Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why is this cheating?

I voted in Europe!
On the ballot, I had a box to write the name. In front of it a box to write a code!
On the sheet that had the name of the candidates, the numbers related to codes were blacked out! So I just wrote the name! Left the number field empty!!

Also, I could vote with my passport (Iranian or even non-iranian), I could vote with my birth certificate, and my name was NOT recorded any where. So technically, I could vote in France with my Canadian passport, in Luxemburg with my Iranian passport, in Belgium with my Iranian birth certificate.

Ont he paper I have posted here, you see people and a code assigned to them:

1) ahmadinejas (code 44)
2) Rezayee (code 55)
3) Karroubi (code 66)
4) Mousavi (code 77)

Why should Ahmadinejad share number (4) with Mousavi?!!!


mido said...

is it a problem ? !!

Naj said...

Mido, the problem is the pictures you see above, those bloodied people, beaten up!

The problem is also irregularities reported by members of the state department, and that they were banned from entering the ministry today!

Listen, my dad was one of those who over saw 6 of these IRI elections ... when state department people are kept out of the building, it means "CHEATING" ... I will have stood behind Hamadinejad, if this were real .. but wait till wave of arrests, disappearances and etc begins ...

Ahmdinejad's slogans for Palestine are crocodile tears ... don't really buy them!

mido said...

if it was a problem

Mousavi would mention it

mido said...

no i mean

the problem you wrote the post about it

the codes

Naj said...

Mido, mousavi and Karroubi have been yellig that the election's IRREGULAR since the start .. no one has listened to them .. they are now awfully silent .

HEre, read this for why these things are irregularities ...

Anonymous said...


Mr. Mousavi was declaring himself a winner based on his informants at Midnight - he had provided no shred of evidence that it was so.

And in Iran, every one who voted got a purple finger; people could not vote more than once.

Please, please, recognize that ummat-e hizullah has won and not the rich soo-sools of Northern Tehran.

Stop fabricating and slandering your country's political process.

Shame, shame, shame.

pen Name

Naj said...

Pen Name ... you think I am ENJOYIng this?!!!!

You think I am happy?

I would have been happy with Ahmadinejad, but not with what is happening on streets of TEhran, people are being beaten up ... I am not fabricating anything ... these are evidence ... Iranian government and "oammat-e hezbollah" = FASCISTS!

You too!

ddmmyyyy said...

Hey Naj, in the relative calm I've had time to catch up on your blog. There's really to much to say regarding each and every post you've added but this particular entry is one that stuck out as it's an issue I've yet to hear being addressed. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

At my polling booth I was presented with a ballot that I was told to write the name of the candidate on and also the corresponding number. Initially this worried me as in my limited experience of voting here, the forms are way more detailed and specific and in the case of my vote for the Assembly of Experts (I think is what is was "khobrigan"?) I could not write names or numbers, just cross a box. In my paranoia I discretely photographed the instructions and asked if I would be doing it right by picking a 1, 2, 3 or 4. I was told that this would be correct.

When a friend of mine volunteered some information on their ballot form I freaked out. They told me they voted using double digits, stating that 44 was Ahmadinejad's code. I remembered that Mousavi was candidate 4 where I was and was puzzled as to why an overlap in codes and numbers would come about. So before the night unfolded I was suspicious, not to say concerned.

Some friends have said that they were told that the number section would not need to be filled, but they did it anyway, some of these were at embassies abroad.

So for me, I'd like to know what happened to my vote at that stage as well as the theatre that followed.

Keep up the good work.


Naj said...

David, good to see you!

Yes the same here. I voted in europe and I voted for the FIRST time, so I don;t know how things were done before. But we had instructions to leave the number box on my ballot empty; and just write the name. SO I wrote the name in nice and readable hand writing and left the number empty. But, I am not trying to remember if our ballot box was sealed and I cannot remember that it was.

This really looked like a "staged" voting fiasco, in the hindsight! The fucking embassy providing us with nice music and juice and cookies and not beinr restrictive about the documents you presented either! I asked him: so what document do you want I have all sorts of passports and identity cards: he joked and said "khoda bishtareshoon koneh" and I gave my shenasnameh!

This vote will go to my grave with me!!