Friday, June 26, 2009

Fly a Green Balloon

(People have no access to actual green balloons, so they are using plastic bags.)

Today, those who are not YET intimidated, raided, arrested and threatened will fly green balloons in the sky. (All the above has happened to my loved  ones ...)

Today, the idiot giving the Friday prayer sermon has launched implicit death threats against Mousavi.

Iran is now  officially a fascist state ... 


Anonymous said...

balloons kill millions of animals in the sea every year. this is NOT the way to protest the outcome of the iranian election.

Naj said...

you think it's better to get humans killed by the ax waving Basijis?

Anonymous said...

If they're using green trash bags (biodegradable) there should be no issues with killing animals.

Please, there is a time and place for this sort of criticism. Use your common sense.

Anonymous said...

If they're using green trash bags (biodegradable) there should be no issues with killing animals.

Please, there is a time and place for this sort of criticism. Use your common sense.

David said...

I hope your loved ones will all be ok Naj.

It seems completely blasphemous to threaten a peaceful political activist like Mousavi, not to mention his millions of supporters, with death.

I hope that the skies of Iran will fill with green balloons and green bags! They are small, but important, messages of hope.

Anonymous said...

As you see, they (the Western people) care more about their animals that the human beings in Iran and other non-Western countries.

pen Name

Gail said...

Hi Naj-

tragic, all of it, tragic. I pray your loved one's are safe and free and that the skies are filled with green balloons.

With love and hope

Debashish Bose said...

Dear pen name,

I am glad to see that you have come to realise that the people of Iran are being treated worse than animals by the government of Mr. Ahmadinejad.

David said...

I heard today that Basijis are listening for people shouting from their roofs at night. Then they break into their homes and beat and arrest the occupants. I also heard that people's satellite dishes are being confiscated. The regime is determined to crush all resistance and decent, and cut people off from the outside world. Iran is turning into North Korea. Ahmadinejad joon and Khamenei joonest are smiling down benevolently upon their children.

Naj said...

Vagabond: GREAT response!

David: yupp! they are ... freaking IDIOTS

Gail: thanks a lot!

Naj said...

Penn Name: i thought the balloon comment was yours, as it fit your pattern of behavior; but you outdid that balloon-fish-concerned idiot!

Anonymous said...


This so-called Reform Movement has damaged the cause of democracy in Iran.

In the past 4 elections, there was alweays a reform candidate present - sometimes 2.

They never won.

In this last election, they lost again but rather than accepting their defeat and trying to find a way to connect with the rest of us - they rebelled and lied about the elections.

None of you people of course care about the "Islamic" Republic. But those of us who do will not forget the harm done.

In the next elections, I suspect, the restrictions on the alternative candidates will be more severe since the Nizam apparently cannot even truts people who are supposed to be willing to work within the constitutional framework.

Rioting harmed the cause of Liberty in Iran and you and your ilk outside of Iran only added fuel to the fire.

We almost went to war in 2006 with US, we cannot afford riots and lies that aim to weaken our country.


I suppose the 8 policemen who were killed deserved it, yes?

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Pen Name,

The balloons pop over Iran and hurt Iran's environment.

Just a reminder that the US doesn't care about Iranians - lots of them:

BAM, Iran (AFP) — Iran welcomed US emergency aid on Tuesday but rejected talks with its arch-foe as the death toll from the Bam earthquake was put at 40,000, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters of modern times. The grim assessment came as bulldozers and recovery workers pressed on with the gruesome task of pulling out corpses from the rubble and the United Nations appealed for help for the tens of thousands of survivors left homeless.

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami thanked the United States and other nations who have rushed to provide aid to the quake-stricken region but ruled out the prospect of political dialogue with Washington without a radical shift in US policy after decades of enmity.

On a visit to the provincial capital of Kerman, Khatami said the death toll in the flattened fort city of Bam and surrounding villages was about 40,000, but denied earlier estimates by local officials that it could top 50,000.

Some 80 US doctors and rescue workers are in southern Iran and en route to the earthquake zone, with an initial team of some 20 Americans arriving in Bam Tuesday.

"You are talking about politics, but these are doctors. They are not Mr Bush or Mr. Rumsfeld coming to kill us," Deputy Health Minister Mohammad Akbari said. "This is not help from Mr. Bush. This is help from humanitarian people.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi later helicoptered into a camp set up to provide logistical support to foreign aid, and said he would be meeting the US party.

And so on here.

Despite our governments, don't say "Western people" don't care. You contemplate the way "justice" has been served by the Iranian govt for the last 30 years on its OWN PEOPLE and then talk about who treats who like animals.

Don't worry, the good people of Iran will eventually rise above these theofascists who abuse their religion and treat citizens like children.

Debashish Bose said...

Dear pen name

I believe Iran is under attack and the enemies of Iran would be very happy that they now have the Government of Mr. Ahmadinejad as their ally. Its what you call a pincer movement.

Neither are friends of the people of Iran or freedom or liberty. The military establishment of the west would be rueing the fact that suddenly there is a lot of awareness about Iran within their population ... indeed whatever I have read of the speeches given by Mr. Moussavi and others specially Mr. Khatami has impressed me no end...its rare to find a person with such sophistication and erudition in active politics any where in the world.
I dont know if you are right about the reformists not willing to accept their defeat and dividing the country. But what we saw in the face of people who were in the street was patriotism ... its their love for their country which brought them there. Yes now probably you would be claiming that the mob was rioting ...... by cracking down inhumanly on the protesters and making the peaceful one go off the street you managed to kill the non violent spirit of the demonstration. Overnight you made a million of your own people loose faith in the entire system.
Was winning so important ? May be you would say it was necessary to save the country from the enemies outside.... but they would be rejoicing yes ... that Their effort has borne fruit ... they have tried to isolate Iran and stagnate its economy and now as a result they have created taliban of Iran Mr. Ahmadinejad who will take Iran back to middle ages.
In bengali there is a saying which says the enemy inside is the bigger one. I just hope Iran gets over this eclipse soon. For sadly it has no friends.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:58:00 PM:

What exactly is your point?

You will bomb us and then send people to help us? Am I supposed to now fall down on my knees and thank you for your generosity?

You are the ones who helped Iraq to the hilt in her war against us.

Don't tell me about Bam - the Ukranian contingent was the largest and the most helpful one. And they did not receive any recognition from the International Media for their help.

And we contemplate you attacking two countries - Yugoslavia and Iraq that were not threats to you, were not seeking a war with you, and wanted to avoid it. Please spaer me your moralizing.

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:58:00 PM:

What exactly is your point?

pen Name

Anonymous said...


You are mis-reading the stratgic situation.

Gandhi could be the President of Iran and the enemies will find an excuse to attack.

You cannot let fear rule your decisions. When & if war comes, pople will get killed. That is the nature of war. But you cannot commit suicide out of fear of death, can you?

I do not doubt the sincerity the protestors. I doubt their excuse for the protest. I doubt their judgement.

Mr. Khatami got exactly nothing from the West. He suspended nuclear development for 3 years and got an insulting treatment from the West. It was under him that USA designated Iran as Axis of Evil and started threatening Iran with war - and that after the substantial Iranian help in Afghanistan.

Quite frankly, I do not care about being "isolated" from West. West sided with our greatest historical enemy - Iraq. While West has some technology that is worth buying - they are not the only game in town. And their cultural artifacts in science, literature, the arts, philosophy are available regardless of their sanctions and our isolation.

Mr. Ahmadinejad actually has tried to move Iran foreward and turn it into a more normal country.

The protestors began by setting city buses on fire, burning rubbish bins, and looking for policemen to attack. All in Tehran - all in an effort to create a sense of crisis and cast doubt on the validity of elections.

Perhaps, as you suggested, the police used excessive force. That is a valid argument. It will take more training to teach police how to control the crowds. But ther were also policemen that were killed. This was not a one-sided confrontation.

That Iran is surrounded by enemies is quite true. Fortunately, now Iraq is once again friendly.

I agree with you that the government in Iran has to change in such a way as to accomodate the aspirations of those millions of pople who voted for Mr. Mousavi.

pen Name

Anonymous said...


I forgot to add:

The protestors made one positive contribution - unbeknowest to themselves and their organizer - they made US attack on Iran impossible.

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Pen name,

You've been the one moralizing and painting the West in one big political lump of governments not people.

For years now I have been advocating to NOT bomb Iran, to not impose sanctions, I was against the Iraq invasion, voted against Bush, etc. People in higher positions have done the same. I am aware of the US's history regarding Iraq, Iran, Latin America, the CIA, etc. US citizens argue against our own government and ourselves. We have self-censorship. It isn't a crime to say our president is frackin idiot (Bush not Obama). Women aren't put in prison for advocating women's rights...rights that are natural and universal.

You say the Ukranian govt helped the most - is nothing good enough for you? Will you play tit-for-tat forever at the harm of Iranian and US citizens? What does that advance? Isn't the IRI's support for Hamas and Hezbollah also interferring in other countries' matters? Does the IRI govt take any responsibility?

Isn't this latest uprising about Iranian people? No foreign power forced Mousavi or the reformists to say what they did and encourage the protesters. No one forced IRI govt to arrest Iranian journalists, activists, and bloggers over the years. No one forced IRI to have archaic punishments. No one forced IRI to make women wear hajibs if they don't want to...not letting women self-determine their lives how they please....sending the morals police around treating people like little children. No one forced Iranians to leave the country during the Revolution. No one forced them to kill lots of their own people. No one forced Ahmadinejad to not improve the economy or whatever. No one banned Ahmadinejad from criticizing the US govt on our soil to the NY Times and at Columbia University. Heck, some people agreed with him.

It robs many Iranians of their intelligence and their desires. Things we fought for in our own country. I guess you realize this.

I can understand the need to quell the violence - the US would do the same though not so brutally. I can understand the need for unity while Israel won't shut up about bombing and the US & Europe want more sanctions. I certainly recognized this was no revolution. I am aware of Ahmadi promoting science and building pride in those areas. I've read their speeches for some time.

But this is tiresome. It makes those of us who have cared, who are interested in Iranian culture and who have tried to be objective, weary. I will continue to oppose sanctions and bombing nuclear facilities, but really stop spitting on us for a moment.

Debashish Bose said...

Dear pen name

I dont understand why you say I am misreading the stratgic situation. We all know that the oil lobby has forever been trying to destabilise Iran as they could not digest their loss ... loss of right to loot and plunder the wealth of Iran. (If you notice I am not using the name of any country here for these people have no country no humanity no religion just greed). I am sure they have been smarting from their defeat eversince until your ruling establishment squandered everything the people of Iran had achieved ...

Let me tell you had a wonderful election ... the world was surprised to find Iran is not a backward place like Saudi Arabia and we saw a vibrant people and a vibrant democracy ... where on earth you see youth of a nation coming to the street and participate in the democratic process like that ... I heard of no violence before the election ... I didnot hear of any violence until much later almost a week after the protest began. Can you comprehend what a victory that was for Iran ... I bet hardly anyone in the west knew about Iran before that and I bet they were mighty impressed ... because the media in the west want to project everyone else as some blood thirsty barbarians stuck on the middle ages whom they have to tolerate and deal with and possibly educate .... and in one go ... in one go ... the senseless action of your Government ...and the spectacle they have managed to produce ...the orgy of death and mayhem ... you have served in a platter what they could not get inspite of all their conspiracies.

Let me tell you something: if people in the west were surprised that the Iranians are a progressive people and have a beautiful culture .... if you take the trouble you would realise people in the west are not like the conspirator of the oil lobby ... if you had done things right ...resolved things in a pragmatic way a civilised way those ordinary people in the west would have come out in the street to protest in support of Iran ... but Alas! your leadership couldnot see this ... was it paranoia or myopia I dont know ...I am a lesser mortal but I expected so much more from the ones who proclaim to have such higher moral authority .

Have you for once considered that may be may be your president did cheat? May be you have and will support his act saying that he is the only one who can deliver ...stand up to the west etc.

Winning an election can never be so important to wash your hands of values and then wash your hands in the blood of your children. Is it ?
Can you tell this to your supreme leader ?


jmsjoin said...

Love it! I am so impressed with the Iranian people. I am right now hearing the 10% recount was fine. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naj,

Look. Mc Cain wants to join in you baloon fiasco.

Gone :)

Anonymous said...

And also,

you can get the picture of a Mousavi supporter's mind from this CNN interview

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:42:00 PM:

West is using the riots to score propoganda marks.

In regards to Hizbullah & Hamas: they are the moral equivalent of the WWII partisans and freedom fighters. I am glad that Iran is helping them resist the forces of Evil and Occupation. It is you guys who supported and continue to support the other side.

Yes, Tit for Tat is silly, but it is one of the ways that we can resist. What do you suggest?

In regards to the hijab and moral police, in fact, I agre with you. Government of Iran should disband the moral police and leave women to decide what to wear. There you have a point.

The terrorist group Jundullah, emptied a magazine of bullets from an AK-47 into the head of a captive Iranian soldier and left a video of it for us. Members of Jundullah killed have been discovered with wads of currency on their bodies. We understand them to be paid by your government.

Western analysts and governments - excepting a few - immediately took the position that the vote was rigged and they moved from that perspective.

I do not care if some one considers our culture beautiful or ugly. You have to accept us the way we are or leave us alone.

Mr. Khamenei has said as much.

Iran will only change when she is not under attack.

pen Name

Anonymous said...


I considered government cheating in Iran.

I rejected the possibility after considering the evidence for, and against it.

You are wrong about the start of the violence - the protestors began by attacking and setting fires to the city buses in Tehran, to rubbish bins, and were looking for policemen to throw stones at them.

And the protestors and their organizers lied, lied, lied.

You consider that a great triumph for Iran. I consisder a great defeat - it showed that Iranians are not - deep down - democratic - that they cannot accept electoral defeat.

I do not care what the Europeans think of us. Government had to restore order. France did the same in 2007 and earlier and other European Governments did the same during anti-Globalization protests. So our police is not as good as yours for riot control.

[I am reminded of that day in Northern Ireland when the British police killed 13 people at Londonderry. No one questioned the legitimacy of that government, did they?]

US & EU people just pick on us because we are not like them and oppose their policies.

US murdered 84 people in Waco without anyone saying anything about the need to overthrow that government, no?

pen Name

Debashish Bose said...

Dear pen name

This is what you have written in one of your earlier post.

I quote


So, you at least know of Plato's Republic - Jumhur in Persian.

But Mr. Khamenei will be the last Philosopher-King of Iran.

pen Name"

What are you guys upto ?

My guess is you know much more and have said much more than you wish to reveal. What are you up to ?
Its meaningless to ask these question I know. I can only make guesses... may be I am wrong.

You seem to be afflicted with rage, revenge, your mind is full of hatred and violence. Why do you think everyone is your enemy ? You and your countrymen have suffered a lot. I know its not easy to come to terms with all that you have gone through and would have heardend your soul.

I just hope in your eagerness to fight evil you dont turn up into an instrument of evil himself.

Also I hope you do remember what you have said in your earlier post

"I agree with you that the government in Iran has to change in such a way as to accomodate the aspirations of those millions of pople who voted for Mr. Mousavi."

At no point did I question the legitimacy of your government thats for you and your countrymen to decide.

Governments are big things we are ordinary human ... we dont understand strategic concern and all such ...

Just one request dont forget you are a human being and dont forget humanity in the fever of your hatred and zeal.

I will pray for you, hope you find peace.


Anonymous said...


You asked:

"Why do you think everyone is your enemy ?"

Because they are.

Debashish Bose said...

Dear Pen name

I wonder if everyone includes your own countrymen !?

If that is the case you are your worst enemy.

Take care.
PS I will still pray for you ... that you find peace.

Anonymous said...


You do that.

Perhaps if you spend sometime studying the history of the last 100 years in the Middle East you will understand the truth of my statement.

At any rate, if I am wrong no harm is done.

If, I am right, then al teast we had prepared ourselves for war(s).