Saturday, January 9, 2010

Khamenei asks Basijis to restraint but delegates the job of killing to the judiciary system!


I just don't understand WHY this Soupreme Leader does what he does and says what he says!
So he thinks the post-Ashura state-staged, -sponsored protest was real!! Bus-loads of hired people where moved between different cities to hold the protest in different days to show the solidarity with Vali-e Faghih!!! They manage to get a few hundred thousand people out (insignificant to the million-large outpour of crowds at Montazeri's funeral--who were not given juice and refershments, not were transported by state-busses, rather had to risk their lives and arrested on the road and prevented from attendance, and YET they did! And Khamenei is taking that meager attendance as a "proof" that the "people" have spoken and therefore, the "people" (read fanatic basijis) have to step back and let the judiciary system CONFRONT the opposition with utmost harshness, according to "law"!

And yes, these creeps have put in place enough draconian laws to be sure the slightest opposition, i.e. verbal abuse towards the supreme leader gets death penalty!

Speaking of DEATH PENALTY; today, it is foaming out of the stinky mouths of the legislators and the judiciary figures with such an ease, as if it is their god-given right to KILL people to save their turbans! Of course, their idea of "moderation" is to not kill indiscriminately--yet! Khamenei is explicitly pointing his fingers (first) at Monarchists, Communists; and implicitly at people who are presumably linked to America (that makes some 2 million of us!) and Israel (they have traditionally killed members of the Bahai cult for that charge!)

The new Tehran prosecutor has stated that those Bahais and Monafeghs (i.e MKO) arrested in the Ashura-protest (when the regime opened fire on innocent people; threw them off the bridge and ran over them with police trucks) are "mohareb" and their penalty is "technically" death! I suspect he is going to come out as a moderate and "reduce" the death penalty to long prison terms together with lashing in public!

The Bahai religion strictly FORBIDS the followers from violence, EVEN IF THEY ARE ATTACKED, even in self defense are they not permitted to act violently ... this is why so many of them have been executed without much public knowledge and sympathy. Today, many more stand on the death row of the Islamic Republic of Iran ...



Anonymous said...

The Bahai religion strictly FORBIDS the followers from violence, EVEN IF THEY ARE ATTACKED,

Well look you are ....Bahai!

All religions peaceful loving people not attacking isn't Naj? or just you Bahai folks

Anonymous said...

Saeed Montazeri: I am in my house in Qom, which is next to my father's house. Officially, my movements are not restricted. But the windowpanes occasionally rattle. It is apparently regime thugs who want to provoke me. My father's office is being tightly controlled by security agents. His hosseiniyeh (religious institute) was closed 12 years ago and occupied by the thugs.

Same thugs Iran sending to Iraq, Isn’t Naj.

Release comments, be brave "rebellion" lady. your hatred far from obvious.

You behave JUST like Supreme Leader or your Mullahs who do not like to hear and read others views.

Looks people forgot themselves when they talking about horrible people far away from them, their stay in western world haven't learn or educate them the Good Values that they comfortably enjoying.

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
I greatly enjoy,and benefit from your work. And I realize these are very stressful times for all Iranians, but please allow me this one,very small complaint ::your use of the word "cult" to describe the Bahai seems pejorative. I know that you don't disrespect the Bahai,and understand that they ,as much as any other religious group,deserve the dignity of being described as a "faith".Thanks again for your work.

Anonymous said...

With help of Iranians thugs

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq
Why Museums Were Looted, Libraries Burned and Academics Murdered
Edited by Prof. Raymond W. Baker, Shereem T. Ismael and Tareq Y. Ismael

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

Persecution of Bahais is not new in Iran. I remember the desecration of the Bahai temple ( instigated by the clergy) in early 1950’s, and the first ax by the head of police to destroy the dome of the temple. The temple became the temporary headquarters for SAVAK. The dodecagon base of the dome is still visible in Google Earth at the corner of Hafez and Somayyeh next to Amir Kabir University. This persecution caused the first Diaspora of the Bahai educated middle class from Iran, and the 1979 Islamic revolution caused the second largest Diaspora (2 million) of Iran’s most talented people of all faiths and denominations. What a waste of talent!

Naj said...


Sorry to disappoint you; I don't practice any religion! I don't give a damn about any of them!

And the second anonymous:
listen dude, i know you suffer sectarian hatred; and you may very well have reasons to see Iranian regime behind the mess in Iraq. But, I won't be in alliance with you, sorry; because your Saddam didn't have a good track record of dealing with Jews and Shiites!

Third anonymous:
by calling the Bahai faith a cult, i did not mean to be pejorative. I was rather thinking in terms of numbers and origin--branching off of Islam.

Fourth anonymous:
sorry i cannot help you with your Iraq grievance! Your country attacked IRan, you called iranians "flies" and you chemically bombed us! So, the one who culturally robbed IRaq was your megalomaniac Saddam!

Fifth anonymous:
i know that the Bahais have historically been under espionage charges and considered as part of the UK's divide and conquer strategy. Unfortunately my knowledge is limited on the matter; and the "religious" nature of their affairs makes me a little indifferent to learning! (as you may notice, i am busy with perils of Iran's dominant religion :) )

letsreform said...

I think one of the aftereffects of the coup is that now we get to hear all the ridiculous stuff directly from the big man himself, as opposed to before where we had henchmen here and there to entertain us. For a long while I kept rekindling the flame of hope that he really has some hidden wisdom which got drowned by the idiotic voices around him, but since the election every time he speaks its like a bucket of water is poured on the already soaked ashes.

Naj said...


yes. I feel exactly that way too!

Publicola said...

»The new Tehran prosecutor has stated that those Bahais [..] arrested in the Ashura-protest (when the regime opened fire on innocent people; threw them off the bridge and ran over them with police trucks) are "mohareb" and their penalty is "technically" death ! […] The Bahai religion strictly FORBIDS the followers from violence, EVEN IF THEY ARE ATTACKED, even in self defense are they not permitted to act violently … «
(literal quote from Naj’s blog; text by Naj; emphases by Naj)



»The rule of the ACHAEMENIDS [lasting from c. 560 to 330 BC] over the subjected nations and peoples was altogether RATHER LIBERAL, and the diverse peoples and ethnicities of the Achaemenid Empire enjoyed a considerable autonomy, in particular the ancient civilized nations of the Babylonians and Assyrians, Elamites, Jews and Egyptians. There was NO centralized standardized administration, which would have aimed at a CULTURAL EGALITARIANISM and STANDARDIZATION. The different nations and peoples were allowed to maintain and keep to their own institutions, customs, RELIGION and language, in brief: they were allowed to maintain, keep to and preserve their individuality, as long as the general administration of the empire was in Persian hands. Evidence of this practiced POLICY OF TOLERANCE is for instance the return of the Jews from the Babylonian exile and the reconstruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem - in both cases by authority and permission of Cyrus II. Not least of all the fact that highly different ethnicities and highly different religions were living together in urban centres of the Empire like Susa or Persepolis […] led to MUTUAL TOLERANCE […].«

Ruediger Schmitt, “The Persian Empire: The First World Power"
Brockhaus [encyclopaedia] multimedia premium 2010 [DVD] - (C) wissenmedia GmbH, 2010

(translation and emphases by the commentator)