Monday, October 22, 2007

Amercan Evangelists pay Iranian Jews to immigrate to Israel!


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with that?
Would be Israel or US, UK so what?

They are free to go if they like, like other Iranians who moved across the world to live and work or like you for some reason or other listed and paid by social welfare

jmsjoin said...

That makes even me nervous. Sounds too much like they are trying to get them out before things get started.

PoliShifter said...

I find evangelicals laughable and hilarious.

Their love for Jews ends shortly beyond their desire to "fulfill prophecy" which they believe will lead to the second coming of Christ.

Certain conditions have to be met in the evangelical mind according to revolution such as Israel becoming a nation again (check) then there has to be the rebuilding of the temple.

Pat Robertson and other evangelical nut jobs often raise money to help to spurn on the rebuilding of the temple.

Beyond that the evangelical perception of the jew is like Ann Coulter's, that they need to be "perfected" and accept Jesus Christ or go to hell.

So what's wrong with them offering money for Iran Jews to move to Israel?

Nothing if their motives are pure. But evangelicals rarely do anything unless it involves converting those they view as heathens to Christianity or it facilitates the coming of Christ, preferably both. They probably think with respect to Jewish Iranians that they are getting a two'fer.

Naj said...


I agree. This is why I found this somewhat macabre!

By the way, is evangelist a bit less of an insult than evangelical? :)
I'm actually not sure about the subtleties of usage.

Anyways, the FACT of the Jews being "happy Persians" is defying a lot of anti-Islamic rhetoric of today's politics. So, why not lur them out of Iran?

I am actually sure there will be enough no-jewish Iranians who will happily pretend/convert to Judaism, to move out of Iran.

Also, the american universities have started "loosening" up post-graduate admission to Iranians students!

I think they are planning to brain-drain before bombing!


Can someone impeach Cheney, please?!

PoliShifter said...

Hi Naj

to the true believers I doubt they would take much offense at being called evangelicals or evangelists.

That's what they are; they are both.

I view it in a negative light as people blinded by hate and dogma who distort the message of Jesus to further their own political agenda. In the worst cases they exploit their followers out of hundreds of millions of dollars preying on their faith. There are some pretty big scandals right now hitting the churches, which really isn't anything new.

They've always been hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Also, the american universities have started "loosening" up post-graduate admission to Iranians students!

Very scary stuff!
They going to be bankrupt soon, very laughable and hilarious case Naj you talking.

Naj said...

anonymous I cannot make the head from the tail of what you are saying.

Religious exploitation is not particular to the evangelicals. In Iran, the clergy is not held in very high esteem either.

Unfortunately, the belief in the necessity of division of church and state is waning across the world.

I haven't known of bigger atrocities, than those conducted in the name of Jesus and Mohammad. It is only "blind faith" that can inspire people to DO crime, and to think honorable of themselves. A rational mind would not submit to the scandalous institutions of faith. When catholic church picks a racist for a pope, one knows that religion is lining up with the racist politics we are experiencing today.

This is why I think one's faith needs to be kept private, deep in one's chest, and safeguarded from the possibility of exploitation.