Saturday, October 6, 2007

Giving thanks to the vultures!

This cartoon, from Iran Daily, broke my heart. This is a Persian way of expressing sentiments about sanction. It is not very Persianly to whine at the time of economic hardship. Not to others at least. Our culture is a stoic one that gives very little value to money. To be powerful, in Iran, is not synonymous with being rich, but with being trusted and respectable.

I spoke to mother today. How are things. "Good", she said. And after a pause: "so far", which she said with a bit of sadness.

You can of course sanction us as much as you wish. What else would be new? We have lived through your sanctions before, and your Saddam. There won't be butter, their won't be sugar, their wont be airplanes, we will line up to buy oil to heat our winter rooms, and will pull together to support each other more. We are stoic. We won't break under hunger. It only strengthens our pride!


Anonymous said...

There won't be butter, their won't be sugar, their wont be airplanes, we will line up to buy oil to heat our winter rooms, and will pull together to support each other more.

Most Dangerous Place on the Face of the Earth?

Most importantly is that the leader should have wisdom, by stating every day filamentary speeches and talks this not cam stop the powerful power from attacking.

The wisdom to pervert and stop this power to use our mistakes to attack?

It’s like N. Korea they went silently and did what they done without any threats to any one when the moment of truth comes no one can stop them or eat them because they got what can hart their enemy.

There is saying

Don’t Feed The Beast!

Anonymous said...

The Iranian nightmare
By Michael Schwartz

Spadoman said...

eej"You can of course sanction us as much as you wish. What else would be new? We have lived through your sanctions before, and your Saddam"

To many Americans and Western societies that follow the capitalistic/fascist example of being, you are correct in using the plural "you" in naming where these sanctions come from, but let me say, in my own defense, that not all of us want or demand that sanctions and other hardships that are thrown on other people of other countries, be sent to you. Many of us of America and Western civilization want peace and respect human rights and true freedom for all people, who we consider our brothers and sisters.

Although they are not called sanctions, it is no different in America for the minority groups like Native Indian people, Hispanics, Hmong, Somalians, African Americans and the poor to be sanctioned against. All these groups pay higher percentage of loan rates, for example, if they can get loans at all. Their auto insurance, which is mandatory in almost every state, is at higher rates. The discrimination for jobs and access to so many things is nothing short of a sanction against them.

There are also those of us who respect people not because of how rich they are monetarily, but how rich they are as a human being. This is taught in traditional Native American teachings for example. We, too, take care of each other in time of hardship. No one is homeless or hungry when we have our community within a community and care for one another.

I am not rich in money, but I have dignity. I give dignity to those of which society turns its back.

In the past ten years or so, the cry has been that it is a global economy. It was suggested to act locally and think globally. Of course this is good advice as I and many like minded people would feed. clothe and house those in need from around the globe, but alas, it turned out to mean that the world is to be used to make the American investors rich with money.

What I am trying to say is that if I was the king, it would not be so.

We can only send our good karma, our positive energy and our prayers and work tirelessly and endlessly to make this government see the truth.

Mitakwe Oyasin

Naj said...


the "you" was addressed at vultures.

I am sure they don;t read my blog :)

billie said...

naj, i hope that the iranian people know that there are many of us who are fighting against this travesty. we realize that this is cheney's doing and the neo cons- and i lump the dems in there too- and we will continue to fight from this side. it breaks my heart what happened in iraq and it breaks my heart to think that your family and other families will suffer needlessly because of us.

Naj said...


Iranian people, by and large blame Ahmadinejad and the Government for this.

The Iranian regime, however, curse Bush for bestowing Ahmadinejad upon us.

We have learned from the history: When out mullahs are badmouthing some "enemy", that is when they are complicit with the so called enemy, in crimes against us!

Iranian people know that the target is their resources, their talents, their independent, and they know Bush and Ahmadinejad are willing to sacrifice all to hold on to their powers.

jmsjoin said...

Sanctions as a means of enforcing your will is worthless. An idiot would know it only serves to harden sentiment.
I can only believe that sanctions against Iran can only be in order to further war fervor. why else?
I wrote about the chief idiot and Bush today and their attitudes bespeak war period. no bending period!

Ridwan said...

Naj I think you will find this article by Kumar interesting "... why Iranian women don't need rescuing by the US."



Naj said...


Sanctions are not means of enforcing one's will. But people who do not succumb to bullies, and survive sanctions do have strong wills.

I guess I am not a soldier to understand your view of the world and the war. And Sanctions are not in fervor of war, sanctions are to tame nations into agreements.

But there are always two sides in any conflict. If a war with Iran happens, it will be good for your sons. They can actually realize some of their potentials and get promotions and etc. as leaders of occupying squads :)

Naj said...

Hi Ridwan, yes I had seen this before. If you look in my archives, you will find plenty of tangible examples of the way Iranian women actually live.

Iran is a matriarchic society! Even though women may operate behind the scenes. But this is one of those points lost on some Westerners, whose idea of women liberation is to object women into sexual expositions!

Anonymous said...

Betmo says it perfectly for me.

Thank you Naj for commenting at Liberally Mirth. I have added you to our blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naj! This is not a comment, so feel free to delete it.

It's just a FYI or some bedside reading if you will.

Kindest regards!

David said...

"To be powerful, in Iran, is not synonymous with being rich, but with being trusted and respectable." I like this way of thinking!

More sanctions on Iran are stupid. A military attack would be stupider. But, the leaders of America are "Dumb and Dumber". So, who knows what will happen. I just wish that Iranian leaders would ratchet down the rhetoric until Bush is out of office. Belligerent public statements only play into Bush/Cheney's hands.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO, This guy got backing from those killers and criminals see the list.

You may all knew this guy saying: bomb bomb Iran

We strongly endorse the candidacy of Senator McCain and as a matter of deep personal conviction, call upon all Americans to join us in that judgment.

George P. Shultz
Henry A. Kissinger
Alexander M. Haig Jr.
Lawrence S. Eagleburger
James R. Schlesinger
John F. Lehman Jr.
R. James Woolsey Jr.
Robert C. McFarlane

Naj said...

Thanks for dropping by. You have a fine blog yourself, I will be visiting again.

thanks for the link. I publish it in case others may be curious about the nature of those Iranians in Exile who aid Bush's agenda!!

Everyone wishes this Ahmadinejad just shut it up. The man REALLY is delusional to think he is a good speaker!

You know, in Iran we have a subject matter in school called enshaa' (composition). We are given a subject and we are supposed to write about it. I remember when i went to school, we were not really graded on how well we wrote, how well we researched, how well we articulated a logic or opinion, rather on how "poetic" and how "long" the Ensha was.

So, there were usually one or two students who would be writing something outstanding, but then you had this type of ramblers, who would write pages and pages and pages of ahmadenejad-esque enshas!

The problem is, Ahmadi Nejad and Bush are BOTH blindfolded horses, and none of them seems to know how to shut up the provocative speech!

Spadoman said...

Naj.... I know you weren't lumping all Americans as the Vultures. I am just so damned proud that this bush administration does not speak or act for my feelings. We are all related, those of us that want to have peace and true freedom, and I just wanted to say that I was on this side of the fence. Thank you for letting me know that you realize this even though I understood your position from the start.

Looks like I have a lot of reading to do in the post above this one. I better get started.

Mitakwe Oyasin Dakota for We Are All Related