Saturday, June 13, 2009

Protest i Tehran is beginning

I cannot give links from facebook, but peole are already breaking t he law by forming assemblies ... the crows are not larger than what they are in this video ...

This is a while back, the crow's got bigger now, on Vanak square!!

People are in SHOCK!

My family members work in rural areas, they are telling me that he farmers were asking them: "Should we vote Mousavi or Karrubi?"

People in Iran are also saying that the result of vote is what America was wishing for!

This is another 1953 ... another nationalist effort of Iranians curtailed ...


Anonymous said...


These bache-soo-sools are not the same as those who made the Islamic Revolution.

Wake up from your dream world.

pen Name

Naj said...

MOUSAVI was one of the "Revolution-makers"

Mousavi was teh rpime minister during the war

mousavi was one of THEM


they have STOLEN the vote

I voted ... and I noticed how OPEN the system was to fraud ... Mr Ahmaghinejad failed to lur me with his faking smiles ...

people are being BEATEN up ... in Iran ... this is the velvet revolution I wished to prevent ... this is the Zionist victory I wished would never happen ... we lost our chance by electing a thug ...

Anonymous said...


There is no evidence that the vote was stolen.

Why can't you bleive that people do want Ahmadinejad?

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