Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahmadinejad must resign

He must save everyone's face, including his, and say that this kind of senseless brutality is non-islamic behavior, we condemn it, and because I have not been able to stop it, I resign.

That's the ONLY solution ...

(but the freakin' fascist has been asking others like him to allow him enter "swift operation")!


Anonymous said...


Why should he resign?

He does not control the police or the militia - they report not to him but to Mr. Khamenei.

And why does not Mr. Mousavi who instigated this fitna on Saturday does not quit and apologie and repent for the crisis that he has caused?

Where is the proof of the cheating?

Show it.

That Ahmadinejad that you so despise saved your country from attack by the United States. At least be grateful for that.

pen Name

Naj said...

Be roobah goftan shahedet koo, goft domam!!

I don't even care about cheating, Mousavi and Ahmadinejad are the same shit ... but tis police brutality is comrpomising Iran's position ...

I don't give a damn if mousavi or ahmadinejad have cheated, are cheating, or will cheat ... this election was a charade because after all these people had to be vetted first ... so they were aLL the same shit ... but a STAT that cannot control its police is a SHITTY state ... and it is the stupid leaders of IRan who need to be countering the propaganda of people like me! I DARE IRI to counter my porpaganda by stopping the violence and bringing those savages to justice ... this is ALL I want ...

I, for my part, stayed MANY NIGHTS up defending my country against attacks too ... Ahmadinejad used us ... he now throws parties for us, he love expats, especially the sciency/technology kind ...

anonymous, this is HURTING ME ...

But, don't worry, enemies are learning that Iranians are not chicken shit, and just as they are facing Ahmadinejad, they will stand to Israel and US too ...

when they attacked, I will stand with you and Ahmadinejad again ...

மு மாலிக் said...

The outcry of fowl-play is so loud, but without any proof.

The western media fuels this 'fitna' (as 'pen name' has put), hoping to collapse the only critique of zionist aggression.

And there are few here, who supports it, like many others cry "Save Darfur". You know, if you cry "Save Darfur", it will show you as an 'elite', 'liberal', 'right activist'. :)

Anonymous said...


I think Ahmadinejad won the election without vote rigging.

For the past four years of his presidency, Mr. Ahmadinejad had been criss-crossing Iran together with his cabinet ministers. He has visited every single Iranian province during the last 4 years twice and held meetings with the locals and conducted state business at provincial cities together with his cabinet. He had been doling out money and investments in the provinces. In effect, he had been campaigning for the last 4 years.

He also had consistently positioned himself as a humble, corruption-fighting man-servant of the Iranian people. That he has been re-elected in a landslide is quite plausible given the activities I mentioned above.

I'm suprised a bit at the margin but not the result. Ahmadinijad ran a good campaign and seemed to have plenty of supporters -compare the relative head-covering of hijab and you can get a pretty good idea of relative support among women, at least.

In the debate between him and Mousavi,I thought Mousavi was rude, ill-mannered and he was uncouth. Take your pick. They attacked each other equally. But the significant aspect of the debate was Ahmadinejad's public airing of the corruption of the high officials and their children. This has been a very sore point with Iranian public - they want someone to eliminate these corrupt practices. He scored very big with them on that.

Now to algebra:

The urban/rural population ratio in Iran is 60/40. And we have had 40 million voters.

Assuming 2/3 of rural voters cast their vote for Mr. Ahmadinejad - whom they knew rather well due to his trips - that gives 10 million to him in rural areas and 5 million to Mr. Mousavi.

In fact, Mr. Ahmadinejad got about 60% of the vote 4 years ago so the 2/3 number above is quite plausible.

I will assume a 50-50 split between Ahmadinejad-Mousavi support in urban areas. [In Tabriz Mr. Ahmadinejad got 54% of the vote - according to the Iranian election comission - if I am not mistaken]. Each candidate will then have 12 Million votes in urban areas.

The totals for Mr. Ahmadinejad would then be 22 million and for Mr. Mousavi 17 million.

These numbers are close to actual figures published in the Iranian press - 24.5 and 13.2 respectively for Mr. Ahmadinejad and Mr. Mousavi.

To believe that 10 million votes have been switched is to believe that 2/3 of the urban and rural populations had cast their vote for Mr. Mousavi as well as thousands of people being complicit in the switching of votes.

Mr. Chavez also has been elected and re-elected by margins above 60%. No one talks about fraud there.

I seriously doubt the allegations of wide-spread fraud and clearly Mr. Mousavi has a very respectable showing at 13 million votes.

I caution you all that Northern Tehran does not speak for Iran.

Be with God's Party - and not with Khwaraj.

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof of the cheating?

The point is that when the result of an election is in doubt (for whatever reason), there IS a mechanism in place that allows for grievances to be aired and investigated. Why did Khamenei not abide by the rules before declaring an Ahmadinejad win? After all Khamenei knows about questioning the result of an election!

Naj, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité will prevail. They must!

David said...

I think that Ahmadinejad is far too in love with himself to ever consider that he has done anything wrong. He lives in a delusional fantasy world where he is the great and benevolent leader of Iran and the Iranian people love him as children love their father.

The clerical leadership live in a fantasy world also. They believe they have created the next best thing to paradise on Earth with their government based on their own wonderful interpretations of Islam. They simply do not see that they have created misery and suffering in tens of millions of people. They fantasize that the people are happy and contented. They can't imagine that what they have created is twisted and evil. They have ruled Iran through fear for 30 years. They have tortured and murdered many times more people than the bastard Shah that preceded them. I don't doubt they are right now making plans to murder hundreds of thousands more, if necessary, to preserve their power.

Naj said...

Pen name,

your algebra also sucks!!

you don't see much difference between 13m and 17 m?

And you don't see a difference between 54% and the "celebrated" 68% victory announcements?

Also, the rular population of iran is less than 35%.

Furthermore, the number of eligible voters was downplayed by Ahmadinejad (as revealed by a collective letter from interior ministry.)

Lastly, not enough ballots were available, while more than enough were printed.

Oh and i forgot to mention: EVEN in the last election Ahmadinejad didn't win so fair and square, since a lot of "dead people" had voted too ... but people were not as FED UP with him as they are now!

Moreover, STOP your stupid propaganda that it is north tehran who is now rising against this dude ... it is almost all with a grain of dignity and decency from poor and wealthy who are offended by khamenei and ahmadinejad's assumption that people are a bunch of cowardice fools who are going to sit and let him cheat on votes AGAIN ...

Azmoodeh ra baz azmoodan khatast!

You claim azarbaijan voted 54% for Ahmadinejad????
Are you ANY familiar with Azerbaijan?

They will chose a devil turk, anythime over a persian angel!

but, even your 54% is incorrect, Ahmadinejad was given azerbaijan by over 62% of the votes too ... it is the stupidity with which the rigged the vote hat offended people ... they could have shown more nuance in cheating ... as they did last time!

Naj said...

The person with interesting character name :)

Cry Darfur and cry Tehran might be a liberal trend for those who do not live in Darfur or Iran, but trust me this is not a fashion show for Iranians ...

They really don't ask for any help, they are taking matters in their own hands .. what you see is the will of the people of Iran ...

Aardvark EF-111B said...

He can't resign, even if he want !!! [of course he don't, he is shameless puppet]

He expresses & protects the interest of a wide & powerful faction inside the Islamic Republic Regime

that faction want thing to keep going "the old way" regardless the change in trends, demography & priorities of the Iran Nation & world environment... a person he is a "nothing", a fart in a sand storm!

but his prescence is necessary as expression of balance in iran politics, the election result s logic !!

unless the people, the young people in the street can prove tenaceous enough to force "Grand Ayatullah Khamenii" to either crush them by tanks (and destroy the regime) or give concessions (and scratch his divine unquestionable status)

this is interesting indeed !!

Demeur said...

A couple of things. It's humanly impossible to count 40 million votes in just a few hours as was done.
Two - Mr Mousavi lost in his own area. I can only think of that happening once in any U.S. election in the last 30 years and that was for a lessor senate seat.

I wish you all well. The world is looking forward for renewed relations.

nunya said...

"They really don't ask for any help, they are taking matters in their own hands .. what you see is the will of the people of Iran..."

That is as it should be. Technology is allowing the world to see what is going on there. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


"The top two candidates had about 60,000 observers at every polling station to observe the voting process (in addition to about 430,000 election functionaries, officials and independent observers in about 22,000 polling stations). All were present for counting of the votes and could register complaints with the election commission, demand recounts and report irregularities."

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad please resign... bow to your people's will!

goatman said...

A beautiful photo of Azadi Square ,with thousands of people gathered to protest a vast misdeed, on the front page of the Kansas City Star today. We are following your election being stolen with great interest. Will the people rule or will it take another revolution?
There are many ways to protest but your physical presence in the streets is the best. I read that our reporters are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms; and that they have limited internet access; so the word is getting out about conditions.
We are behind you, push on with hope and regard for the future.

You have my prayers

Unknown said...

Naj, We are helping a reporter friend judge the mood among Iranians by looking at blogs. Is it ok to link to yours publicly? Or do you want to keep a low profile?

Anonymous said...

Friday 15.45 hours your time.
Ayatollah Khamanei has delivered his sermon:'No fraud - blame the present upheavel on the foreigners - unite around your great Leaders'. Another four years of isolation and imprisonment.My dear Iranians I am anxious to learn what your reaction will be... Martin (no connection with Iran what so ever, yet dedicated to your cause)from Holland