Thursday, July 23, 2009

IMPORTANT: Voice of The "security" and intelligence forces! DISGUSTING!!!

This is in Persian; but it shows the characer of the THUG who is heading the security forces.
(Listen to his intonation, listen to his vulgar jokes, his condescending behavior towards his own subordinates.)

This also shows that the extent of protests has gone far beyond Tehran.

This is also illustrating that they are trying to intimidate people to prevent gathering of large crowds again. They were caught by surprise on Friday.

They keep repeating the term "psychological warfare" ...

A suggestion by a Kurdish "Oppressor" (who happens to be the MOST intelligent of them all):

"Leave people channels to run away; and beat and arrest their leaders! Crowds are usually just curious observers who can get emotional, when these people see their leaders are arrested, they will run away. If they are caught in a corner, like a cornered cat, then can claw your eyes out ... Don't bruise their emotions by insulting them ... Don't bring out the special forces to give photo-ops of oppression ..."

The Turkish one: "We used Taxis to listen to people's sentiments to know how to control; the other tactic was to send women in the university and hospitals to give us information; locations of detention should be secret and spread to avoid a central locus of crisis!"

Sigh ... Kurds versus Turks ... why don't we let Kurds run our country??!



Naj said...

The fucking freak is moaning!



Anonymous said...

You know, this gathering dates 10 years ago, after 18-tir events...

Anonymous said...

I said it just for your info! and thanks for this introductry translation

Naj said...


I think this is another one. I have heard about those 10 hours tapes ... but I think this is new. It's a journalist friend who send it to me. I will verify with him again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naj,

One guy dispels your myths:

I am so sorry about this

Naj said...

dispels my MYTHS??
You think I get my MYTHS from FUCKING TWITTER?!
Anyone who thinks I run my blog on twitter myths better go fuck himself!

I am ANGRY because some assholes have no idea no idea no idea ... ASSHOLES! MYTHS?!

Anonymous said...

I think it's highly problematic that you - as many others who are blogging and tweeting about the Tehran uprising - repeatedly bring in ethnic attributions, that add an ill-favoured racist taste to the movement, which I (as an Iranian, not a "Persian") find totally counter-productive and immature.

Naj said...

What the hell has "ethnicity" to do with anything???!!

We are Iranians, but we are of different ethnicities. And the OFFICIAL language of our country is PERSIAN!

Get a life!