should probably read. Karoubi wrote,

"[I also said] know this, that if in my investigations I conclude that any of these allegations are false, I will step forward and right this wrong. In this regard, my further investigations had proven the falsity of some of the previous statements I had made about Saeedeh Pouraghayi, which I corrected."


Why is it that you did not want your readers to read this? What are you trying to hide from them? That you are deliberately perpetuating a discredited rumor?

There are plenty of atrocities committed by the Coup Regime. Let's not make up false stories.

I demonstrated long ago that this and the Taraneh Mousavi stories are false. Read and learn!

Katherine said...

What a wonderful post!
Thank you. It is so important that we hear about this. The American press is boycotting Iran. No one cares about Iran or thinks about Iran anymore.

Naj said...


Thank you for pointing that out. When I started translating (immediately after waking up at 6 am and still sleepy) I intended to only translate excerpts of this related to Guards intimidating the medical community to not come forward with the evidence.

The rest I thought was discussed and translated ad nauseam. Anyways; yes Ped has done a wonderful job at translating the whole thing. We always work together and are blog sisters. :)

Naj said...


That is unfortunate. Obama has a great opportunity now to press Iran on its human rights issue, especially since Iran's new "nuclear issue package" seems to cover "everything but the kitchen sink"!

Thank you for your interest in our country and your sympathies.

Evan said...

I apologize for questioning your integrity. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from on this issue.
Good work on translating such an important document.
Keep up the good work.

Naj said...


I appreciate your vigilance. I often ask my readers to help me edit these translations as well. I can only coerce my loved ones to do so though! :)

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

However disturbing, for an outsider, me, it is fascinating to watch the machinations of man!