Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Meaning of Life


Mark Pyruz said...

A couple months back, I also embedded this program into a blog post. I find the Iranian-Australian accents amusing.

Masoud said...

today in (subconscious) ethnocentrism:

@ 22:10: "an exotic snow-cone (with noodles in it)"

Gene said...

Miam! ... but also Hmmm! (I don't quite know why yet. It'll come to me eventually.) I know someone who is having to change his diet to a low-fat one & he just flipped his lid! It was as if he had been robbed of the very foundation of his existence. Fortunately, he's coming to terms with the situation. Still, I'm sure he would agree with your headline. I'm sending him this video for sure.

Hi Naj! Hope you are ok as much as that can be. You (and Pedestrian) are always in my thoughts even though I don't comment much on your blogs, which I often visit nonetheless.

Take care!

Pedestrian said...

Naj, my grandpa always tells the story of their gardener during the days of Mossadegh when there was word of Mossadegh breaking out with Baghaie.

The gardener famously said: I don't understand what these men are fighting about, why don't they just sit around a sofreh and eat ghormeh sabzi and zereshk polo and solve their differences?

When I see beauty like that, I can't help but think of the same question.

Lola said...

Ohhhh . . . groan! You're mean, putting this in front of us and making me use my imagination as to how the food tastes as these look! All that rice . . . sigh, my favorite food and I can't take a bite right off the screen.

Anonymous said...

Sadegh Saba (BBC journalist) has produced a movie about Iran, "A Taste of Iran".
If you haven't seen it already .... you can watch it on youtube . Here is Part one:

This is a must see for anybody who likes Iran and food ;)

Pedestrian ,

Thanks for sharing the authentic wisdom of your grand father's gardner.....
Indeed, WHY DON'T THEY ?????

Peace Maker