Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disrupting Iran's Peace Symphony

Last night, Iranians who are FED UP with the IRI's blood shed; with execution of the innocent men to serve the function of scare crow; with unlawful detentions, intimidations, kidnapping; with international blunder of an idiot dwarf who has stolen the vote from those who stand taller than him before History, erupted a Peace Symphony, orchestrated by Majid Entezami (an Iranian composers best known for creating over 40 film scores in the course of 33 years), and promoted and funded by Ahmadinejad's propaganda department. (Even his IRGC/army commanders act as connoisseurs when it comes to this piece! Watch this piece of PressTV, if you can stomach watching Ahmadinejad attend the concert!)

Naturally, I am opposed to anything that disrupts art. Especially if the art comes under the title of "peace". I acknowledge the hypocrisy that dominates the IRI; but I think even the tyrant must receive a little nod for CHANGING the title of his propaganda from "revolution" to "peace". To have done that, attests to his recognition that the time of war and violence is over; to have done that is an acknowledgement that the tyrant will at least "try" to LOOK peaceful; and when the tyrant is held accountable to his "peace" propaganda, then he can be forced to kneel before the will of the people of his own country--else lose face with a world whose attention he has caught with a message of peace, and who will watch his violation of peace, human rights and etc.

Naturally, I am also opposed to acting like this:

I am opposed to this kind of action because it is not raising awareness about the criminal and warmongering nature of the patrons of this composition. Awareness would be elevated by running "boycott campaigns"--of which the Iranian community in Holland is very well capable of. Awareness would be elevated by holding protests outside, and making sure people who pass by the famous music hall would not be impressed by the odd column in an odd paper commenting and praising the 'Peace piece" in the morning after. Awareness would lead to an empty concert hall (which it had). Awareness would win sympathy; not dismissal! And with all my sympathy for the fellow Iranians--many the victims of IRI's 30 years long violation of human right abuses--who interrupted this concert, I think their action was counter productive!

Watching this clip made me cringe. I believe in acting with style; I believe in rising above the pettiness of the one you oppose. This was not an elegant protest. It would have been, if they had remained silent, holding their arms in the air in V. Or wearing T-shirts of the victims. Wearing pins; acting with respect for their country's artists--many of whom were not born yesterday; and whose dedication to their art supersedes loyalties to any revolution of the past or the future. But not this! This looked like a Tom and Jerry episode. It didn't make me hate the IRI's propaganda, it made me laugh! I couldn't help laughing; and my laughing disturbed me--it was a visceral reaction that overwhelmed the political connotation of the moving pictures!

The action of protesters was counter productive because those who KNOW the IRI is a criminal regime stayed away from this concert; but those who didn't walked out annoyed and irritated. Possibly four groups attended: those invited by the IRI embassy; those holding season tickets; those curious about world music with least political concerns or those proxy-supporters of the IRI among the Muslims who are under the impression (and cherish) that Iran's the "only" Islamic country who "dares to stand up to the West". In either case, these four groups are unlikely to come out of the music hall turning green--unless perhaps green with anger! These people would in fact develop sympathy for the IRI's crackdown on the protesters, assuming that the Iranian protesters are hooligans who disrespect "art and culture", and violate the rights of the fellow citizen who has chosen and in fact paid good money to go experience a music about "peace". This action is shooting one in the green foot.

Below, is a taste of the symphony! Irrespective of politics, several musicians inside Iran questioned the quality of this music and raised objection that this was not the best and most refined representative of the Iranian classical music, which is currently composed and distributed. (of course, this idea to hold a peace concert for cultural dialogue in Europe was conceived last year and it was supported by many an artist in Iran--long before Ahmadinejad ruined out sand castle of hope by stealing the election. In any case, this was and remains Ahmadinejad's pet project; thus as all things he does it is tapping into the "familiar" sentimentality of the Iranian music. I recommend you fast forward to minutes 5, if you get too bored with the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Naturally, I am opposed to anything that disrupts art. Especially if the art comes under the title of "peace". I acknowledge the hypocrisy that dominates the IRI; but

Shut-up your the most hypocrite or just like them "IRI' no difference at all.

Just look to your post and your sick mind with readers opposes your mentality.

Good on IRI they shut you up by threatening you with your Schizophrenia attitude.

Pedestrian said...

Naj, this was brilliant. It was my sentiments exactly, I just couldn't put them down on paper this well.

I call this lot not an opposition, but "hochi". Angry hooligans. They have the right be angry, but they show it in the most disrespectful ways. I've seen them here too, they are sometimes so violent, so angry, ... it scares me. I think it would have been awesome if they had held up photos of the dead in silence, or raised their hands in a victory sign ... or something like that. I too don't think this will raise awareness. It made me cringe.

Naj said...

Thanks Ped;

I think the protesters in France held themselves much better!

Anonymous said...

This reflects something that Mousavi discussed in his most recent interview : the importance of protest slogans that promote an UNDERSTANDING of the critical issues facing Iran.Throwing rocks,and punches may be satisfying, but it doesn't educate, or attract new supporters.