Monday, July 20, 2009

Sample of Iran's News on the eve of "The 30 Tir Uprising"

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On July 16th,1952 Prime Minister Mosaddegh hands in his resignation in protest to obstacles by the Monarch in implementation of the Nationalization of the Oil in Iran. His resignation is accepted and Ghavam-Ol_Saltaneh is instated as the interim prime minister and installed teh army in the streets to prevent potential revolt by the supporters of Mosaddegh's nationalist party.

Despite the heavy military presence, the Iranians flooded streets of several cities and with the slogan of "Either Death or Mosaddegh". With hundreds of killed and wounded, undeterred, they overwhelmed the military on July 21, 1952, (30 Tir, 1331); toppled the hand picked chancellor of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and reinstated Mohammad Mosadegh with full authority as demanded by Mosaddegh prior to resignation.

As we speak, the anniversary of this triumphant day of victory in Iran has begun.

As we speak, 57 years later, the green-ones are preparing to express their demands in creative and peaceful manners such as creating a blackout at the time when the full-of-lies national news is broadcast, burning candles, and standing in silent vigils.
The irony of the history repeating ...

Today, Ayatollah Khamenei has come out again, in his opiated state perhaps, uttering threats, this time against the pillars of the Islamic Republic, perhaps addressing the Assembly of Experts and the religious elite. He is acting more and more like a caged wounded animal facing death, thus acting more violently. And I am still baffled, for I NEVER imagined him to suffer such a tragic absence of sense!

And as remembering this historical moment, this is what one of Iran's official news agencies is busy with:

I thought I make you a snapshot of the web page and translate the headlines (in red; forgive the typo in foreign!). One picture worth a thousand words. Need I speak more on the hypocrisy of the state that we call an Islamic Republic? (Maybe they will say something relevant and meaningful in a few hours? If they do, I will post again.)

For some footage of "Ghyaam-e sy-eh Tir" (the 30 Tir uprising) you can watch this video.


David said...

If Khamenei is now threatening the Assembly of Experts, he must be in a very paranoid and delusional state of mind! Perhaps the Assembly can use this bizarre behavior, on top of every thing else since the election, as grounds to remove Khamenei from power. I hope they will do it!

The official news agency seems to be taking great care to not remind the people of anything related to the overthrow of previous governments!

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised by some of the statements coming from Khamenei. As Mousavi said, "the people of Iran have awakened"; they have realized that there is nothing supreme about Khamenei.

Naj said...

Well they always knew there is nothing supreme about him; except that he had passed a law that if anyone criticizes him he could be put on death row!!

Now people are together, and they have gained new courage to drag him down! God speed!