Monday, October 8, 2007

Oxford Research Group: take them seriously.

November 2002, four months before the Iraq War started, Oxford Research Group published Iraq: Consequences of a War that concluded that regime termination in Iraq was certainly feasible but that the occupation of Iraq by coalition troops would
  • Result in the deaths of many thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.
  • Lead to substantial regional instability, and increased support for al-Qaida.
  • Draw US troops into urban warfare in Baghdad
September 2003, Winning or Losing? the groups challenged the delusional nature of claiming a victory against terror.
March 2005, the New Bush Administration's role in escalation of terror was reported.
February 2006, the groups published Iran, the Consequences of War that warned of the grave dangers of such an excursion.
October 2007, the group has produced the condemning report on the failure of the War on Terror.

I trust they will be heard. (have you seen the earlier posts?)


Anonymous said...

In November 2001, Seymour Hersh (in an article entitled "The Iran Game") reported Israel's concern that the post-9/11 "war on terror" had diverted U.S. attention from Iran, even as Iran accelerated its nuclear program. Hersh wrote that "even Israel's most skeptical critics in the American intelligence community—and there are many—now acknowledge that there is a serious problem." But the Bush administration put Israel off with assurances that it would get to Iran later. Hersh:

"If Iraq is out of the picture, we will concentrate on Iran in an entirely different way."

Larry said...

Will the maniac ever stop with just one more war?

Larry said...

More than a thousand Iraqis marched in west Baghdad on Saturday in a rare public demonstration to protest against a wall they say the U.S. military is planning to erect around their neighborhood. Carrying an Iraqi national flag and banners condemning the wall the marchers in the predominantly Shi’ite district of al-Washash chanted ‘No, no to the wall. No, no to America.’”

Didn't Bush say the U.S would leave Iraq when the Iraqi's said that's what they wanted?

Anonymous said...

"If Bush is foolish enough to start bombing Iran, that might precipitate such a crisis as oil going to $200 dollars a barrel and really dampening the enthusiasm of the whole dollar," said Paul.

"If they continue what they're doing, it's gonna go to zero, we're gonna have runaway inflation, all paper currencies eventually self-destruct and are ruined, and we're in uncharted waters right now - this is the first time in the history of man you've had no solid currencies around the world and this has been going on for 35 years."

MarcLord said...

Wow, thanks for bringing this report up. Those who studied history in general, and gave any real thought to Iraq in particular, knew that Dick and Co. were going to get America's balls crushed in an Arabian vice.

But I didn't know that the clear-thinking Paul Rogers wrote this paper for the Oxford Group, whose papers I've read with interest since just before starting my blog. The paper's existence removes the final excuses for stupidity.

Naj said...


Well let Bush expose his real intentions. These guys are shameless in saying that COLONIZATION is their right. I knew this would be coming. Look at the popular TRASH produced in the name of reality shows. They are all condoning deceit and the triumph of the fittest! However, the greatest fortune of the rest of the world is that America's economy is not in such a tip top shape to let Aericans remain in their materialistic coma. They are looking for someone to blame, and happily for the rest of the world, Bush and the Zionists are there! This is a great awakening that would not have happened if a smart man was running the white house!


You know, exactly 10 years ago, when I was telling a group of so-called enlightened individuals that the military industrialist (and not oil, and not the nationalism of the Arab-Israeli conflict) are wrecking the world and the middle east , I would be confronted with shouting individuals who would swear on the nobel cause of America's democracy exportation.

In some ways, I am happy that all this has at least made a few question the integrity of the western democracy! This is a good start!

As I always say, I hope America will mature after this crisis of puberty!

Ridwan said...

Hello Naj:

I was wondering if you saw this interesting piece:

Best Ridwan

Naj said...

Funny you mention this Ridwan!

I actually picked it up to read last night. I was going to make a post and propose a reading club, actually!

I may as well do that right now!

Thanks for this link.