Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iran's fraudulent election: a win for zionists!

This is putting Obama in a very tight position: does he want to negotiate with a fraudulently seated president?!

Revolutionary guards are patrolling the streets!

There is a curfew!

People are being intimidated to watch what they say o Twitter and Facebook!

Time for those of us abroad to keep the communication up ...

This is a DARK HOUR for IRan

A       D A R K        H O U R

Obama should issue a statement that he will NOT negotiate with Iran unless the health of the election results is guaranteed by independent monitors from all four parties ...


Coffee Messiah said...

Yikes.....sounds like the previous election here ; (

I heard on NPR mid afternoon, that it would take until Sat or so for the results. A few hours later, I heard this story.

When communications go down for folks, you know there's no honesty.

Another sad day for people who take voting seriously and want some small amount of change ; (

Naj said...

but this IS the end of them, they turned against themselves! TO have turned against the leader measn somone who calls himself revolutionary has revolved against the revolution ... this is a painful day, but we will find a way to survive ... it's just important to make sure information's spread across the world ... please help!

Anonymous said...


You are too mature and too knowledgable to publish this type of propoganda.

Mr. Ahmadinejad had been campaigning for 4 years -traveling to every single ostan - some times twice.

People know and love him.

Only the well-to-do people voted for Mousavi.

There has been no cheating - how can there be 10 million fradulent votes be in there?

Stop insulting the Iranian people.

Accept the results.

Ya Ali Madad.

pen Name

Naj said...

I WOULD have accepted the results IF theyr were true
I have stood behind this IDIOT long enough

you have seen me defending him here so often ... had he won, I WOULD be respecting the vote ... but "manovre ghodrat?" closing SMS? shutting down mousavi's head quarters? silencing all the reformist's news outlets?


and yes fascism is elected by the vote of IDIOTS ...

I am rising up against fascism ...

Anonymous said...


32 million people are not fascists.

Mousavi did well and clearly the Islamic system must address the concerns of the 13 million people who voted for him.

No doubt that Iran is a divided country.

But that does not make it fascist.

pen Name