Monday, January 11, 2010

General Petraeus returns Ahmadinejad a favor

Last year, General Petraeus had praised Ahmadinejad for being the best recruiter for the Iraq/Afghanistan-drained American army!

General Petraeus is now returning Ahmadinejad's favor to help him recruit more fanatics to divert Iranian's demands for social justice and human rights. Ahmadinejad seems to be getting in increasing trouble; probably being readied to be sacrificed on the altar of "velayat-e Faghih" (of course, unless an acute military situation is created that will make it NECESSARY to delegate the power fully back to Ahmadinejad and his IRGC militarists).

The timing of Petraeus' statement is VERY interesting; it seems to come JUST as Iranians on both sides are slowly flirting with the idea of "slowing down to the middle". Just as Khamenei made a gesture to pull back his rabid dogs' leash a bit, followed by Khatami (persian in parlemannews) and Hashemi (persian ILNA) who just came out in the designated role of the moderators for this crisis management; with the icing of Larijani, the head of judiciary calling for moderation in confronting the press (persian ILNA).

Of course, we know what Ahmadinejad's IRGC backers are after: economic power! Now the question is; what is in this for Petraeus or any of those Ahmadinejad-boosters who are in bed with Ahmadinejad's "bomb"?!?

Has anyone ever imagined the unemployment rate, if the war industry went belly up?!


Unknown said...

To clumsily paraphrase, I think Marx, demagogues/generals are brothers, they will squabble but they share the same interests- power and keeping the money flowing into their hands. Also the 'iron law of institutions' leaders in institutions are primarily concerned with their power, so Ahmadinejad and Petraeus will both do what enhances their position and keeps them in power nevermind the damage to the nation they are supposedly a part of/servant of.

Publicola said...

"unless an acute military situation is created that will make it NECESSARY to delegate the power fully back to Ahmadinejad and his IRGC militarists"
[quote: Naj's text]

an objective, personal, limited view on my part as to an intriguing editorial/commentary:

The following article, a comment, published in the British "Guardian" - having just come across it I've only be able to skimm it through superficially - seems to give a fair hint of what might be viable ways to approach a solution of some of the Middle East issues.

At the same time and necessarily it reflects and focuses on some intrinsic basic Iranian well-founded fears and well-founded interests regarding foreign policy
while showing the (immutable) basics of Iranian foreign policy in a rather fair, non-partisan view - a rare piece of good, fair journalism and very satisfying indeed [- at least at superficial first sight on my part].

Here the link to the article "Bombing Iran won't work – this might"

Publicola said...

apologies for the semantic error - "a subjective, personal, limited view"

apart from the orthographic -
"to skim it through",

and the stylistic/grammatical one -
"at a superficial first sight"

[nightly work has left its traces]