Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A moment of deep breath!

Usrael didn't attack Iran on Oct15.
Putin didn't cancel his trip to Iran.
Putin was not kidnapped upon arrival!!
Hillary is like a confused bug, cannot decide what she wants to do with Iran!
Israel is being pushed to recognize Palestinian state (I am sure Mossad is plotting an upcoming suicide attack. There are plenty of gullible youth in that part of the world!)
So how about a fashion show, Iranian style?

Also, if you have heard about Iran's popular TV series on Holocaust, checkout Trita Parsi's op ed about A Sober Analysis of Iran.

By the way, did you know they made us chant: "Down with Amrica, Down with Russia, Down with Israel" when we were kids?!! Isn't this picture a proof of how hollow the slogans coming out of Iran are?! Now is time for neoconservatives and Israelis to stop fearing Iran, come to their senses, and come to the negotiation table!


Spadoman said...

I come here to learn. Now i know that the human being is alive and well in Iran. Fashion designers are busy at work. I would imagine, then, that so are architects, chefs, artists of every medium and those that participate in being alive. I will remember what I have learned and revel in the joy that we are all related.

The piece about the Israel/Iran/US relationship is also good reading. I would venture not many Americans read much or understand the situation. I know I don't. But to be better informed means to be more open minded and that brings acceptance and peace.

Mitakwe Oyasin and Thank you

Naj said...

Thank you Spadoman.

What does Mitakwe Oyasin mean? :)

Speaking of Chefs. I wish I could share a movie called "The fish fall in love" with you. It's Iran in its most delicious colors:

Strongheaded, Freespirited, flirtatious, beautiful women, who are mothers, lovers, managers, and exquisite chefs!

Iranians are matriarch! Very few people pay attention to that! And if they did, they would realize that matriarch societies are not blood thirsty ones. (Exclude the western feminist version of matriarchy, when women try to accelerate men in being cruel and ruthless war mongers, as our Helleeri is proving to be!)

I think it is imperative that images of Iran be reconciled with their "oriental" origins, rather than with its "middle-eastern" image!

It is imperative to highlight "Islam, Iranian style" versus other versions of Islam practiced by others!

Religions wear the cultural attire of the societies that they encounter, conquer! To consider humans united in religion, divests them of the cultural fashion in which they are dressed.

Naj said...

The Horizon Looks Bright interview with an Iranian Journalist in exile!

pictures of Ahmadinejad and Putin :) Putin must feel so tall! :))

The objective of the Caspian summit, beyond showing a certain finger to the West

Anonymous said...

When Promoting Democracy Is Counterproductive