Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am dismayed by the so called "pro-palestinian intellectuals" who are condoning the crimes of the IRI,

and who call the anger that has mobilized the Iranian intellectuals AGAINST the tyranny, a "Western plot"!

I suggest they excuse themselves and their Middle East expertise from waxing intellectual on Iran! I also ask them to take a good look at the images which are coming out of Iran and tell me how exactly is the savagery of the Iranian government any different from the savagery of Israel in Gaza?!

Mousavi's moto was something like this: "you cannot call yourselves champion of the dignity in Gaza when you are denying the dignity of Iranians." (what about this is pro-Western?!)

Anyone who thinks Mousavi is a pro-western or westernized opportunist who is looking to the western support in this, needs to educate himself/herself by reading HIS statements, rather than by DEDUCING a logic from "which neo-con or which Zionist is cheering Mousavi on!"

For your information: Mousavi doesn't give a damn who is cheering him from abroad! Has he ever ASKED any foreign power to HELP?? Show me evidence that he has. In fact the only one who seem to have been seeking foreign approval is Ahmadinejad! Guess who has been cheering him on? Russia!!

In fact, Mousavi has stated OFTEN that he is not the LEADER, rather he is the FOLLOWER of the people's wish! Keep in mind that it is the people who are dragging him along and are forcing him to "resist", no the other way around! He has also continuously warned that the "foreign enemies" are trying to take advantage of this situation! But I guess you have been too busy reading what Zionists say about Iran to have noticed that!! Go to the source; many of us are doing our utmost to provide translations; and many of us who do so, have not just popped up ... (Remember, neo-resistance was created to fight neo-con and zionist disinformation against Iran in 2006!)

Mousavi has been telling people to stay home, it is they who have said "no way"!

Mousavi has been trying to get "permits to protest", people have defied his wish and have drenched in cold blood facing hot bullets!

Today, the West is busy with Health care and with Michael Jackson; but the fight for freedom goes on in Iran.

No, it is not the freedom of dress, but the freedom of press that we are after!

They are not jailing gigolos, they are jailing journalists!

How is it that you go all hoohaa if Zionists control the Western press but you overlook it when a government is jailing, torturing and intimidating Iranian reporters?! Where is your moral anchor?!!

You condemn the mainstream media in the west for spreading hateful propaganda, but you are ignoring it when the Iranian state-controlled media are spreading lies and hatred and invoke violence but cowardly blame it on the victims of the violence?! What is your "intellectual" stance on this?!

Do not you compare anything of Iran's movement to that in Lebanon, or in Egypt ... Also, don't you conflate Iran's problems with those of the Middle East!

Arab-Israeli problems are really not ours, not part of hour historical discourse! No one in Iran has any visceral hatred for Israelis or a visceral love for Arabs! If Iranians like Arabs, its because of common religion, and if they like Israelis its because of common disdain for Arabs ... and that is a historical and cultural sentiment, not a geopolitical one! And that too is paradoxical like many other things in Iran.

BUT, We do not run our elections on a "Middle East peace process" platform! We seek economic, cultural and political clarity in the acts of our governments, which we wish aligned with OUR national interests.

Furthermore, be informed that we do not take any pride in having been educated in French or American universities! The best Iranian universities are not run by American and French missionaries (as they are in Lebanon or Egypt), and this generation who is fighting against dictatorship is not the one who has grown pampered in Western delights!! I doubt if Mousavi even speaks a second language!

We have been in this fight for over a century and the west has sure tried to milk it to its advantage. But at this particular instance, by calling Mousavi a western puppet, you are standing on the wrong side of the history: you are standing with the Zionists and the Imperialists who NEED Ahmadinejad to justify them!!


Pedestrian said...

What is REALLY presposterous is that the leftists, the progressives, whatever you want to call them, have labelled Mousavi a "neo-liberal" ... and then extract the Zionist/Western links from there.


They heard the words "money to poor" and "justice shares" and without knowing the LEAST about what they entail, immediately turned A.N.'s opponent into the "leader of the corporate elite"


They show as much ignorance as the mainstream media, just in the opposite direction: this "need" to label us with their own familiar stickers and tags.

It's really interesting that we are on the same page! Last week I spent a good deal of time translating A.N.'s economic policies, mostly from his own sources and newspapers. I'll post them bit by bit this week.

It's SHAMEFUL that the same people who cry FOWL over Halliburton, either support the Iranian version of it or have remained deathly silent.

Naj said...


you know, they have also stopped stopping by our blogs ;)

I have come to this conclusion: intellectuals are just a bunch of morons! Let's just translate all we can and shove our version of realities in their ignorant faces!

Manas Shaikh said...

As-Salamu Alaikum Naj,

This is no time to lose calm.

Please do not despair. Have faith in Allah, and work with best of intention. Insha'Allah all will be right.

Naj said...

Manas Shaikh:

Aren't Saudis muslim too? Isn't IRI an Islamic ex-republic??!

I don;t give a damn about Islam or about Europeans; I care about human dignity, I care about peace and I care about freedom!

Iran and Israel need to act like/sound like FOOLS such that the military industrial complex remains wealthy; oil flows cheaply, and the Middle Easterners remain as dumb as a clam!

Join humanity; Islam can use some "voice for humanity" after the disgrace befallen on it because of teh actions of Al Quaeda, Taliban, and now Islamic Republic of Iran!

Dont you call me to calm brother, Israel doesn't dare attack Iran, period! To make Ahmadinejad look like the "tough guy" that Iran needs is just propaganda! Don't believe it!

Also remember that it was MOUSAVI who led us when we were fighting Saddam, not Ahmadinejad!!

Manas Shaikh said...

Dear sister, I prefer to be called by my first name only.

See, if Al-Qaida's action can give Islam a bad name, democracy has a lot more to answer. A lot has been done in the name of civilization (North and South Americans and Australians have been wiped out and Africa has suffered a lot in the name of spreading civilization), and even in some cases human rights.

As to SA, everybody knows that they can't walk a step without US winking at them. Iran has been independent so far, and that's why it's being maligned. Clear and simple. If Iran were to bow and accept the rules of the Empire, it'll be back in the good book of the West as in the days of the Shah.

Please calm down, dear. Despair never has helped anyone anywhere.