Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iran's top negotiator resigns.

Here is what the Iranian pundits say about Iran's next step in European negotiations

In spite of resignation, Larijani will attend the upcoming talks in Rome.

Apparently Larijani and Ahmadinejad clashed after Putin's visit. Ahmadinejad was not pleased with Larijani's public declaration that "we will consider Putin's proposal"--which we heard the Supreme leader say himself to Putin: "we will think about it", he said througha translator!

However, Ahmadinejad has been maintaining that Iran's nuclear dossier is closed; and that there is no need for any negotiations beyond the commitment to IAEA. By clashing with Larijani, Ahmadinejad has tried to show presidential autonomy from the (un-elected) supreme leader!

Now you may find this funny, but Ahmadinejad is challenging the "foundation" of dictatorship in Iran! But, the supreme "dictator" is behaving milder and more reasonably than the "democratically elected" president! To be frank, i have been wishing for the "dictating" establishment in Iran to slap Ahmadinejad a little bit. This is an undemocratic wish, of course. But, if I have to choose between democracy and getting even ONE road in Iran bombed, I will choose dictatorship! (Isn't this consistent with the view advocated by Dick Cheney? So one needs to ask: is the US trying to make sure democracy will not be established in the middle east?!)

This is a clear clash between the supreme leader, Khamenei, and Amadinejad at this point! And the third axis of this group of conservative, Hashemi (perhaps the closest Iranian official to Ameircan administration!), has re-iterated just now that "Americans should learn from history. If Iran was interested in developing weapons of mass destruction, it would have retaliated against Saddam's chemical bombing of Iran."


I am scrambling through Iranian news!

This seems to be a "trigger" to undermine Ahmadinejad officially. Apparently Ahmadinejad was not happy about Larijani's statement about "we are studying Putin's proposal" and wanted to say he's the one who is calling the shots!

Tomorrow, the parliament will begin investigating the reasons for Larijani's resignation. Already, a few Ahmadinejad opponents have expressed "regrets" and have stated their opposition to Ahmadinejad's confrontational attitude.

I suspect an impeachment is awaiting Ahmadinejad.

Borzu Dargahi, reports for LA times.

Larijani's official objective for resignation is to pursue a different career in politics. The government's spokesman indicated that Larijani may still appear in the talks with Solana.

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Anonymous said...

Naj, FYI.

Ridwan said...

Naj this is a significant development. And it may be as I think you are saying, a move to distance Ahmadinejad from official policy.

It is unlikely in my opinion that he will be officially 'punished' because it would show weakness to the outside world, particularly Bush and Cheney.

But we may be seeing the rise of a new thinking that will 'ouster' him.

The irony here is that this is not unusual in any democratic context.

The West wants to assume that Iran is so undemocratic that only one political view is pursued.

It is so more complex than that.

Thanks for the update, will stay posted.


Ridwan said...

Naj I just came across the Frontline advert for "Showdown with Iran", said to on PBS October 23.

This is the website:


Anonymous said...

I suspect an impeachment is awaiting Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad acting in acordance with Mulah grand council, so he is just a mouth of that concile