Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Persian Dance

Banafsheh Sayad: The daughter of the legendary Iranian filmmaker, theater director and actor, Parviz Sayyad, Banafsheh is a recipient of the prestigious James Irvine Foundation grant in Dance. She holds an MFA in Dance from UCLA where she taught Mystical Persian dance. She has studied with some of the great masters in dance and choreography including Antonia Rojos, Victoria Marks, David Rousseve and Donna Uchizono. Also an acupuncturist, Banafsheh draws from her knowledge of Persian mysticism and the Taoist view of the internal functioning of the body to discover movement that is at once healing, self-illuminating and connected to spirit. Banafsheh's work has been presented extensively in festivals and by presenters in North America, Europe and Australia where she has gained tremendous audience and critical acclaim.


Anonymous said...


You are reading too much into this.

She is an attractive young woman with her impliit promise of Love and Fertility.

pen Name

Naj said...

"reading too much"?!


Gail said...

Hi Naj-

How are you? I really enjoyed the video. Banafsheh is a lovely dancer and she is quite lovely, as well. And also quite acomplisehed on many levels.

In my younger days I could dance quite well, oh I still can "keep a beat" and move rhythmically, but not so graceful or agile as I once was.

Come and see me some time.

Love to you