Monday, January 4, 2010

60 Institutes that frighten Iran's ministry of intelligence

(Here's the list in Persian!) Please help me with names I have never heard; I put them in brackets. If you also provide hyperlinks I'd be grateful (please be sure to see comments. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INFORMATIVE COMMENTS & CORRECTIONS ... ). I guess this gives me an opportunity to learn about "who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" :)

  1. Soros Foundation
  2. Woodrow Wilson
  3. Freedom House
  4. NED (صندوق اعانه ملی برای دموکراسی)
  5. NDI (موسسه دموکراتیک ملی)
  6. NRI (موسسه جمهوری‌خواه ملی)
  7. IDEE (موسسه برای دموکراسی در اروپا شرق) [Institution of democracy in Eastern Europe?!]
  8. EEDC (مرکز دموکراتیک اروپای شرقی) [Eastern Europe democracy center?]
  9. Ford Foundation
  10. Rockefeller Brother's Foundation ( بنیاد برادران راکفر) [does such a thing exist?]
  11. Hoover institute at Stanford University
  12. Dutch institute هیووس [?]
  13. English مناز [?]
  14. United Nations of the US, انجمن سازمان ملل ایالات متحده آمریک [huh? how can united nations have an american association?]
  15. Carnegie Foundation
  16. English Wilton Park [?]
  17. سازمان جستجو برای زمینه مشترک [ is this Search For Common Ground?]
  18. شورای جمعیت [ Is this Committee on Population?]
  19. Washington Institute for Near East
  20. Aspen Institute
  21. American Enterprise
  22. The New American Foundation
  23. Smith Richardson Foundation
  24. صندوق ژرمن مارشال آمریکا (دارای دفاتر در آلمان، بلژیک و ...) [The German Marshall fund?]
  25. مرکز بین المللی برای حل مسالمت آمیز [International center for peaceful conflict resolution??]
  26. AbdolRahman Boroumand foundation
  27. Yale University
  28. Meredian [Iternational??] Center
  29. بنیاد دموکراسی در ایران [Iran Democracy Foundation??]
  30. انستیتو بین المللی جمهوری خواهان [Inyernational institute of Republicans?]
  31. انستیتو ملی دموکراتیک [National Democratic Institute?]
  32. American Innovation Institute
  33. Institute of Democracy in Eastern Europe [Gee what's the fear of Eastern Europe? They seem to consider themselves stalinist or something?]
  34. مرکز کمک رسانی آمریکا [American Aid Center???]
  35. مرکز بین المللی تجارت خصوصی [International center for private trade?!?]
  36. مرکز آمریکائی برای همبستگی بین المللی کارگران [American center for international worker's solidarity??]
  37. مرکز بین المللی برای انتقال دموکراسی [International center for democracy transfer??]
  38. انجمن تشکل دموکراسی [what could this be?]
  39. Albert Einstein Institute
  40. جنبش جهانی برای دموکراسی [World Movement for Democracy?]
  41. شبکه فعالان جوان دموکراسی [Network of young activists for democracy?]
  42. گروه اطلاعات دموکراسی و تکنولوژی ارتباطات, Group for Democracy information and and Communication Technology
  43. جنبش بین المللی پارلمانی برای دموکراسی, [International parliamentry movement for democracy :)) this sounds oxymoronic; what's this?]
  44. انستیتو شبکه جستجو دموکراسی [no clue what this could be: institute of democracy search network?]
  45. موسسه ریگا [no clue?]
  46. Bergman Foundation
  47. America's foreign relations committee
  48. Germany's foreign policy committee
  49. موسسه اسرائیلی ممری [how do you pronounce ممری??]
  50. England's center for democracy studies [what's that?]
  51. Meridian Institute (this is repeated twice, see item 28]
  52. Yale University and all related departments [this is repeated again too, see item 27!]
  53. America's national defense university [what's that?]
  54. Center for Documentation of Human Rights in Iran
  55. مرکز آمریکایی فلتا فعال در آسیای مرکزی قفقاز [No clue]
  56. کمیته خطر حاضر [Committee of Immediate Danger?!?!?!?!?!?!]
  57. Brookings institute
  58. Saban center related to Brookings Institute
  59. Human Rights Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Okey, let's say, for the sake of argument, that the IRI is right to be paranoid about all those neo-conservatives, neo-liberals, neo-colonialists, pacifists, communists and capitalists who are secular and wear a democracy cloak. But, I wonder if they used to condemn HRW when they object to Israeli's violation of HR!!)
  60. New American Foundation (again repeat, see item 22)
In addition to these 60 (notwithstanding the repeated items), cooperation with VOA, BBC, Radio Zamaaneh, Radio Farda, Radio Israel; plus collaboration with satellite stations of anti-revolutionaries such as MKO, Monarchists, Paris (what's this?], Rangarang, Canal One [what's this?], and internet sites such as Jaras (Green Path) (the only remaining news outlet of Iranian protestors) is considered illegal!!


Publicola said...

ad 48 "Germany's foreign policy committee" :

One of the many relevant long-standing committee/commissions of the German parliament, always consisting of a political cross-section of Members of Parliament/MPs.
»The Committee on Foreign Affairs is a committee privileged by the constitution, since it is one of the four committees that are provided for on a permanent basis by the Basic Law. […] it oversees the government’s foreign policy, above all in the run up to important foreign and security policy decisions.«

[my personal commentary here:
The members of this German parliamentary commission will hardly be overmuch amused, if they were informed that they are considered by the Iranian state to be the pronounced foes and would-be-overthrowers of the present Iranian government]

Anonymous said...

I think that #49 may refer to MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), although they use a different spelling on their website...

kellie said...

Number 56 looks like

Anonymous said...

#37 could be the "International Centre for Democratic Transition"
(although they have nothing on Iran on their website...)

shevy said...

It is bad for the iranian regime, because they will quickly lose support from european companies.

They can not do business when iranian people are killed. Europe would lose all credibility if it would allow Iran to slaughter its people - how could you prosecute war criminals in Den Haag but you allow torture and murder of the iranian "government" while european companies do money laundering with Iran?

Even turkiye with all its internal problems is 100% more civilized than the current mullahs in Iran.

kellie said...

Number 12 could be Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM).

kellie said...

Number 14:

kellie said...

Number 28: Meridian International Center.

This list is so educational!

Anonymous said...

Suggestions for #40, #43 and #55:

Naj said...

Thank you all SO MUCH. I am going to update the post with all your suggestions. It is indeed an educational experience.


JoanneMichele said...

7. Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE)
Dedicated to, "active promotion of democracy, civil society, and human rights throughout Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and other communist or post-communist countries" and "with other countries and regions seeking democratic change."
Although they list current countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chechnya, Crimea, Croatia, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosova, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, I'm guessing that doesn't make a difference.

8. There's nothing for Eastern Europe democracy center, East European Democracy Center, Eastern European Democracy Center...

10. There's a Rockefeller Brothers Fund: "Philanthropy for an Interdependent World", created by 5 Rockefeller brothers.
"The Rockefeller Brothers Fund's grantmaking is organized around three themes: Democratic Practice, Sustainable Development, and Peace and Security..." (

12. Dutch Institute?
There's a Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy
"These centres provide a neutral setting where political adversaries have the opportunity to discuss how they can work together to strengthen democracy."

14.United Nations of the US?
"The United Nations Association of the United States of America is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to building understanding of and support for the ideals and vital work of the United Nations among American people. Its educational and humanitarian campaigns, including teaching students in urban schools, clearing minefields and providing school-based support for children in African communities that have been hurt by HIV/AIDS, allow people to have a strong influence at a local level."

16. English Wilton Park
Wilton Park Conferences "cover the key political, security and economic issues confronting the world. Global concerns such as the environment and terrorism are also addressed, as well as issues such as social reforms and the impact of the information revolution."

17. There's an organization called, "Common Good: Restoring Sense to America" (, but this is more likely Search for the Common Good (
"A leader in international peacebuilding"..."Founded in 1982, Search for Common Ground works to transform the way the world deals with conflict..."

Committee on Population/CPOP:
Founded to "conduct scientific assessments of major population-related issues and to provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of important public policy issues related to population."
The Population Council:
"An international, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, seeks to improve the well-being and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help achieve a humane, equitable, and sustainable balance between people and resources."

24. The German Marshall Fund
A "nonpartisan American public policy and grantmaking institution dedicated to promoting greater cooperation and understanding between North America and Europe."

JoanneMichele said...

25. International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution
"(ICCCR) is an innovative center committed to developing knowledge and practice to promote constructive conflict resolution, effective cooperation, and social justice."

28. Meridian International Center (
A "non-partisan, not-for-profit public diplomacy institution dedicated to strengthening international understanding." Also, "Meridian is the leading manager of the U.S. State Department’s premier professional exchange operation"

29. Possibly the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (

30. Possibly the International Republican Institute (

31. National Democratic Institute (

35. Possibly the International Trade Center (
"As the development partner for small business export success, ITC’s goal is to help developing and transition countries achieve sustainable human development through exports."
They're partners with the WTO and UNCTAD.

37. The IDEA, maybe? (
"The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance" aims: Provide knowledge to democracy builders, Provide policy development and analysis, and Support democratic reform

38. Possibly the Community of Democracies (
"The Community of Democracies (CD) is an intergovernmental organization of democracies and democratizing countries with a stated commitment to strengthening and deepening democratic norms and practices worldwide. The CD is composed of both a governmental component made up of government representatives, and a non-governmental component comprising civil society organizations who meet as a group at biennial ministerial conferences. In 2004, CD governments also organized themselves into a Democracy Caucus in the United Nations (U.N.)."

40. World Youth Movement for Democracy (
"A global network of democrats including activists, practitioners, academics, policy makers, and funders, who have come together to cooperate in the promotion of democracy."

43. "International Movement of Parliamentarians for Democracy (IMPD) is a coalition of likeminded parliamentarians dedicated to the defense and promotion of democracy around the world. It supports international human rights campaigns, especially in defense of elected Members of Parliament who are denied the right to take office or who are the victims of persecution, and challenge undemocratic practices."

Naj said...

KEllie, JoanMichelle, other anonymous visitors, you are wonderful! Thanks!

JoanneMichele said...

45. I think this is the Riga Institute,
(, based in Latvia, the brightest beacon of democracy.
Their research is in: "Information society, Information systems, Software technology, Software testing, Quality management systems, Terminology, Training, Computer science, Risk management."

53. The National Defense University ( in Washington, D.C.

55. Possibly the Central Asia Caucas Institute and Silk Road Studies Program, out of Johns Hopkins? (, a "joint transatlantic research center" affiliated with JHU and the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Stockholm.

56. The Committee on the Present Danger ( is an anti-terrorism organization in the U.S.

Publicola said...

Some links to some of the organizations blacklisted by the Iranian intelligence ministry are provided by/in/via the “Los Angeles Times”-article »Intelligence Ministry blacklists Yale and dozens of other Western institutions« (04.01.2010)

Anonymous said...


America's national defense university is known as National Defense University

The leaders are in real trouble if they consider Yale University a threat. Yale would not even allow the controversial Mohammed cartoons to be published by its printing press.

Anonymous said...

Happy your site wasn't blacklisted. Even they see its informative value. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

The list is really educational. Some of the institutions are well known, others seem a bit obscure. Some are concerned with Iran issues, others are not at all. The regime can't even do this properly. ;)

Anonymous said...

nr. 12 on the list is a so called Dutch institute Hyves. This is in fact a social network, to be compared with Facebook

Naj said...


#12: Hyves. Yes correct. I kept googling hiuus! :))

Happy your site wasn't blacklisted. Even they see its informative value. Congratulations

I would have been very pleased if they gave my site that kind of a publicity :))

Anonymous said...

Canal One could be the former Channel One, WPI's sat channel

Anonymous said...

'would have been very pleased if they gave my site that kind of a publicity :))'
very true! but you've always been so humble and very personal and relevant with your info. don't know what an immense publicity would do, I don't read Tehran Bureau anymore for exemple. so many sites have become self-serving, jockeying for recognition or promoting some 'new' leader of our budding revolution (cozily active putting together 'governance councils' in DC).

Naj said...


This is the nicest compliment I have EVER received. I am blushing with happiness.

I was in fact joking about the coverage! my site has a few regular visitors (many of whom are my blogging friends) and I make sure I am such a bitch with people who want to de-contextualize my content that I am sure I scare off many :)

In general, I am very cautious of losing my independence; so this is my little solo gallery.

Naj said...

This is from a commentator who asked me to not publish his/her info. But he/she is providing interesting links and perspective, so I copy-paste parts of the message that contain no link back to his/her blog:

[...]my young American Iran-loving son is learning about Iran by reading your posts and those of your friend pedestrian everyday. I can't believe Iranians fall for the agendas of those who say they are 'green' even dub themselves leader of the movement while they hate most of the actors in Iran. some even created pages on facebook against people far more intellectual than they could ever be, such as Hossein Nasr and Dariush Shayegan who are the best philosophers of our modern history
if you are not a king lover or if you appreciate the history and philosophy of shia islam then you are considered a traitor. I am not an islamist not even a muslim I'm afraid, but I respect people who know why they are, much more than those who make plans about the future of Iran with Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen
and then write about their being busy establishing the future leadership of Iran
I hope the youth of Iran will choose their own destiny and understand what unity and democracy means.[...]
I hope you stay independent and bright. I am proud of you

Publicola said...

A non-Iranian, foreign view, i.e. a cautious, amateurish attempt to understand two links/websites:

Having followed up the link ,
a first superficial impression is that on this website possibly emotional enthusiasm is leading or seducing some (younger?) individuals "to throw out the baby with the bathwater", i.e. to unduly charge some intellectuals with working against the efforts for a realization of some democratic principle, though I have not discovered the name of the venerable Dariush Shayegan.

Having followed up the link ,
a first superficial impression is that the article is an honest, though naturally committed report and assessment – not devoid of emotions, naturally - of events in Iran by an Iranian student, living in the USA.

Of course the concern and worry of the Iranian-American commentator seems basically to be understandable and seems generally to be justified. It always is and will be: in particular, "those who make plans about the future of Iran" can be, must be, ought to be, and have to be Iranian citizens – only and exclusively. As you quite correctly pointed out and insisted on in your posting “What do I care ?!”

which movement in support of whatever purpose(s) will be free of followers and adherents who tend to foster emotions and exaggerations in whatever directions ?

Important seems to be that the main core of a/the movement will hold and keep to a sort of middle ground.

A personal and subjective impression:

Compared to other protest movements [[(in the [European] recent past)]] the Iranian “green” movement appears to be surprisingly mature and steady on its admiringly rational course.

Anonymous said...

A commander-in-chief transplanted from heaven is not what the Iranian people want, not after June 12; a moral guide, rooted in the ethics and religion of Persia, a guarantor of the country’s independence, may well be. It is time for a Persian Sistani.

December 30, 2009

William said...

1. The Soros Foundation,
2. The Woodrow Wilson Centre
3. The Freedom House
4. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
5. The National Democratic Institute (NDI)
6. The National Republican Institute (NRI)
7. The Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (based in Warsaw)
8. The East European Democratic Centre (EEDC)
9. The Ford Foundation
10. Rockefeller Brothers Fund
11. The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
12. The Dutch HIVOS Foundation
13. UK’s MENAS
14. The United Nations Association of the USA
15. The Carnegie Foundation
16. UK’s Wilton Park
17. The Search for Common Ground Organization
18. The Population Council
19. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
20. The Aspen Institute
21. The American Enterprise Institute
22. The New American Foundation
23. The Smith Richardson Foundation
24. The German Marshall Fund (with offices in Germany, Belgium )
25. The Centre for Peaceful Solutions
26. The Abdolrahman Boroumand Foundation
27. The University of Yale
28. The Meridian International Centre
29. The Foundation for Democracy in Iran
30. The International Republican Institute
31. The National Democratic Institute
32. The American Innovation Institute
33. The Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe [presumably a repeat]
34. The USAID
35. Center for International Private Enterprise
36. American Center for International Labor Solidarity
37. The International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT)
38. Association for Union Democracy [Persian: Anjoman-e Tashakkol-e democracy]
39. The Albert Einstein Institution
40. The World Movement for Democracy
41. The Young Activists Network
42. The Democracy Intelligence Group and IT [name as published]
43. The International Movement of Parliamentarians for Democracy (IMPD)
44. The Network of Democracy Research Institutes
45. The Rega [or Riga] Institution
46. The Berkman Center
47. The American Council on Foreign Relations
48. Germany’s Foreign Policy Association
49. Israeli Memri centre
50. The University of Yale and all its affiliations
51. The British Centre for Democratic Studies
52. The Meridian International Institute
53. The American National Defence Academy
54. The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
55. The American FLTA Centre in Central Asia, Caucasus [name as published]
56. The Committee on the Present Danger
57. The Brookings Institution
58. The Saban Center for Middle East Policy – Brookings Institution
59. The Human Rights Watch
60. The New America Foundation

Naj said...

Thanks a bunch, William.

Lola said...

What's so special about Yale University? I don't get it . . .

Naj said...

Maybe Yale has refused to receive Ahmadinejad (as Columbia did) and accept PhD students from Iranian regime (as Oxford does) :)

Publicola said...

The German P.E.N.–Centre has directed its written protest to the Iranian government via the Iranian embassy in Berlin
against the imprisonment of authors, journalists and writers in Iran
(the respective list added as enclosed item)
(23rd December, 2009)

[list as download in German]

[list as website-text in German]