Thursday, June 25, 2009

June, a pivotal month in Iranian history of democracy; since 1896.

June 1896, after Naser-al-Din shah’s assassination, his son is crowned. (It took 10 years to force him decree the first elected parliament in August 1906.)

 June 24, 1908, Mohammad-Ali shah put the parliament under siege and dissolved it (this initiated a wave of revolt by freedome fighters)

 June 22 1909, the Bakhtiari freedom fighters reach the outskirts of Tehran, unintimidated by the Russian dn the brits who were trying to prevent them from toppling the shah.

June 4 1920, The anti-feudalist revolt of Mirza kuchak khan, intellectuals and peasants of Gilan led to formation of the Jungle Movement.

June 23 1951, the British take Iran to the World Court to reverse the nationalization of oil.

June 5 1963, Khomeini invites the people and the cleric to uprising against the Shah’s “White Revolution” (which was recommended by JF Kennedy to modernize Iran!).

June 25 1974, the Shah declares he has no interest in nuclear weapons unless other countries engage in nuclear arms race. [source:]

June 19 1977, the CIA and Kissinger are unhappy about Iran’s nuclear program under the Shah. [source:]

June 10-20 1978, several religious leaders issue pronouncements that flare up the Islamic Revolution.

June 10 1981, Khomeini ousts the FIRST democratically elected president of Iran (Abolhassan Bani Sadr)

June 28 1981, the Mujahedin bombing of the Islamic Republican Party headquarters and killing 72 members of the IRI think tank.

June 3 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini died.

June 2001, President Khatami re-elected in another landslide election

June 10-23 2003, student led protests [interesting similarity:]

June 2005, Ahmadinejad elected president

June 2007, protests erupt after government imposes rations on gas

June 2009, we are witnessing history


Anonymous said...

I take strong issue with denial of the election results.

You hate IRI by your own admission yet even you have not been able to provide a shred of evidence.

And you have not published my material supporting the contrary proposition.

Be Just - or at least try.

pen Name

nunya said...

Thanks for the timeline :)

Naj said...

You IDIOT FASCIST, I was looking for proof, you know? I had heard that the interior ministry had published the details of election resuts per province. Guess what, as soon as activists started reporting discrepancies, the site has gome EMPTY!

Why is your "elected" government so nervous, and so inconsistent?!!!

you and your freaking liar president will rot in hell!


Anonymous said...

I have them in .pdf format.

Is there a Web site that I can put the results there for you to pickup?

pen Name

Anonymous said...


You wrote: "you and your freaking liar president will rot in hell!"

So you believe in Hell - Jahanam?

Yte you do not believe in God?

It does not make sense to me.


pen Name

Naj said...

Pen Name: it is time you make your blog and start you counter-"propaganda"!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...