Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Family of Neda Soltan Agha, forced from their home!

This government considers/calls itself the caring and loving government of reason and clarity!

Even if nothing else, now the world has PROOF that Ahmadinejad is NOT a representative of Iranians! 

Now all the Hitlerist charges against him stand!


மு மாலிக் said...

Are you among the widely quoted "Iran Experts", or "Iranian-American Academics" ? Your blog was very informative during AN's visit to Columbia. but visiting only these days after long gap, to the disappointment ?

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Naj said...

Whoever you ware (cannot decipher that funny name)

no I am not an American Iranian Expert; I am an Iranian who am AWARE of teh ugly reaity of the Iranian government; although fundamentalists such as yourselfmay be dismayed taht Iranians actually do not like Taliban-like governments and are ready to die to get rid of them.

Dont quote pulse media for me. Muhammad Edrees ALSO condemns the savagery of the IRI in the past few days!

David said...

I read the Guardian article. All I can say is I feel outraged and very sad for Neda's family! The bastards say they have buried Neda, but they wont tell her family where. Her family was not allowed to mourn her death. The God damned regime claims to be Islamic at the same time they violate sacred Muslim traditions!

I heard this evening that Mr. Mousavi has not been seen or heard from in several days. There is speculation that he has been arrested. If true, I don't think the regime has the courage to put him on trial. More likely, they would just murder him in secret and cremate his body.

Anonymous said...

You have lost the election and caused a crisis.

You do not sicken me, I am just deeply disappointed in you and the others in the so-called Reform Movement.

pen Name

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the sourcing of that article in Guardian written by "A correspondent in Tehran "

"Neighbours said..."
"...the neighbours said."
"A tearful middle-aged woman who was an immediate neighbour said..."
" neighbour said."
"Another man said... ...he said."
"A shopkeeper said..."

Proof? Just proof that this piece of journalism is a pile of bs.

Yesterday I watched on Al Jazeera aledged photos of Neda's grave, thay got them by e-mail. Now, something of these two is not true. Which? And that can be said for most of the things coming from Iran.

Naj said...


unfortunately, in a country that doesn't permit open journalistic activity, that arrests and beats journalists unless they sing the praises of the fascists, the neighbor and the shopkeeper become news sources.

You want PROOF? you get your elected lovely and loving government to give freedom of press!