Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ahmadinejad Farce Continues!

First he fired Saffar-Harandi; the hardliner Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance!
Then He figured this will throw his government out of the door, and that he will need another vote of confidence to be able to do anything.
So he called Saffar Harandi back.
But Saffar Harandi refused and handed in his resignation (see the previous post)
Now, Ahmadinejad's office is saying: no way Jose: Harandi has NOT resigned and even if he has, we are not going to accept it!!

He's undeniably a psycopath!


arighter2 said...

AN begins to look like a clown, the government, a circus. After a month of praying for my Iranian brothers and sisters, in a moment of levity, I am breaking out the popcorn!

Naj said...


popcorn's indeed suitable for watching this clown. I just wish every day, we didn't receive news of people dying from post-detention injuries.

A bunch of psychologically deranged thugs are unleashed on the people ... they are literally thugs and do whatever they do for money! I refuse to believe Khamenei is telling his people to go torture detainees. This is getting out of hand and khamenei HAS to step in ... I don't know what kind of drug he is on to not recognize this very simple thing that prisoners MUST be released and those bodily harmed compensated handsomely and those caught carrying out the torture and beating punished publicly!

grannie4peace said...

i love your blog! thank you. i'm a member of grandmothers for peace, usa- yester we recieved an email saying we will demenstrate in support of the mourning mothers of iran. do you know anyone in central virginia area who would like to help us?-- i've never done this before :) i would like to do one on aug 5 as AN is made offical pres of iran . any help is appreciated so very much . email- thank you for any help :) FREE IRAN :)

Naj said...

Dear Granny for peace. Thank you for visiting neoresistance.
I postes your message in case someone in virginia will see your message.

Thank you for your interest.

Granny, as your universal child, may I add a request?
As an Iranian, who has had her share of suffering in the hands of the current regime, I feel somewhat unhappy when I hear the slogan of "Free Iran".

The last time Americans started waving the "free something" flag, they ended up in Iraq and afghanistan! I do not like it when Americans yell out "Free Iran". Iran is not captured! Nor are Iranians! We have a government that needs to be reformed and we are working for that.

But, as a grandmother for peace, perhaps you can tell your congress taht American sanctions are KILLING us in old and unrepairable airplanes.

Perhaps you can tell your senat that 55millio dollars dedicated to "freeing Iran" is hurting my brother and sister who are running NGOs in Iran to educate people, to provide them health care, and to elevate their life standards. With these kind of thoughtless American action, we in IRan suffer more!

I fully endorse the approach of your president.

BUT, as Americans, if you want to help you, please do tell Ms Clinton that saber rattling, in this juncture that we are trying to get rid of Ahmadinejad is NOT helping us.

Granny: please help America not do any more damage than it already has. If America stays out of this, we will manage it. Tell your government to not STARVE us! We don't need American imported freedom.

Granny: please help Americans be educated about Iran via channels other than CNN which is full of lies and distortions.

Thanks and peace

داستانک said...

دیگر پس از انتخابات هرگز به دنبال خبر های کشورم نیستم!
و وقتی خبرهای این چنینی را می خوانم بیشتر ناراحت میشم.
شما خودتان باید بیشتر بفهمید که چرا؟!
اما از وبلاگ شما متشکرم که خبرهای ایران را به زبان جهانی به دنیا عرض می کند.
موفق باشید.

Naj said...

خواهش می کنم
از لطفتون ممنون

arighter2 said...

Granny: What wonderful sentiment you have. May your endeavor be as blessed as your objective!

Naj: It is so sad that people's good intentions can be used for evil by the unscrupulous. The US Govt, too, has much to answer for. Thank you for an Iranian perspective, and for your wonderful idealism.

Naj said...


Education and information is the only way to minimize harm!

I am not an idealist. Au contraire, I am a pragmatist. My blog aims to inform people, and help them make informed contributions to causes promoted by CNN or the bomb-bomb-bombing Republicans :)

Naj said...

:) Now I am recognizing that I am sounding like such a militant harsh dude!

I am in fact a very nice and charming person, when I am not angry at America and its new best buddy Ahmadinejad :))

arighter2 said...

Excellent! It takes a disciplined mind to be pragmatic in service of one's ideals. ;)

No fear: your charming side is evident elsewhere in your blog.

grannie4peace said...

thank you for your comment, please if you know of any people in central virginia that would like to sit in silent protest with the mourning mothers of iran- please email me. dc is too far & charlotte, n.c. too far also.

Anonymous said...

New report from the propaganda machine.